Well this is an unexpected design from Balenciaga. I am so accustomed to seeing their motorcycle bags that seeing a suede open tote with alphabet embellishments takes me completely off guard. There is black, white, and beige versions available of the Balenciaga Alphabet Tote. Buy via Barneys for $1,795.

Fill in the blank in the comments section below: The Balenciaga Alphabet Tote is ___________.

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  • Levina


  • belle

    so 80s

  • spanish moss

    a bit twee!

  • pradaLady

    Not for me

  • RaspberryJam

    too expensive!

  • kazahel

    Upscale Dooney & Bourke

  • Bir

    A disgrace to maestro balencigas Legacy !!!!!!

  • sue

    stunning in person

  • Vitta

    No comment.

  • whit

    their answer to increasing profit margins should people be foolish enough to buy them at said 1795$

  • Eleanor

    the end of someone’s career. Honestly, I look at it closer on screen, and farther away on screen, and it’s almost hypnotically ugly…how did someone a) draw the design, b) go through with making a prototype, c) decide that the prototype was a good idea, and d) decide to sell it for that much money?

  • somethingbags


  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    So Elementary!!!

  • Eleanor

    what I mean by “the end of someone’s career” is that I’m reminded of Elizabethtown (I love that movie, I’m sorry), and how the main character designs a shoe, and everyone goes along with it, and the shoe ends up being a huge failure that nearly puts the company into ruin…okay, so with this price tag they sure aren’t going to lose money, but perhaps someone high up in Balenciaga will go to Saks, reality will hit them in the face, and things will right themselves.

  • Angela

    ‘Makes me wonder who their target market is for this bag (??)
    Not a good one.

  • lyns

    entering the tacky realms of stephen sprouse louis vuitton YUCKSTERS X A MILLION

  • babe


  • Brandy

    for the illiterate? I am normally a huge balenciaga fan, seriously love their motorcycle bags but wtf? These bags are uncalled for!

  • moko

    SHOCKING. Are they taking advantage of their widespread following to create this piece of junk?

  • HH

    a good diaper bag..

  • Joyce


  • Cara


  • Jan

    FUGLY…are they crazy with that price tag?

  • Maher

    Tacky and over price, Motorbike bag is still the best from all Balenciaga Bag.

  • otandra

    not my cup of tea. I own a few balenciaga bags, they are my ‘go to’ bag, but this tote is such not impressive… and with that price tag? so disappointed…

  • Chris

    … taking the 80s too literally and too expensive.

  • 19yearslater

    silly. Why make a suede utility tote, and why put letters all over it like a kindergardener’s school bag? This is completely un-Bal.

  • norm

    It’s “there ARE” black, white, and beige versionS…

  • BooIn

    I don’t see any uniqueness compare with the price. Definitely not my cup of tea.

  • Meredith

    not worth the money.

  • Maura

    Desperate for the wrong kind of attention

  • Erik

    tacky and overpriced!

  • september

    a beach tote and a risky move to design in suede (the care of suede is high maintenance, and I certainly wouldn’t purchase a large beach tote bag in suede).

  • pistol


  • Monica

    If you’re looking for the cure for your Balenciaga obsession, Megs, that should do it! WJW

  • Tonya


  • nicole

    want these bags at much lower price. check http://www.factoryonlineshop.com

  • Dana k

    Its easy to copy

  • Clare (@BagSlut)

    … easy prey for cheap rip-offs at that price. Expect to see it on the sidewalks of Rome…

  • Dana k

    Easy to be copied

  • Chynna

    Hideous. Nuff said

  • mll mag
  • Mousse

    very ugly and not worth the price.

  • Lulu

    Fugly BIG TIME! and I’m a graphic designer.

  • Scorpio

    more like $700 and even that is pushing it, even for Balenciaga SMH

  • jaclyn

    shockingly hideous

  • Mutya


  • Merve


  • it’s me

    so not Balenciaga!

  • mimoko

    dissapointment. seen it in Balshop yesterday and all new bags look cheap with boutique price. My classic ‘day’ is still the best & value for money!

  • Jo

    for beach maybe, really not crazy about this look.

  • sue

    overdone and overpriced

  • edoardo

    too expensive, cheap and a crime made by Ghesquiere: this is how to destroy the reputation of the most appreciated bags brand!


  • Jess!

    a shame.

    Completely not worth the money.

  • Bamberry

    way dodgier, pricier and cheaper in look than my United Colors of Benetton bag I used in my school days 10 years ago…MAJOR FAIL!

  • Marianna

    …looking like a ransom note!

  • Mochababe73

    cute. I’m a teacher and would use it to carry my teacher “stuff”. However, I would never use it as an everyday bag and wouldn’t pay no more than $30-40 for it.
    Pack it up for the summer and bring it back out in August.

  • Ingrid Yohanna

    I think its to expensive and maybe good for a teenager

  • Staci

    Cute but overpriced!

  • PurseAdict

    so not balenciaga …

  • E


  • annabelle

    i would rather buy a giant city for that price!

  • Adriana

    Its uggly. Who would pay that much for a beach looking bag?!

  • Kathleen

    B ig
    C atastrophe

  • HuggyMonster.com

    unforgettable, but not in a good way.

  • Stylista

    Not something anyone should buy.


  • EL


  • Danieli

    Not For Me! overpriced and way overdone! looks childish.

  • Shopping Lady

    Not for me !!!

  • quds

    not worth the price tag, AT ALL. id rather get a new/used leather BBag for that much

  • Earmuffs


  • Karen

    a complete and total purse fail.

  • Lianne

    Really fun if it were a $30 canvas bag. A this price, it’s ridiculous.

    But I do love the print.

  • Emilie


  • Steph


  • raw

    DREADFUL ! !

  • PZ

    …the same price as 86 LL Bean Totes, and a million times uglier.

  • 318Platinum


  • sonya


  • Blake

    this must be a joke.

  • safi

    so un-balenciaga like! trying to hard to catch a younger crowd ?

  • lina

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