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  • Keiah

    Love Kate Upton’s style!

  • Guest

    Chrissy Teigen’s bags are gorgeous. But do you think that any of these women actually pay for their bags? I’m sure they are given many, if not most, of them.

    • Many celebs are gifted, but I am wondering about the exotics Kate Upton has… I don’t know that the crocodile Celine bag would be a gift

      • Abbi

        but didnt she receive it soon after her vogue cover? maybe it was a gift from vogue?

      • Joys

        What? When models pose for magazines they receive gifts of them?

    • For most celebs, models included, it’s a mix. Usually the really, really good stuff in any star’s collection is stuff they bought, because that’s not what brands give away to anyone. Like Megs mentioned, I doubt that Kate Upton’s croc bags were gifts because those just aren’t the type of things that Celine and Chanel give away.

      As for Chrissy, she’s not as famous for fashion modeling as she is for swimsuit, which doesn’t bring out the big-name gifting that would be required to amass the collection she has for free. She shops!

    • For Chrissy, I’m pretty sure she buys most if not all her bags. Not only is she not high fashion enough to be gifted these bags, she also hilariously documents some of her shopping on Instagram and Twitter. I remember her posting about that Fendi clutch.

  • Stephanie

    I’m obsessed with Chrissy Teigen’s handbags

  • Regina George

    That first picture with Karlie Kloss looks like Taylor Swift after a grueling meth addiction

    • Regina George

      On a side note, someone at PB has a serious girl crush on KK

      • It’s true, Vlad and I love her. She’s always really nice when Vlad photographs her and they chat it up

  • rigidmink

    I’m 95% sure that the photo of Kate Upton with the Tom Ford bag is not Kate Upton.

    • fashionista1

      No, it is

      • Guest

        No, it’s Elisha Cuthbert.

      • MikaelaGilbyivu

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    • jc

      lol i agreed

  • Wu

    Where is Cara Delevingne? I thought she would be featured in this series as she is super famous and popular. She head-lines for many of the luxury brands so she should definitely be featured.

    • Yes! We will do a feature on her bags soon :)

      • lauren

        can’t wait, she’s my favorite!

    • LadyRinka

      She’s at the beginning. The very first one.

  • shueaddict

    Karlie Kloss seems to carry mostly what she’s been given ( Coach, Jason Wu and MK). Beauty and brains – her savings account is the only thing getting fat around her.

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  • Sarah

    Not a fan of Kate’s style, but I LOVE Chrissy Teigens style and bags! Drool.

  • I have nothing against these women, I particularly love Chrissy, but I hardly think they qualify as supermodels in the Cindy/Naomi/Gisele way? Karlie, maybe. But Kate and everyone else, for sure, no.

    • Layla

      How is Adriana Lima not a supermodel

  • rach

    I’ve seen kate upton with a beige snakeskin chanel flap, it doesn’t seem to be here. its tdf!

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  • Am I the only one who is confused on why clutches cost so much?
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  • Yep! and for PB’s sake, she’s Steven Gerrard’s (Liverpool’s captain) wife.
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  • stylebyolivia

    Kate Upton and Chrissy Teigen both have a really great fashion style but no one ever notices it or talks about it. I think they should be recognised more for there amazing style!! So great post Amanda!! cant wait to see more.

  • Intan f

    Wow i just love that fendi 3jours kate upton was carrying! Love!!

  • jessica

    Chrissy Teigen has quite the impressive Celine collection!


  • Fiona-Brasil

    Kate Upton has the best collection by far.Her bags have been on my radar since a couple of years.

  • Fashion Illustrations by mc

    Cara is so pretty! very bubbly personality!


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  • Volappece

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  • Daria

    Chrissy Teigen and Kate Upton don’t belong in this array.