Having spent all of Friday carrying my yellow Kate Spade Essex Scout Crossbody Bag around a series of furniture stores in pursuit of a new bed and mattress, I cannot extoll the virtues of a small, bright bag highly enough. Being hands-free for shopping is as convenient as you might imagine, but the flourish of color that such a bag provides is the real reason I was carrying that purse.

If you’d like something a little different than the Kate Spade bag but still in much the same wheelhouse (or if you’re just a Balenciaga nut like I am), check out the Balenciaga Arena Perforated Brogues Hip Bag. It’s bright, small and brimming with trendy details to get you all the way through to fall with use of both of your hands.

Although perforated trim is something that Balenciaga has been doing with its covered hardware for several seasons, rebranding it as broguing strikes me as a very smart move. Oxfords and brogues are reaching the height of their trendiness, and referencing that when someone’s considering an accessories purchase will only be a positive association in the minds of most shoppers. And not only that, but the perforated trim is a genuinely nice touch to a bag like this – it tweaks the motorcycle aesthetic without losing the brand recognition. Buy through Barneys for $815.

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  • Mila
  • Rina Red

    I love Balenciaga in yellow! I like the ones with shoulder straps though but I can’t really decide which yellow Balenciaga is the best! What do you guys think is the best Balenciaga bag (yellow) with shoulder straps?

  • belgianyen

    ohmigosh! i’m so lovin’ this!!!! :) <3

  • Debbie

    This Yellow is CUTE! Found one for less http://bit.ly/hDj87D

  • Mochababe73

    I am not a Balenciaga fan, but I LOVE this bag. It’s the color, but I could be convinced to buy a Balenciaga shoulder bag if it were in this color. And wear it year-round.

  • edoardo

    Maybe a bit expensive but i do love the fluo yellow, such a cool bag!


  • Lulugurl

    omg..must have this bag…..so cute…..

  • rose60610


  • Cathy Fitz

    I LOVE this bag, and have definitely put it on my wish list, but I’m not loving the color. Yellow doesn’t work for me, but I could do it in another bright color.

  • AmyFang

    wow~~it is amazing, i really love this bag.


  • 19yearslater

    I usually don’t like perforation, but here as an accent reminiscent of oxfords as you pointed out, I’m definitely feeling it.

  • Lucinda

    Love it! But not in yellow…

  • nappy

    love this.. but be careful of the covered studs coz they don’t really wear well with age.. i have mine that was worn down (i mean, most bal bags look best worn) but the leather covering of the studs became thinner and thinner until it showed the metal under the leather,,, but nevertheless, a really cute bag


    i liked the kate spade scout for what it was, but it was too small for me. cambridge satchel co. makes the same thing (monogram-able even) for less $$$, and in more fluoro colors! i ordered the largest one in neon yellow.

    i love balenciaga, but this bag is so ‘meh’. the perforations and color are weird.

  • Cherryll

    nice color of bag..attractive..the bag Balenciaga has been doing with its covered hardware for several seasons..so I really like it

  • Cherryll

    but can u post another color like pink…I like colors like pink,yellow,green,white..

  • Jeannie

    Oh My Gosh! I just got this bag… bt not in this color… and I AM LOVING IT!!! It’s so easy and chic to wear for everyday.. just to run around town :) When I went to the Balenciaga store in LA they had it in many colors

  • duchessfsz

    I love Balenciaga. Love the colors! Wondering if its cheaper to get it in Italy since ill be going there next week.