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From the Runway and Ready for Pre-Order: The Bottega Veneta Kalimero Bag

Get the scoop and secure yours now, for a limited time only

Matthieu Blazy’s runway debut for Bottega Veneta gave us a first look at the new, #NewBottega, showcasing the power in simplicity and reinventing iconic House codes. Bags from the runway proved Blazy’s Bottega is all his own, and fans are now seeing the brand through a new lens following Daniel Lee’s departure.

Intrecciato, Reinvented

There were many new handbag shapes and silhouettes shown on the runway, but one of the most interesting was clutched by models via a long, rope-like strap, and we’ve got the scoop on this brand new bag, launching later this year for Fall/Winter 2022.

Called the Kalimero, this leather bucket bag features an entirely new appoach to Bottega Veneta’s iconic Intrecciato. It is woven entirely by hand without being sewn. The Kalimero opened the Fall 2022 show, and it is central to Blazy’s foundation at the helm of the brand. It is sure to be a big push for the brand moving forward, exploring new ideals of artisanal engineering.

The Kalimero is crafted entirely of calfskin leather, and is unlined, though the bag does come with a detachable interior drawstring canvas pouch. The strap is a sliding shoulder strap with a metallic ring and knotted end so that it can be worn open or closed. Currenly available in four netural colors the Kalimero will retail for $7,500 and is available for pre-order via Bottega Veneta for a limited time only. Pre-orders will ship in August.

Discover the Kalimero and pre-order now via Botteaga Veneta


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  1. Andrea Avatar

    I’m curious who on earth will buy it with this price tag.I don’t think anybody with that kind of money would carry something like this and the people who are interested in this kind of design mostly can’t afford it.

  2. Smack down Avatar
    Smack down

    I saw this yesterday, on their website, and I was trying to determine the functionality when I saw the price! $7,500? It reminds me of a “rucksack”. Also, who carries a bag like this?

    1. psny15 Avatar

      I don’t think I would buy it if it was $75 lol

  3. Kelly Avatar

    Absolutely not.

  4. Sandy Avatar

    Creative but no thanks.

  5. oro91 Avatar

    It’s shown with a metal loop on the website making the strap a normal should strap. I’m not positive if you can wear it more ways than one of if that’s a change from the runway. It’s pretty but I don’t like the wide open top with no closer. And the price…yikes.

    1. Oro91 Avatar

      *edit. I see there’s a detachable drawstring canvas pouch for the inside.

  6. sher Avatar

    i like the styling, looks creative & trendy. it reminded me too of a rucksack i had years back. quite expensive, functionality nope!

  7. Marianne Avatar

    Absolutely not

  8. memsy Avatar

    This is horrible. Who would want to hold their bag like that all day?