In case you’re already sacked out at home and your trigger finger is getting itchy (or you’re still at work for reasons that no one can really explain and absolutely bored to death and ready for some online shopping), we’ve got some exciting new collection news for you – Balenciaga Holiday 2011 is now available for your ordering pleasure from

This collection is particularly handy if you’d like to get a jump on the pastels trend that dominated the Spring 2011 runways. With powdery shades of dove grey, lavender and baby blue, no messy ladies need apply. Just looking at these lovely bags in Balenciaga’s new, more matte Hamilton goatskin leather is forcing me to mentally push all my dark-wash jeans to the back of my closet; color transfer is not to be fooled with. Check out some of our picks from the collection after the jump. (Really, make the jump, if only to see the Gris Poivre bag. Swoon.)

Balenciaga Giant Silver Hamilton City in Glycine, $1945 via

Balenciaga Giant Silver Hamilton Velo in Gris Poivre, $1945 via

Balenciaga Giant Gold Hamilton Part-Time in Ciment, $2045 via

Balenciaga Giant Silver Hamilton City Rose Bruyere, $1945 via

I dare you not to call it “rose gruyere” in your head. DARE YOU.

Sweet Summertime

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