Ok I think I might have found it. It is almost plausible that my hunt for the perfect Balenciaga bag may be over. You all might be getting sick of me talking about my quest for my first Balenciaga bag, but truly, with so many options and such a focus on different colors for each season, how can someone make a choice? I kept asking myself do I go for a bold bright color or do I go classic? Do I go giant hardware or regular? Do I go for an old season bag or new?

I have read countless threads on the PurseForum about Balenciaga bags. In fact, at one time I had done so much research that I clearly over-researched. Some of the older seasons are said to have better leathers. And some of the older seasons have colors that are highly coveted. Actually the more I write this post the more I find myself falling off track and starting my entire quest again. So let me wrap this up so I can finally move on!

I am thinking to opt for the Balenciaga Giant City in Anthracite, a perfect option for a first Balenciaga bag. Anthracite is a pewter metallic color, which done properly offers a slight hint of metallic without being overly flashy. As with other Balenciaga bags, the giant City is made with soft vintage crafted lambskin and palladium plated metal hardware.

I decided on the color Anthracite for a few reasons. As much as I love a bright pink bag, Sorbet, I decided to opt for an easy to wear color. Raisin, a deep purple, was high on my list too, but I actually own a plethora of purple handbags. Then brown, chestnut, came to mind, but I have never been super fond of brown bags. Black obviously is classic, but too safe. That is how I ended up with Anthracite, a color that brings us a little bit of sheen and shine while still being everyday ready. This is the bag I would buy today, but after a couple recent purchases I am struggling pressing the checkout button. Either way, I think I have found my winner. And once I get my Balenciaga bag, I am sure I will have at least 5 more reasons why everyone should own a Balenciaga bag. Buy through Balenciaga online for $1,695.

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  • victoria

    well done! i totally get why you picked anthracite color, but why the giant hardware instead of the regular?

  • cge

    A perfect choice! You have exquisite taste Megs!! Let us know how you like it.

  • Bagaholicboy

    It’s a great choice! Very classy colour, one’s that timeless and sassy!

  • Handbag Lover

    I want one of these bags so bad.

  • lebaghag

    Great choice – I think you will love it!

  • Sarafina77

    That is really, really beautiful. I think it’s the prettiest one I’ve ever seen too.

  • Karen

    The anthracite is perfect. It will go with everything but is far more interesting than other neutrals — fun and classic at the same time.

  • Rockerchic

    Everyone needs a bal city in the bag closet! Great choice!

  • lykrealones

    Well,this color attracts my attention too,but they said that with giant hardware is heavier than the regular…… don’t know what to do. My husband said to me the other day where can we order the Balenciaga? It sounds like thunders in my ears!!!!He offered me to buy but am having 2nd thoughts to buy or not to.Had sleepless nights after that.Our wedding anniversary is on the 22nd of this month,but I said to him I will just wait a little longer. Maybe in May when we go to Italy.What will be, will be.

  • Kimberly

    Meg this is the exact bag that I have been debating over. Thanks for making me order it today.

  • HandbagReport

    I love the anthracite bag too! I don’t see many bags that color. It will go with just about everything and is a classic!

  • alicap22

    I really want it too. Someday…

  • BB

    oh… mine’s the anthracite in giant work with gold hardware.

    totall love the colour, but it sorta becomes more and more bluish as it gets more distressed. still a nice colour, and yea, you’re right. it’s a colour that’s soooooooooo… easy to wear the only challenge i face is getting myself to change bags :p

  • carrie

    I have a bag like this…well, same color, giant hardware (gold) and a work instead of city, I love it. It’s one of the ones my daughter has offered to take off my hands…

  • Katie

    That is a perfect choice! I understand it being such a hard decision! I’m always debating which color to get. The colors, especially this season are fabulous! The giant hardware is perfect! The giant city in sorbet is next on my list. :)

  • Deney

    sweet… i have the exact same but weekender.. fits me more since im a guy.. beautiful nonetheless..

  • Dawn

    My favorite go to bag! Congrats! Great choice.

  • Rashmi

    Hi, Megs, have you updated you Handbag collection pics in the Showcase thread? We’d love to see the all your new bags. The last I checked was eight months ago. It’d be nice if Vlad could upload some pics in that thread. Love your taste!!

  • Stephanie

    Gorgeous color! Can’t wait to see Vlad’s photos (hint, hint!)…

  • Ping

    Meg, I have admired some the colors for this bag, but for some reason, i have never ever wanted one of these bags as so many people carry them. Plus the silver hardware sticking out are like old fashion thimbles but reminds me of nipples sticking out. I do own a really amazing messenger bag from balenciaga that is quite unusual with amazing hardware, with no resemblance to these arena/city bags. The upside is no one else has it:)
    But if your heart is set on this, this is a great color.

    • chloehandbags

      That’s how I’ve always felt about these bags, Ping (especially the nipple thing! LOL!). :D

      I have the distinct feeling we’re in the minority, here, though! :)

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Gorgeous choice! Congrats on your decision.

  • Kiptrip

    I have it in City! But no big shiny hardware. :)

    • simplegirl

      How do you like the color when it gets more distressed?

  • Livia

    Great choice for your first Bbag. I love love love Anthracite! I think you’ll love this bag.

  • Cheryl

    Love everything about the bag. ENJOY :)

  • simplegirl

    for the people who order balenciaga onlien, have you noticed any difference in the quality of the bags? thanks for the input.

  • sunflower

    Oh yes! This is an awesome bag. I saw it a few weeks ago in a celeb photograph and I couldn’t remember where I saw it! So then I saw the bag in person at Neimans. Gorgeous! For me, I have always wanted a Bal, but could never choose a color! Great pick Megs!

  • jane

    perfect choice! i already had the city so i got the giant day bag in anthracite which i love!

  • Tiffany

    Love the Anthracite color and hardware! I am thinking of the Day in Ink…tough choice..

  • Seejayluvsbags

    @simplegirl, Yes there is a difference when u buy from B’s website! I’ve ordered from the site, from B’s store & from Barneys & noticed a difference. The leather smells more luxe & overall the bag seems flawless & brand new. I think the BB in Barneys may have been handled too much or something. Even shopped @ the boutique in South Coast Plaza & still, the bag quality overall is better when it comes from B’s website.

    • simplegirl

      great, thanks!

  • p

    perfect choice. Ive got one of these that I carry around with me. you can wear it anywhere anytime. the ultimate bag. love love love it. even started saving for my second one:))

  • Ellen

    Had my anthracite put away for a while. It was a treat to use it over the weekend. Forgot how beautiful the color is. How it changes color in different lights. Though I have the black and officier (navy) anthacite is a great choice.

  • Cuckoo_Boo

    Congrats on finally nailing the best color for your first Balenciaga. You are absolutely right in your decision. I own the classic city with the brass studs in this very, anthracite color, and it’s absolutely fabulous. The more I wear this handbag, the more I like it…
    I also, strongly recommend that you buy it as soon as you find it as I am not sure the anthracite color will be around for long…

  • Marcia

    I have the covered hardware bag in raisin and I love it. Since I am 60 I didn’t want to look too hip so I chose the covered city which has a more elegant look. I am thinking about the Sahara or Palm tree for spring. I like their neutral colors.

  • dooneydiva

    I LOVE my ’07 Violet GSH City! It’s the best purchase I ever made (and I have some LVs also). As long as one is not opposed to leather, it’s the BEST style by far. I love Balenciaga and I wish you luck with your purchase.

  • jolie

    i just bought the classic city in anthracite today! im debating if i should keep it or go with the giant city. =/

  • julie

    did you get it with gold or silver hardware?

  • jenny

    I have this exact bag and I use it more than anything else. I LOVE it. Good choice!!

  • V

    I can’t find the anthracite anymore on the balenciaga.com website. What are the latest spring colors? Seems like barneys carry a completely different set of color.

  • jenny

    Barneys has a color right now that is very similar to the anthracite, just a little lighter. I was just there today and bought the teal colored one with the covered hardware. I debated for weeks between that one and the green (Pommier) but decided the teal (can’t remember the name) complemented my clothes and jewelry better. I love all of their happy colors.

  • parismode

    Everyone needs a Balenciaga bag :). I have this same exact one; and love it! Still trying to decide on my next Balenciaga purchase. I was thinking about this one for work – http://www.departementfeminin.com/?l=en#/product/1012/. What do you think?

  • stephanie sim suet lin

    steph sim thinks that it’s a mother-awesome colour. so totally helgafied. hell yea

  • muggles

    Well done Megs! Beautiful bag! Love Balenciaga!

  • Linda

    Such an amazing bag! I love your choice and also the one Elle Fowler has on her recent “What’s in my purse” video. Love Love Love! Maybe it’ll take me a decade to afford one of these. I’m happy just seeing and learning about them here. =)

  • Yen

    I bought the exact same bag yesterday at the Balenciaga boutique in Hong Kong. Have been wanting to get one for a long time but just didn’t kow which style or color to choose so based on your recommendation, I got it and I love it. It’s really a very nice color and I’ve started to use it :)

  • Allie

    I saw the video by Elle Fowler and have honestly decided on one day soon purchasing this bag over a Chanel. It is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous.

  • Jessy

    May I ask does it have a smaller size? I do not think I can fit for this size. Thanks!

  • Joanne

    Just wanna check in with you guys, I want to purchase the exact bag as well. But how much should I be paying for this bag?

  • dc

    always love balenciaga! (fb)

  • Kendra

    Love. It. (fb)

  • Elyse

    i adore this bag. I can’t wait until I have a balenciaga in my collection (fb)

  • Amy

    Awesome! I’m glad you made your decision. I am on the verge of buying my first Balenciaga and also struggling with the color. I have an anthracite bag which I love and I have a unusual green color city bag with rose gold hardware on hold right now. It’s just BEAUTIFUL! Apparently the rose gold touch is brand new. My question to you is do you think green is an all round color and not just spring? Thanks for the help!

  • Jing Wang

    HAHA! My first Balenciaga was a 08 Rubby GSH City which has a Bright Red color! I love the bag. Your Anthracite City is a great choice. This season has this color with blue undertone instead of green from last season. Congrats!

  • Venetian Glass

    I have this exact bag and I use it more than anything else. I LOVE it. Good choice!!

  • Jacqueline

    My first Bal bag is the black city. Over time it has lost its color and is looking more grey/black since I use it so often and its always in the sun.
    I wanted to go with Anthracite but eventually decided to go with black (fb)
    Enjoy it! I know you will (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    not big enough for me, but nice sturdylooking bag (fb)

  • ad

    wow, thats an amazing color. i bet it looks even moreee beautiful in real life. (fb)

  • jca77

    same here giant city anthracite is my first BBag…yey!!congrats!!!lavettt…

  • SYD

    im getting my first b bag i want the city in black do i go for rose gold or gold? please help thanx syd

  • SYD

    im unsure bc the rose against the black appears bland but its a new color is the gold last season?

  • vlei

    need helppp.. !! to b honest been reading about blogs of balenciaga, this is the only bag dat always confuses me…. lol
    been wanting to buy a balenciaga bag.. but sumhow im abit confused of the size and the color.. plizz do give me sum advices as my cousin is goin to paris in 2 weeks’ time and im planning to ask her to get it for me.

    to be honest, i actually prefer black color or darker color bag, and i actually like the big gold stud in a medium size…
    i saw my fren has the bigger one , en i think its a bit too big…
    sooo plizz do help me with the name ..

    and any chance, any1 would know wat is the price of the medium balenciaga bag in paris at the moment…?

    thankiuuuuuuuuuu guys… any respond would b appreciated

  • rupzz

    I just bought this for myself… and it is my 1st Bbag also.

    I love , love, love it…..

  • Meisarah

    My hubby, bought me one for anniversary, I love it and he knows the style. I got grey one and so beautiful !!!!

  • Mila

    Does anyone know how much smaller the arena classic city & arena classic first is compared to the giant city? I’m thinking about getting one but am not sure about the colour or size

  • Joannejocom

    i just received one for a mother’s day present… but i’m debating between gold and rose gold… help!