On the tails of Chanel‘s New York City bag exhibit and Gucci‘s artisan world tour, Bottega Veneta has whipped up a little special-event parade of its own.

As many of our readers are well aware, Bottega has always offered customization services for its devoted clients – Women’s Wear Daily reports that the brand “has customized luggage to fit the hold of a client’s private plane, created a handbag to match the color of her favorite lipstick, designed custom wedding dresses and produced leather wall paneling for a client’s home.”

In order to increase awareness of both those services and a few far more mundane ones, Bottega artisans are hitting the road (or, more accurately, the tarmac) to hold events for select clients in New York City, Beverly Hills and Costa Mesa that will allow customers to pick the size, shape, color, leather and finish of their new bags.

The New York City event is this Thursday through Saturday, with the Beverly Hills and Costa Mesa events following in July. If you’d like to attend one of these events (and if you do, take pictures and send them to us!), please contact your local Bottega Veneta boutique for dates and details.

Photo via WWD.com

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  • hec

    well it makes sense one on one marketing is back louis joined with mon monogram, and the elusive louis bag , guccis artisan tour and naturally goyard and hermes that allways have had the personal touch option. and i love the fact that the brands are honoring the pillars or columns that keep them alive ,i mean the clients the people that fall in love with the product deserve the feel of persoal atention and a bit of a differance an individual option shall we say . i like bottegas idea i hope ill get a little something jijijiji

  • Totally agree hec. Now I am just wondering which house I love doing this more – but any aspect of customizing your bag is a major plus and being able to see the artisans complete the work is also something only a handful of people in the scheme of things will be able to witness.

    These traveling groups need to make their way to Miami!

  • NB

    I wish * wipes drool from chin* ……

  • hikarupanda

    I seriously would love to have a BV specially ordered and made just for me with the color and size that I want……BUT I just had a pretty bad experience with BV special order….they made me a faulty bag, tried 3 times of so to “repair” my brand new special order bag….and still couldn’t get it right coz they used up all the Ottone dye….The whole ordeal (and the total 8-month wait) was quite nerve-wrecking for me…..Sigh…must be my luck….but still, I’d be interested to go to the event and see what BV has to offer. i just wish they don’t use up all dye and save some for future repair!

  • Sofia Nolan

    when I think of Bottega I think of summer. that`s when iLike to wear Bottega.

  • Jocelyn

    It would be nice to get a customized BV but I can’t right now. (fb)

  • Julie

    I have a Bottega Veneta store credit (converted to gift card) in the amount of $1500. I am looking to sell it at a discount. If anyone is interested or knows anyone who is interested, please let me know at LefflerBeachHouse@gmail.com.

  • Mousse

    Wow. This is what I’ll do if I win the lottery. (ipad)