The Balenciaga Le Dix Bag brought out some strong opinions from our commenters when it was first revealed, and now that the bag is available for immediate purchase, we thought it would be worth the time to revisit the design now that we have bigger, more detailed photos to examine. It is, after all, Alexander Wang’s first foundational bag as creative director at Balenciaga, one of the most heavily scrutinized designer-brand pairings ever. (Wang is faring notably better in his reviews than his contemporary Hedi Slimane, though.)

Back when we first revealed this bag, readers’ main complaint was that it looked like other bags they’ve seen before. While it’s true that there’s certainly nothing revolutionary here, nor any of the unique details that are necessary to make a bag catch on as an It Bag, it’s an attractive, expensive-looking, respectable way to establish an accessories personality for a designer that’s new to a brand whose accessories attract a lot of attention. For the first bag out of the gate, going back to basics and making something simple has its merits as a strategy. A cleansing of the palate, if you will.

Does your palate feel cleansed? Are you a Wang-at-Balenciaga convert, or still skeptical? If you count yourself among Wang’s fans, you can now buy this bag in two colors via Neiman Marcus.

Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable Bag
$2,250 via Neiman Marcus

Balenciaga Le Dix Bag Brown

Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable Bag
$2,250 via Neiman Marcus

Balenciaga Le Dix Bag Black

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  • Renae

    still skeptical…but optomistic!

  • BooMbadoo


  • Faiza H

    I’m not giving up on Alexander Wang yet. In my opinion his Spring 2014 bags are much better. I’m eager to check them out when they hit the shelves.

    • I’m interested to see what the full line for spring will look like, too. He’s surpassed my low expectations so far by quite a bit.



  • kemilia

    These are not for me. I love the Bals I have and this sort of bag would never be “me”, no matter the designer. I certainly hope the motos stay around.

    • Faiza H

      Balenciaga would be dumb to discontinue the moto bags.It’s like their signature line. I’m already disappointed that they’ll no longer have rose gold HW. Good thing i bought one before the announcement.

    • Faiza H

      Balenciaga would be dumb to discontinue the moto bags.It’s like their signature line. I’m already disappointed that they’ll no longer have rose gold HW. Good thing i bought one before the announcement.

    • I don’t think there’s any chance of losing the Moto bags any time soon.

  • I think the bag itself is beautiful, clean lines and a very elegant design. The problem is that it is Balenciaga, and it doesn’t match with the design aesthetic that many have come to love.

  • Lilly

    Its gorgeous, not exactly revolutionary, but I prefer it a lot more than all the other Balenciaga’s the “it” fashionista’s love to carry.

  • Canuck65

    Are ok but don’t blow me away. – just don’t seem very Balenciaga to me – wonder if these will really appeal to Balenciaga fans – he seems to be designing with a different woman in mind

  • Tango

    I love it. It’s simple, elegant and timeless. True, it’s different from the Arena bags. But it’s important for every brand to have a breath of fresh air, otherwise, why bother changing designer/creative directors? Wang is bringing Balenciaga back to it’s roots – Simple but architectural. Ghesquiere no doubt did a great job, but when something (I.e. Arena bags) or someone (I.e. Ghesquiere) is too influential, it’s not necessarily healthy for a brand. Just imagine if Phoebe leaves Celine one day. That’s the essence of Celine gone. Same for Balenciaga, always work with the brand’s heritage in an innovative way. And that’s exactly what Wang is doing. Give it time, the new clean image of Balenciaga will sink in.

  • TL

    It’s a beautiful bag. It is not designed to be an everyday bag- hence the disconnect between this and the Moto. The Moto was designed for a much wider audience. The Le Dix harkens back to Christobal-era Balenciaga.
    However, due to my neurosis, I would be afraid the leather would crinkle where the handle connects to the body, especially on the first versions of this that we saw, where it sort of.. folds down.. hard to explain.. which would ruin the streamlined look of that smooth leather. Which is why I would be hesitant to purchase it.

  • I don’t agree that Wang is taking Balenciaga back to the roots. I must admit, at first I expected jerseys from him, bu he did better than that. Still, my problem is, i look at his collection and the greatest feeling that i get is indifference. The pieces are clean and ok – looking, but that’s it. I just miss the times when I exhilarated “WOW” at every piece that i saw.

  • ?? ?

    looks like a bag that was existed thousand years ago, or when people first started going to work……the most confusing part is the slim handle and the also slim strap, that, may became wrist & shoulder killers!

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  • Jackie Black

    I LOVE it. I love the earthiness of the leather. I love the shape. I think I have to have it!