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Bottega Veneta’s Iconic Cabat Gets a Mini Makeover for Wardrobe 04

It doesn't get more classic than the Cabat and now it's modernized in a mini way


The Bottega Veneta Cabat is as classic as they come.

Rooted in history, Bottega’s brand DNA is incredibly rich in Italian culture and craftsmanship, evoking an essence of luxurious timelessness with a global appeal. And since the brand’s modernization, which began with the appointment of Daniel Lee in 2019 and has been continued upon by Matthieu Blazy, Bottega Veneta’s bags have become more relevant and sought-after than ever before.

One of the brand’s most widely recognized House codes is its distinctive Intrecciato Weave. Intrecciato, which means braided, is the process of taking intertwined strips of leather to create a woven pattern. It has become synonymous with the brand, and one of the House’s most-beloved Intrecciato bags is the Cabat.

The Legacy of a House Staple

Beloved by die-hard Bottega Veneta fans and celebs alike, the Cabat was designed by Tomas Maier, who served as creative director from 2001 to 2018. It was the designer’s first bag for Bottega Veneta, and it has maintained its appeal since it hit the handbag scene in 2001.

At a time when It-Bags were all the rage, the Cabat was decidedly different; with its simple, square-like body, Intrecciato leather weave, and unlined interior, the Cabat survived on its craftsmanship and timeless appeal versus the hype of its counterparts of the era.

BV Parakeet Mini Cabat

Bottega Veneta Mini Cabat
via Bottega Veneta

The Cabat Goes Mini

Bottega Veneta’s philosophy has always lay in creating pieces that will become part of their owners’ lives for decades to come, and the Cabat remains one of those pieces. Now, for Wardrobe 04, the Cabata gets a mini makeover, feeling somehow modern and as classic as ever all the while.

The Mini Cabat is crafted from 100% Lambskin Intecciato leather with a detachable strap and its classic unlined interior. A single detachable interior zipped pocket comes with the bag, which is available in a few colors, with the standouts being a Wisteria Lilac and Parakeet green. Overall dimensions are 6″ L x 7.8″ W x 4.7″ D. Purchase yours now via Bottega Veneta for $4,500.


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  1. spoiledinseattle Avatar

    Even when I do like a Bottega bag, the prices are always high enough to completely turn me off of the brand

  2. ladyet Avatar

    That price is absurd.

  3. Hervé Avatar

    This used to be the price of the full size cabat.

    1. Fashionpie88 Avatar

      Exactly. But back then other designers bag back then costs less way less than $4,500

  4. Lori Avatar

    They needed to change the proportions of the bag to make it more successful as a mini. It just looks like it’s not well designed at this size and price. Cute, but not realistic.

    1. harry Avatar

      Yes, that’s why I prefer the Balenciaga bag instead of this mini cabet

  5. Jaime Avatar

    My first Bottega bag that looks similar to this was $600 in 2004. I won’t just single out Bottega but all of these prices are ridiculous now.

    1. harry Avatar

      Yes you are right