Moving to NYC will ensure an easy in-person shopping experience for just about every item I want to check out. It doesn’t mean I will stop online shopping (hello, what are late sleepless nights for), but I will have the fashion world at my finger tips. Don’t get me wrong, South Florida is filled with amazing shopping, like our hangout Bal Harbour Shops, but we all know it is not the same as NYC.

I desperately need a Balenciaga store next to me because their colors are haunting me. I can not seem to find the perfect color and much of that is because I am not seeing the bags in person. You all followed my recent Balenciaga purchase and return. The color Seigle just didn’t do it for me. And now my hunt continues.

I am not hitting the checkout button just yet, but I am really digging the Balenciaga Giant City in Murier.

You know what will hold me back from buying this bag? My last online shopping experience. Like I said above, understanding a Balenciaga color without seeing it in person is like getting an A+ on a pop quiz that you weren’t in class for: not going to happen. When I visited Balenciaga online today I thought this color was a pinkish purple. But when I looked up the fall 2010 color chart that we have, it looks only purple with no pink.

I don’t want a true purple, I want a purple-y pink bag. I feel like it is time for me to go sit in some leather tannery and create colors myself because I might be getting a tad bit picky. The true color of Murier can only be known when you see it in person (I learned my lesson). I am hoping to see it in person and maybe, just maybe, it might be what I am looking for. Via Balenciaga for $1,795.

Do any of you own or have you seen the color Murier in person? What did you think?

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