There’s almost nothing I like better in fashion than when it reminds me of something slightly fantastical or science fiction related. I know, clothing and handbags are supposed to be useful and realistic, because we need to protect our bodies and belongings from the elements; Well. To that I retort: we’re beyond that age, and now fashion can look to the future. Plus, we can always wear our impractical gear indoors and not worry about a tornado ruining it or something.

That element of fantasy is what attracted me to the Be & D Leather Convertible Bag. The raised spheres on the flap of the little cross body reminded me of futuristic armor or something equally awesome. But then, I made the mistake of looking at the bag in a fleshy color, a color that Be & D calls “citrus.” Friends, I’ve never seen a citrus fruit in this color. It’s fleshy, a salmon-esque shade at best.

Sadly, this color ruined everything. If you really are curious, this bag then reminded me of the pustules on the Baron Harkonnen’s face in the 1984 movie adaptation of Dune, one of my favorite science fiction reads. Rather gross, right? So let’s just ignore that and focus on the bag in black, because I’d much carry a bag that’s cool like a Dune stillsuit. Buy through Saks for $495.

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  • Tamee

    Maybe they were thinking the inside of a pink grapefruit when they thought up the name?!? Unfortunately, the color is rather yucky. Would definitely stick with the black too.

    • Jane

      So funny I said pink grapefruit immediately! I completely agree not a great color for that bag keep it in its first released color black.

      • LaFiamma

        that’s what I thought too! (pink grapefruit or maybe blood orange), but salmon makes sense to me too… either way I agree, not a good color. =\

  • Ana

    The first word that came to mind? Boils. Pustules, however, is an even better term. Well done! Eew. I’ll stick with black.

    • An4

      me too. they’re hideous!

  • Chi

    if i had to choose, i’d pick the black one ..
    at least the black one hides the “boils” lol


  • Gelynn

    Yes I agree if I had to choose I would pick the black one. The salmon one looks like epidermal cysts. Sorry! (fb)

  • Kendra

    looks like cancer. (fb)

  • Annz2009

    i think the red one is more fashion then the black one.
    i een bought a D&G bag from:
    it is very pretty!hope you can find what you like!

  • Elyse

    looks like the lines that underwear leave (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    I don’t like the circles on it.

    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • Joy

    not a fan of the circle bumps on it. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    don’t like the straps. they’d be hard to manage- flopping all over the place (fb)