As of late I have been finding more reasons to love Burberry. Their leather bags continue to not only be fashionable and current but also affordable. And now I found a new Burberry bag that I want so badly to like but can’t help but look at it and see jean pockets.

I know many designers put two pockets on the front of their bags. This is nothing new. But there are times when I see a bag with pockets on the front that has me feeling like I am staring at a pair of jeans. And I am not sure the belted top detail helps the Burberry Tumbled Leather Tote look less like half a torso of someones body. Nevertheless, the bag still has many likable features.

The oversized buckles add a utility feel add an unexpected twist to the bag. The combination of light pink or white leather with the slouchy body, pockets, and buckles makes for an interesting finished product. As much as I kept talking about this bag reminding me of jean pockets, I am only seeing an online image. Once you try any bag on it looks entirely different than in stock images, so I would like to give this bag the benefit of the doubt. I love that Burberry uses sheepskin, which gives ultimate softness, on this bag. Dimensions are 16″W x 13″H x 6″D. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $995.

What do you think of this bag: Fab or Drab?

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  • The shade of pink is just so precious, and not in a nice way. And then there’s too much non-white stitching on the white version. Also, two shoulder straps makes no sense. That second strap isn’t long enough to make it a cross-body bag, and the first strip is plenty long enough to wear on the shoulder.

    Needlessly complex.

    • Soooo….. that is a drab from you?? HAHA

      • LOL. I never do have much of a problem forming an opinion. I had like one season, about a year go, where I just LOVED everything Burberry did, but their bags since then have been kind of a letdown in my book.

  • An4

    don’t like this pink color, looks kinda cheap. white one is ok. I think a lot of bags look very different irl, some that didn’t impress me when I saw the stock photo I actually loved when I went to the store. so it’s best to try them on and feel them, then decide on the verdict.

  • hec

    so true its absurd thecolor is off its apoor imitation of hermes rose drage and it is so very complicated do not like it!

  • Jenn

    I agree. I see “jeans pockets” but I also feel like I need to see the bag in person before I can call this slob or snob. It looks like the pink is no longer available on Bloomie’s site. They do carry it in black, but I would have liked to see this in brown.

  • 19yearslater

    I think drab is a good way to describe this bag. There’s nothing special going on here and I don’t like the color of pink used.

  • alicap22

    yuck. not a fan. it does look super soft though

  • LaChula

    Drab…not liking the pink. Not sure about the long strap either (useless).

  • Cynthia

    I also hate both of these bags! The pink shouldn’t be carried by anyone over the age of 13, and the white doesn’t work either. The design is boring and uninspired. I actually saw the bag in person today, as I was picking up a new trench coat at Burberry, and thought is was even uglier than it appears in the photos!

  • whatdialike
  • pinksuadesoho

    I hate THIS SITE! It’s nasty, evil and ADDICTING AND IT SUCKS MY WALLET DRY :)

    I WAS initially into only a select few brands but TPF has widened my scope of designers and I place full blame on the owners of this site! lol

    I think my next step is a rehab centre. I need help! lol

    Oh and i adore the above tote, darling!

  • Joyce

    No offense but this bag looks like something I would design…… and I have ZERO artistic abilities.

  • AA

    I like it, I hope it comes in other colors as well!

  • Nee

    i actually, really like this bag, especially the pink! it looks so soft.

  • Nata

    It’s fab to me… At a close look the pink is just about fine. I like the color and the design. The white one may be a bit boring.
    The long shoulder strap got to go.

  • otter


  • Jing

    I really want to say it is a cute bag, but it is simply because I have a purse exactly the same style from urban-outfitter. Here It is just too boring for 900 bucks

  • thisismypurse

    I like it, but it appears to imitate the Cole-Haan Aerin, and then Paige, convertible tote from a few years ago. I bought a Cole-Haan, and still love it and use it.

  • maria

    For a G??

    No, not worth it!

  • Ashley

    drab, it’s looks really cheap.

  • JenG

    It’s fab!

  • Mochababe73

    It’s a fab for me. It’s in one of my favorite colors, pink, and, unlike other bags, is still totally functional without looking old lady. I would love to own one if it wasn’t so big.

  • Rashida

    I don’t like it. The buckles are useless and don’t add anything great to the bag. Looks cheap to me!

  • tadpolenyc

    I hate it, so drab.

  • chirpy_gal


  • Cheryl

    Way too busy for me. I have to agree it does look like a pair of jeans. I would not spend the money for that purse. So many more nicer purses out there for the price.

  • Jane Doe

    Eww. It’s a mom purse. I’d expect someone to pull a diaper and a juice box out of it. NO THANKS.

  • Milah

    Drab. Totally looks like a baby bag (mom purse). Looks like something you’d find in the baby dept.

  • Karin bag4bag

    I can’t get past that awful pastel pink color. Why? Why? Why Burberry? I don’t even like the style of it, so I couldn’t even pass the white version. I have to LOVE a bag to death to buy it in white. You take them outside the door and dirt is just attracted to them!

  • Al

    Drab. Looks like a pleather department store bag. Definitely not worth $995!

  • Sonya

    I think this bag is cute, but I could see it as a baby bag. I am actually someone who LOVES THE COLOR PINK, but the style is a bit much. Burberry could lose some of the buckles.

  • Chris

    I think it is cute. Even in pink. There – I have admitted it.

  • Gabrielle

    I like the pink bag. I think the white one is very drab.

  • Sally

    DRAB- Reminds me of my Cole H :-)

  • Bagolicious

    I love the style as it looks very functional. I hate the colors though. Wish it were in either deep purple or black.

    • karen

      I do like this bag , I like that the burberry check is on the inside of the bag , the pink is a very bad shade , white do not like the stitching, I did find it to be quite elegant in the trench color it also has detachable cubes that hang on the side.

  • karen

    Just recieved my burberry bag today in the trench color , , ordered from the burberry site ,the picture they posted of the bag ordered was not the same as I recieved , did state it had the bag charms attached , there was no bag charms, also the color was a very dark trench color almost like a grey color ( not as they pictured ) quality———— NOT WORTH IT.

  • Debyedo

    very functional, love the look for spring…(fb)

  • Kendra

    I love how simple it is. (fb)

  • Deb

    I love the baby pink bag, so pretty and simple! (fb)

  • Elyse

    I think it’s fairly drab – and the shape reminds me of a MJ bag (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    does this come in any other colors? (fb)

  • Tracey G

    Pass for me (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    I would like the bag if it was available in a different color (ipad)

  • Taya

    i have the gray of this one, i bought it from the store and loved it,but im shocked now,the pictures dont do them justice at all!!

  • beanyce126

    im always a fan of large totes, very ideal for spring.summer. (ipad)

  • Anne Geisel

    I own this bag and I am am way over 13! It is fab with Cocoa & white/black outfits and I always have a section of one of my wonder Pale Pink Burberry Logo silk scarves billowing out of one side, many many compliments, I love it!

  • Anne Geisel

    Just Spell Checked ~ I own this bag and I am way over 13! It is fab with Cocoa & white/black outfits and I always have a section of one of my wonderful Pale Pink Burberry Logo silk scarves billowing out of one side, many many compliments, I love it!