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I have long been telling the story of my collection being Balenciaga-less. It is still Balenciaga-less, even though Vlad and I were on a mission to find me the perfect first Balenciaga bag when we were in NYC. What went wrong you ask, I’ll tell you below.

We started off at the Balenciaga NY store, which is truly off the beaten path near the Hudson River on 22nd Street. The store itself was confusing. As we walked through a cave-like entry way with boisterous music echoing loudly, we wondered if we ended up in the actual store or Balenciaga corporate headquarters. It was their store indeed, with fewer handbags than I expected and service lower than sub-par. Even if there were more BBags in the back room, no one asked us if we needed help, so we only saw what was on the floor. The bag selection was bleak and the service embarrassing, so we left still Balenciaga-less.

The next stop to try to find a Balenciaga bag was Barneys NY, which was right around the corner from our hotel. The service was impeccable. I was not certain of what color I was looking for, but both sale associates that helped Vlad and I went above and beyond. In fact, one SA filled both of her arms from shoulder to wrist with all of the Balenciaga City bags they had in the store. To my disappointment, none of them were a combination of color and hardware that I was looking for.

We left Barneys NY without a Balenciaga bag but with the pleasure of having received great service. Eventually I ended up with a different handbag on our NYC trip, a black Birkin. Yet I will still so disappointed not to find a Balenciaga bag. Don’t get me wrong, a new Birkin is out-of-this-world-amazing, but I had my mind set on a BBag.

Dear PurseBlog reader, I need your help. For all of you that know your Balenciaga colors and styles, help me finally find my first B-Bag. What I am looking for: Balenciaga City, smooshy leather, giant hardware, very wearable color (an everyday and every season color).

Help me out!

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  • Luciana

    Hi Megs
    I have a few Balenciaga Bags such as City, Part Time, and Clucht, but me favorite is the City in Praline with Silver Giant Hardware, it’s just perfect, and goes with everything.
    I live in Sao Paulo Brazil, but me and my husband go to Las Vegas every year for company conventions, and the Balenciaga SA are the best, I always call them in advance and they put the bags on hold, or if they don’t have it on the stock, they bring from the headquarters for me.
    In my last visit I purchased the Part Time in Black Leather with silver hardware and the City in Charbon with aged brass hardware.
    Chiemi is my contact in Balenciaga Las Vegas, she can get any bag you want.
    Good luck

    • purseloco

      Chiemi, is a doll, I got my last Balenciaga from Vegas and she was my SA, she was very kind and helpful. I got the bubblegum pink Twiggy.

  • kiptrip

    White, gold giant studs. It goes with EVERYTHING and it’s iconic!

  • michelle

    I went to the store in Los Angeles and I had the same experience you did. The store seemed to have no merchandise for sale. I feel that Barneys has more to choose from then the Balenciaga store did.

  • D

    I have a navy Bbag with giant silver hardware. I am not sure what the actual color is called but it’s from fall 2008 and I got it at Printemps when I was visiting Paris last year. I was skeptical at first because I wear jeans all the time and thought the blue against the jeans would be too matchy-matchy, but it turned out to look really good against jeans and it goes with every outfit I have. Even if I am wearing black, I love how the dark blue and black look against each other. Good luck with your search; when you find what your looking for, please share some pics!

  • NZA

    I’m sorry that you had such a poor experience in Bal NY. The SA that usually helps me there is such a doll. I have the navy (officier) color with giant silver hardware and I think its completely wearable and is a nice pop against all outfits. As for style, you have your heart set on the city, go for it. But I have it in Day and its such a functional style. Another great color is Raisin..or the gray one..I forgot the official name.

  • mariella

    Hello Megs, having recently set out on a mission to find the perfect Balenciaga bag I am also finding this a tough decision. I would personally love to see more choices in hand held bags that can alternatively be worn messenger style. Colour and hardware combinations which grab me at the moment are – for all season colour: raisin and pomegranate with GSH, classic with a twing: of bling anthracite with GGH and uber cool: charcoal grey with GSH. Good luck with your search, I understand why it is such a hard decision!

  • Seejayluvsbags

    I agree with Luciana. I have a Part Time, a City (& a covered City) and the Praline with Silver Hardware is the most versatile. Whether your wearing spring like colors or fall, it goes with mostly everything.

  • Sunshinyday

    My relative Bal newbie experience had me drawn to all the pretty colours like a moth to the flame but I am now contemplating replacing my entire collection with neutrals. The colours are stunning but I do not find them wearable. Although I would have passed on praline with silver giant hardware to start with now I can see it is a great recommendation. I also suggest anthracite or black combos if you are anything like me when it comes to wardrobe ;-)

  • Danieli

    You must get a 2007 black city~giant gold hardware! so chic, rockerish and classic all at the same time! My second recommend would be the Ltd. Stardust city~giant gold hardware in black. Best wishes for a successful BBag find!

  • Mara

    Hey, ain’t nothing wrong with picking up a black Birkin for your trouble! Danieli, I love your suggestion.

  • Penny

    Went looking for a BBag, came home with a black Birkin. I would say that was a very successful shopping trip Megs <3!
    Hope you find your perfect Bag next time.

  • Jacobs Noah

    The sunday tote…. patchwork

  • susan

    I think I’d decide what I wanted, then ask real deal collection to call me if they got it in.

  • Haruko

    Oh no! I purchased my Balenciaga at the New York store, and the employees were pretty helpful. I know what you mean though, there aren’t many bags out on display. However they do have the bags in the back of the store.

    Personally, I LOVE any of the Giant handbags more than the original motorcycle style bags. I have Giant Part Time in black, and I LOVE IT! I know that Balenciagas have a reputation of darkening on the handles, but since I have a dark colored bag I haven’t had that problem and I use my bag often. Hope that helps!! I’d go with a darker color for fall/winter!

    • Harujuku

      Uhm, ITA. The NY store’s business is mainly through phone/email orders. They have tons of stuff in the back room. You just have to ask – and ask the right SA.

  • karolynka

    go for the classic city with regular hardware – i have one and i adore it!! as for the color..i’d choose a pop one! classic with a twist!

  • Fiona

    I love the new Balenciaga straw bag, which I can´t find nowhere.It is the perfect straw bag with the Balenciaga touch.

  • glow

    i think the birkin conquer all megs ^_^ dont worry anymore about balenciaga

  • Vicky

    I’ll go with this season’s color since you seem to want it brand new. ;)

    If you’re into blue, I’d say Tempete SGH. It’s kind da half gray half blue. And this color pair with SGH is amazing.

    If you love a very almost black, get Anthracite SGH. I’m not into Black bags. So, I think this charcoal color’s a great substiture for black. It’s a bit blah though, JMO.

    For a splash of color, I love Pourpre. It’s a dark deep red. I think it can go with SGH and GGH. I prefer it with RH though.

    But if you can wait for S/S10, try Canard. I think it’ll be beautiful with GGH. ;)

    • lyn

      i agree w/vicky, pourpre rh is very elegant and edgy at same time. i found neiman marcus
      in white plains, new york
      to be very helpful and great selection!

  • Beth

    AFF’s just listed a GORGEOUS Balenciaga 2007 GGH Aquamarine Work. I know, its not what you’re looking for, but it is great eye candy! (And no, I have no connection to this bag or to AFF… just like her site a lot!)

  • Deb

    Tempete is a GREAT color…blue with grey…so totaly nuetral!! And with GSH it would be fabulous, although I have it in a First with RH and it looks great too!!

  • Sher77

    I have two of the B old style motorcycle bags, with the original distressed leather. I still carry them and enjoy this look. One is in the original light brown, which is from the very first shipment of Balenciaga bags that Barney’s received. I bought a white one a couple of years after that.
    I think I agree that the Birkin is oo la la!

  • jus

    Agreed, Tempete w GSH!
    or Purple (can’t remember the name) w GSH.

  • Claire

    Since you just got your Birkin in black, I’d go for a color. I love how Bal does red!

  • jho

    i love my officier .. tho it is a part time with RH

  • thesuzy

    I’ve got one in black with delicious gold hardware bought at Saks from a lovely salesgirl in Greenwich CT (& let me ship that for your NY address so you can save the sales tax…)-
    So when I took my BBag plunge I went classic and have never looked back—still one of the jewels of my collection.

  • Ellen

    My best Bbag is my Officier (Navy) City Bag. Wasn’t sure at first of the color and actually returned it the first time I bought it, but went back to purchase it after I had bought the bag in Black. Both bags are fantastuc as the color and leather change so much. Officier goes with absolutely everything and doesn’t scream loud color that you will tire of. You’ll only grow to love it more with use. That’s my opinion.

    • Jenn

      ITA. I love my Officier PT GSH. It’s such a lovely color – inot a black, but dark enough to withstand some of the elements of daily use, and yet a wonderful neutral that goes with everything. The chameleon effect of the color is TDF too. In some lighting it is black, navy, grape..and the leather is scrumptious! I also have a black City, and a raisin PT in rock star gold hardware :)

  • MilaniiMartini

    Oh my oh my oh my! I had the same experience with the Balenciaga store her in El Ay – and had the disappointment. I was looking for something special and fab customer service – but got nothing.

    I ended up purchasing the Anthracite (charchol grey) Weekender online at – I love the color as its not really black….but not really grey and not really blue.

    The Birkin should hold you over – but get a neutral classic color BBag…’ll wear it forever!

  • Moonstarr

    If you’re looking for a bit of colour that can work all year long and still act as a neutral, what about a F/W ’09 Raisin GSH (Giant Silver Hardware) City? Or even the GGH (Giant Gold Hardware) … both look very nice. From what I’ve seen, the leather on the Raisin’s seem very nice as well.

    Good luck!

  • Michael St. James
  • Theresa

    Hi Megs,

    I think either Maldives,default,pd.html

    or Dark Brown would suit you! =D,default,pd.html

    Good luck with your search! Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  • Nicole

    I have a BBag City in Tempete (storm) color 2009 a/w, and I carry it almost every day except for rainy days.
    I recommend you pink if you’re in sweet style, if you’re not, then just a black one or anthardite or the tempete color! I think these colours matched most of the outfit….Good Luck!! Viva BBag!!

  • roey

    Megs, I highly recommend an Anthracite giant city. I am obsessed with this chameleon color that changes from dark grey to blue grey and some seasons have hints of blue/green. It is beautiful in both gold and silver giant hardware. I am so taken with this color that I purchased it in 3 styles from 3 different seasons! And surprisingly, they all get used on a very regular basis.

    Good luck in your search!

  • Livia

    I would suggest either Anthracite (as Roey just mentioned) or Officier. Personally I prefer both colours with GGH. Anthracite is simply beautiful! The Officier is a dark blue colour with a purple tone; in the sun it looks like blueberry. Only problem is the Officier was a last season colour so you might have trouble finding this.
    I hope you find your perfect Balenciaga bag soon!

  • Karen

    I would recommend Officier (Marine) with GGH or Anthracite with GSH or Tempete with GSH.
    Honestly, my Officier got most praises.

  • Lo

    I have a purple City part time from Harvey Nichols, in London Knightsbridge, excellent customer service!!!!

  • Cuckoo_Boo

    I believe that your handbag collection is not complete without a Balenciaga (no matter how many Birkins you may have or continue to get). I think the color choice depends on the style. What I mean is that not all colors look good in all styles (i.e city, giant work, first, etc). I would recommend the following: a) choose the size that you need for space b) decide if you want gold/or silver – if you have this dilemma of wanting to match the studs with your jewelry for example… – I personally find it not important of having the bag matching everything – but you can always go for the covered studs c) check the colors you like in the size and shape.
    I personally would recommend the following colors and sizes: anthracite/city – emerald green/day hobo silver studs, black/giant city, burnt orange/city
    The Balenciaga store in London’s Mayfair, not only has a large enough selection of handbags to choose from but will also give you the best ever customer service your money can buy. The team there is absolutely great. Harvey Nichols’s in Knightsbridge (London) also has a good selection and the customer service is very good.
    Hope this was of help
    Best of luck!

  • wilson

    Wow, big discount

  • Regina

    I feel compelled to post this website here: This lady is also a painter and she has a great line of bags. I got one and it came the other day…I can’t stop recomending it! Really good quality leather. She’s nowhere near as well-known as Balenciagga though…

  • Aarponen

    It is indeed incredible how terrible the service is in Bal stores. Wonder I we keep being so enthusiastic about our bags, as the brand experience at stores is so awful. I guess the Bal community in PF keep us hyped, so to speak. For you I would suggest a city, like Mogano from 2007 which is a perfect brown, I am sure an oldie would be much more special to you than the new colours.

    I cannot believe Balenciaga does not showcase the bags better in stores. You can hardly find any displayed. Weird strategy that is. They are always so secretive about everything that maybe they have figured out in their marketing research that being rude, inattentive and secretive is better sales tool than being up for serving people. Lol. Personally I would like to get a crocodile Bal, but no matter how many stores I have contacted it seems impossible to get any information on them. Sometimes I think selling all my Bals and buy a Birkin instead.

    I hope you would make a official complaint to Bal about it, as they cannot just wipe your comments under the carpet. as you are so influential being the owner of this forum. Would be great to know how they explain your experience.

    • mugsy

      For so long I was in search of a decent showing of the BBags. Until I hit the jackpot in Houston at the Neiman Marcus. They have lots of shapes, sizes and colors all out in the open to feel and try on. It was so divine yet overwhelming and intimidating because one does not want to have to choose in a situation like that!

  • aj

    hi megs.

    i got 2 bbags this year after years of wanting them. and i must say that i am very happy with both of them. my first bbag is a city classic white with regular hardware and i love it so much but i always worry when i wear it since it’s pretty easy to get dirty. love the distressed leather – such a classic look and it can go with anything.

    my other one is a city green with giant silver hardware. love it to bits. i wear it everyday cause it works with everything. i think the advantage of buying a colorful bbag is that u can wear something as mundane as a black top and jeans and overall still look stunning. i highly recommend a color that will make your outfit pops – pomegranate or mandarin maybe?

    well, good luck and have fun looking for your perfect bbag!

  • nicole

    Hi Megs,

    I have two gorgeous balenciaga bags..they’re both the ”giant city” style with the gold studs,the one is in black and the other in a perfect neutral light brown color which is really stunning and so eye catching!I recommend the second one because the color is really sweet and pretty,you’ll love it.Although i bought the black one first because i wanted something classic and also every celebrity owns it goes with every outfit. In my opinion giant city bags with the gold hardware are perfect.For the summer 2010 i’m planning to get the giant city GH in framboise! I wish you to return home with your dream balenciaga bag.Good luck!

  • Marc Magsaysay

    Megs- I’m appalled to hear of your expreience at Balenciaga in NYC- I have been a client there for years, and Kim is MY associate- they have oodles of bags in their stock room…all you have to do tell them the approximate size and hue (dark-bright) you’re looking for, and they’ll work their tails off to make you happy. The service you received was not the norm.
    Anyway- MY idea of the PERFECT B-bag? The “Work” in anthracite with regular hardware!

  • Mayfair Dolly

    I am a massive Bal fan!! Own a plethora of their bags including the Giant (SH) Work in Black (S/S 08); First classic in Raisin (A/W 09); City in Bubblegum (really pops) with classic hardware from S/S 08 as well as a whistle bag in black.
    Love the City – great size and can’t go wrong with it. Neutrals are always good unless you’re going for a real statement in which case a colour that really pops is a must. Part time is about the same size as a City but longer and not as tall so it’s a different silhouette.
    Think Giants on larger bags such as Work and Weekender work better than smaller bags IMO.
    Always found the service in Selfridges in London really good with friendly and helpful SA’s…
    Enjoy, whatever you go for!

  • mugsy

    Have you checked out Chataigne? It is a fabulous new warm rusty brown. My husband bought me the Twiggy from the LV store. i have tried to find a pic online to send in an email to a friend, absolutely nowhere to be found. Will have to take my own shot. I feel very fortunate to finally have my favorite shape and now color in one bag! Have the black City, you are right, it is the lightest purse i own and yet so roomy. Takes getting used to the no frills interior but worth it.

  • Renee

    I totally love balenciaga city ! I think the black and brown ones with giant studs are great and goes with everything but also the white one is fabulous !

  • Classy chequita

    Oh man!… I have been hunting for the perfect Balenciaga for ages. I finally got mine last month. I couldn’t believe how affordable it was…. If you’re still looking you should really check out Beyond the Rack they had an amazing selection and it was everything I hoped it would be! PS7064537

  • Kendra

    I think any of them would work. (fb)

  • Venetian Glass

    I love the all of bags. I like Balenciaga converted from their usual shape, size,and material but still kept a touch of the old designs.
    Glass Of Venice

  • Lee-Anne

    I love my balenciaga city with giant silver hardware in black, you can take it anywhere and its the perfect size.. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    i need one of these! (fb)

  • erika

    ciao a tutte ragazze!!!!c è qualcuna che può darmi qualche informazione sulla balenciaga town????grazie

  • April

    Megs, I’m not suprised to hear you had the poor service at the NYC Balenciaga store. When I lived in Manhattan, I avoided this section of town because the attitude and morale are detached, aloof and uninviting. Frankly, people in that section of town seemed angry to me compared to Midtown Manhattan.