Moving to NYC will ensure an easy in-person shopping experience for just about every item I want to check out. It doesn’t mean I will stop online shopping (hello, what are late sleepless nights for), but I will have the fashion world at my finger tips. Don’t get me wrong, South Florida is filled with amazing shopping, like our hangout Bal Harbour Shops, but we all know it is not the same as NYC.

I desperately need a Balenciaga store next to me because their colors are haunting me. I can not seem to find the perfect color and much of that is because I am not seeing the bags in person. You all followed my recent Balenciaga purchase and return. The color Seigle just didn’t do it for me. And now my hunt continues.

I am not hitting the checkout button just yet, but I am really digging the Balenciaga Giant City in Murier.

You know what will hold me back from buying this bag? My last online shopping experience. Like I said above, understanding a Balenciaga color without seeing it in person is like getting an A+ on a pop quiz that you weren’t in class for: not going to happen. When I visited Balenciaga online today I thought this color was a pinkish purple. But when I looked up the fall 2010 color chart that we have, it looks only purple with no pink.

I don’t want a true purple, I want a purple-y pink bag. I feel like it is time for me to go sit in some leather tannery and create colors myself because I might be getting a tad bit picky. The true color of Murier can only be known when you see it in person (I learned my lesson). I am hoping to see it in person and maybe, just maybe, it might be what I am looking for. Via Balenciaga for $1,795.

Do any of you own or have you seen the color Murier in person? What did you think?

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  • Claire

    Do you think you’ll wait until you get to NY? That’s what I would recommend.

  • Katie

    Not quite on the Bal bag level, but Treesje Asher has the Raspberry that’s a delicious Purpley Pink!

  • CoutureCoco

    You just described my favourite colour. No true purple for me either. I hope this does have pink in it in real life! Can’t wait to hear about when you see it.

  • v

    Good luck! I tried ordering the bag via their web site only to get an email telling me that it is not available (although on the web site it says it is). A bit frustrated really!!

  • Staci

    Megs, considering what happened with your last Balenciaga purchase (and return), I suggest waiting until you can see it in person. Once you have the Murier in your hands and can compare the shading with various lighting, you’ll know whether it’s truly the one.

    • That is what I plan on doing – but I really wish I could just know now… I’m inpatient!

      • Staci

        I totally understand, especially when it comes to bags! I hope you love it! ;-)

  • Amanda R

    I am just curious (I’m not a Balenciaga girl – yet!), and I’ve noticed a pretty nice selection of Balenciaga bags (City, First, Day, etc with both GH and regular HW) at Saks Fifth in the Town Center mall in Boca Raton. They always seem like they have a bunch of colors, but maybe they don’t carry the absolutely newest colors. Or are there colors that are online or NYC exclusive?

  • Tracy

    Megs, if you are close to the International Plaza in Tampa, Nordies or Dillards has Balenciaga!

  • Margaret

    Megs, I work for a text publisher and work with colour and digital images a lot. You definitely need to wait to see this one in person! “Murier” means blackberry bush. That should give you some idea of the colour: deep purple.

    Good luck! The bag looks amazing and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

  • Nat

    please Megs, just wait, hold on tight, buy it only when you get to see them in person, cos you might actually fall in love with a colour you didn’t even imagine you would like. or hate one that you thought you loved!
    imagine how realized and relieved you will feel then! it will be like when i bought my first (and still only – but not for a long time) louis vuitton.

  • SuzyZ

    the names of the colors in fine handbags is often completely misleading.

  • jennifer

    Megs, definitely check out the subforum for some pics on this color! It definitely varies pic by pic, and the balenciaga website photos are often “off” due to the lighting they use. :)

  • Nikki

    I believe this bag is not for everyone I’m not really a fan of it I look at it and it doesn’t go with my style maybe you should think of your style all together then the color will come out

  • The Fashion Suggestion

    Love the color. Don’t have a Balenciaga bag but I consider buying one since their styles are really chic and their colors, too.

    Is it just me or the cloth used in Chloe bags and Balenciaga is the same?

  • helenNZ

    Megs, I’m totally with you on the hardware choice! But as for the colour – I dunno! I’m no help – I love all the bbag colours! Good luck! :D xo

  • Abraham

    i think youre a lame ass, a girl with a tight budget.

  • maccosmetics

    what is the price darling?

  • mochababe73

    Go to Neiman Marcus and look at the colors. I didn’t recall seeing any Balenciagas in Saks.
    I don’t know about Neiman’s, but I was allowed to look through a catalog when I wanted an MJ Stam bag while at Saks. The store didn’t have what I wanted, and they said that they would order it for me. Maybe Neiman’s could do the same thing. That way, you won’t be obligated to buy it if it doesn’t work out. YOU won’t have to deal with the hassle of shipping the thing back and waiting for a refund.
    Good luck. Find the perfect dream bag is never easy.

  • reneeo

    You really do need to buy a Balenciaga in person. Not only for the colors, but the leathers look different too. Some are smoother and some are more “pebbley”! Ha, I don’t think that’s a word, but you know what I mean.

  • Baglady

    Meg, not sure it was a coincident or like minds think alike, I also recently purchased and returned the same bag to NM, so I am also on the hunt for that perfect color. I will take your lead and hope you ‘ll find that unique fun & fitting color soon.

  • Christine*

    love love love the murier! Id buy that one in a heart beat. its muted enough that it can almost be played off as a neural, while still adding just enough colour. Its sophisticated and fun all at the same time.

    then again I also painted my whole house that colour. ha ha ha

  • Abraham

    like i said: tight budgeted girl.

  • dee

    i have one in this color. it’s really nice! it depends on the lighting. sometimes it’s a dark violet, sometimes it’s a poppy purple.

  • Abraham

    i bet youre fat. and moneyless.

  • Zaneta

    I like the color but I would have to see it in person in order to make such a big purchase and I would definitely recommend to you to do the same. Sometimes the bags look better on pictures than in the reality especially the color. So Meg wait and go check it out in person.

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  • V

    I just bought the Murier Town in Vegas. It is more like a pinkish purple. More on the dark pink side. I love it.

  • cari

    I saw murier at BalNY and it does not seem to have pink it in at all. It looks like a washed purple. Congrats on moving to NYC!

  • LizCordova

    Mega I purchased the folk bag in siegle and the color did not do anything for me so I returned it.
    I purchased the folk bag in castagna and love the color. I am looking for something in murier as well, perhaps a velo or day bag. You really should try to see the colors in person. I suggest that you go to Neiman Marcus. I believe there is one in Fort Lauderdale that sells Balenciaga.

  • Jasmine

    Megs, I suggest Barney’s. I bought my Balenciaga at Barney’s in Vegas and they had a huge collection. =)

  • bobo

    OMG. I went to Neiman Marcus this pass weekend at KOP, to check out this Murier color bag in person. N I felt in love. I was looking for a purple handbag for the longest time. But I wont just settle with anything like Marc Jacob. I LOVE LOVE MY MURIER BALENCIAGA BAG. worth every pennies <3<3<3

    • charmaine

      i am thinking of this color as well, just not sure whether this color is suitable for summer? I have already got black HW, now search for SW as it will be a lot lighter than HW, this time want some color but has to be classic as well……………………………..

  • Lynn. G

    They have lotsa stock in Hong Kong!!! Balenciaga at The Landmark… I was just there over the weekend! AMAZING colour! Maybe you can get someone to get it for you!

  • linnache

    my friend got one~~~! really great~~! with rose goden color

  • Kelsey

    I’ve seen the purse in person, it’s a purply-pink color that you’re searching for and hoping. It’s a gorgeous color. If I was in the market for a color purse, I would definitely buy the Velo now instead of waiting for the black to come back!

  • woofer

    a wee bit pinkish/rosy. not true purple. but a nice color!

  • Tinker’s Realm

    I feel your pain Megs-Must see the colors in person and one trip to the boutique will save hours of online research!
    I have seen this color and am not sure that you will love it becasue I think that secretly you want a Bold Fun Bal but your inner angel will not let you be so wild and thus your conflict-LOL!
    The reason I thin you might be disappointed is that it is a muted/vintage/bordeline mauvey color-too dated/soft/midtone to actual excite! It is a pretty color but seems more suited for a mild temperment IMO!

  • Christine

    i love balenciagas purples! (ipad)

  • Emma G

    I dig this colour (i-pad)

  • annabelle

    i was actually considering this bag and the color. i like a real purple…but this color is not showing up online…i’m hoping it’ll be in store where i go to…crossing my fingers!!!

  • gzm

    i just got the murier bag today and i was reaaly worried about the color cuz i also bought it from their website but i think its awesome and mine is a lot puprle less pink but still looking good with clothes when u need a pink accesorize.

  • Amanda Pham

    I really like the color. Really amazed that It can be mixed with many different colors like cream, black and white, green, yellow, orange,… I am Balenciagan!