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I have long been telling the story of my collection being Balenciaga-less. It is still Balenciaga-less, even though Vlad and I were on a mission to find me the perfect first Balenciaga bag when we were in NYC. What went wrong you ask, I’ll tell you below.

We started off at the Balenciaga NY store, which is truly off the beaten path near the Hudson River on 22nd Street. The store itself was confusing. As we walked through a cave-like entry way with boisterous music echoing loudly, we wondered if we ended up in the actual store or Balenciaga corporate headquarters. It was their store indeed, with fewer handbags than I expected and service lower than sub-par. Even if there were more BBags in the back room, no one asked us if we needed help, so we only saw what was on the floor. The bag selection was bleak and the service embarrassing, so we left still Balenciaga-less.

The next stop to try to find a Balenciaga bag was Barneys NY, which was right around the corner from our hotel. The service was impeccable. I was not certain of what color I was looking for, but both sale associates that helped Vlad and I went above and beyond. In fact, one SA filled both of her arms from shoulder to wrist with all of the Balenciaga City bags they had in the store. To my disappointment, none of them were a combination of color and hardware that I was looking for.

We left Barneys NY without a Balenciaga bag but with the pleasure of having received great service. Eventually I ended up with a different handbag on our NYC trip, a black Birkin. Yet I will still so disappointed not to find a Balenciaga bag. Don’t get me wrong, a new Birkin is out-of-this-world-amazing, but I had my mind set on a BBag.

Dear PurseBlog reader, I need your help. For all of you that know your Balenciaga colors and styles, help me finally find my first B-Bag. What I am looking for: Balenciaga City, smooshy leather, giant hardware, very wearable color (an everyday and every season color).

Help me out!

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