With over 160 years of expertise in leather accessories, Loewe used beautiful techniques to fold this wallet into an elephant. With the holidays approaching, what better white elephant gift than a pink leather elephant?

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  • TexasST

    So cute!! I love it!!

  • GoFashiondeals

    So cute!!

  • Sara

    Beautifully made.

  • Amazona

    Squeeeee! I need one! Well – not exactly NEED but I want one. Same thing, right..?

    • That’s exactly how I feel about it!!

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  • Adorbs!

  • Violet

    How big is it? This is too cute for words! Love it! I’m hoping its big enough to be a clutch at night…

    • Violet

      Come to think of it.. If the zipper is any indication then this elephant is tiny! Maybe just for coins like an LV cles..

    • Dave

      It is a big coin purse. But there is a mini shoulder Bag in the same shape and tone. You can wear it like a clutch without the shoulder strip.

    • It is a good coin pouch – there’s a photo of the model carrying it in her hand, but it’s a bit small for a clutch (at least for me!).

  • Jerri R

    Would have loved it in a keychain form.

  • violet

    Just saw this in the shop! It’s tiny alright.. Like a baseball in size.. But guys, they have a panda too and the panda is totally adorable! I would share a photo if I knew how!

    • Amazona

      Pleeeease post on tPF and link here! <3

  • ECooper

    The small cross body is on Barney’s website and comes in pink, yellow, and brown for $1,150.

  • Alexandra

    So cute! They have the yellow one on skye.pm