Balenciaga Giant Day Bag in NavyFor almost everyone, I think Balenciaga is one of those brands that you either understand or you don’t. Yes – they make more or less the same bags in different colors year after year. Yes – many of them haven’t changed drastically in design since they were first introduced. Yes – many people are happy to do what basically amounts to buying the same bag in a bunch of colors. And some people may think that’s nuts, but I think it’s AWESOME. I love Balenciaga, and anyone that’s familiar with the Balenciaga section on the Forum knows that the Bal girls get in to the details of their bags in a way that few other brand’s customers do. Leather texture and hardware are discussed heavily, even though the differences may not be huge to the casual observer. As a result, when one thing changes about how Balenciaga builds their bags, tongues are set wagging about it for months, if not years.

One of the most controversial things that Balenciaga has done was introduce “giant” hardware – I believe that came in 2007. The formerly tiny and dull (and by dull I mean non-shiny, not boring) hardware was now offered in oversized, polished silver and gold versions. Some people wept. “Too blingy,” they said, “It doesn’t go with the Balenciaga aesthetic.” I, on the other hand, rejoiced. Well, I rejoiced for the silver, the gold I still disliked. I had always loved the bags, but felt that maybe they needed a little extra pop, and the big, silver, thimble-like hardware was just what I was looking for to reinvigorate them in my mind. Juxtaposed with Balenciaga’s signature colored leather, the silver seemed to emphasize the beautiful dyes and bright hues that distinguish the brand from other manufacturers.

Several season later, giant hardware appears to be sticking around, at least in silver. I couldn’t be happier, and I know that some of the people who initially scoffed at the idea have come around to the style. If you’ve never seen these bags in person, I’d recommend that you try to in the near future; Balenciaga is more widely carried than it used to be, and the giant hardware makes a lot of proportional sense on some of their larger bags (I’m a huge fan of it on anything larger than a Day). So if you dismissed it initially, now that some time has gone by and we know it’s not just a fad, maybe think about revisiting it. I think it’s stood the style test over the past few seasons and is worth another look by all you handbag enthusiasts.

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  • Cindy

    Beautiful color.

  • I have ALWAYS loved the Giant Hardware… it is actually more my style than the regular hardware. Very funky, very fresh and it stands out amazingly!

  • Bri

    I love the giant hardware, but also only in the silver!

  • coach4me

    I love the giant hardware… and I agree, it seems to be more in proportion with most of their bags!

  • D

    I have that exact same bbag (same size, color and hardware!). I agree that the giant hardware looks approrpriate and proportional on larger bags such as the Day.

  • Mika

    Love it in gold – but too much makes the bags heavy – so I still like the classics best ^^

    Btw I’m really thankful that they don’t change their design – their bags are perfect as they come, they’re beautiful, practical being tote, handbag, shoulderbag, crossbody bag in one AND they fit any occasion – now where else do you get that??

  • Ana M.

    Large hardware grew on me. But that was a long process.

  • Swank

    I really need to add a BBag to my collection. sigh

  • Livia

    Amanda, did you just call the GH thimbles? LOL
    I prefer my Bbags to be with RH but I like to look at the (G)GH bags.

  • Pinkcaviar

    When the giant hardware first came out, I wasn’t too pleased. But upon seeing it for the first time in real life -the black and gold hardware was a true delight! I don’t think it will be fad and hopefully it’s here to stay!

  • karolynka

    I LOVE BAL!!!!!! thumbs up for the GSH and the covered hardware but boooh to the gold – too tacky for me..ohhh i’d love to have different shades of blue and pink’s recession time so now i have just two..but i know that brighter times will

  • Anita

    I love the giant hardware in gold, LOVE IT!

  • Sweet Pea

    I love the giant hardware in gold especially my Part-time.

  • Zarka

    I love Balenciaga motorcycle dix handbags…and all Balenciaga hardwares…

  • pursemama

    When I first saw the giant hardware I HATED it, I thought it was gaudy. I ONLY bought the old hardware style. Then, something clicked in my head or maybe I just finally got it! This year I just HAD to have the Giant Part Time in black with the silver giant hardware, it’s one of my favorite bags.

  • Mama M

    Just saw this bag in bright green in the latest InStyle magazine. It belongs to Salma Hayek and she said it was one of her favorites. Both colors are really nice.

  • Nicole

    omg i love b bags soo much!! love the leather and the hardware!! =)

  • mariah9999

    I think I would love it more in another color. I’m not quite sure why though. I DO love the hardware.

  • Queenmab

    I ONLY got the B-bag when they introduced the new hardware. I guess I needed that extra BLING. I LOVE IT!
    I don’t have the style pictured though. And now I HAVE to find it.

  • Serene

    Balenciaga is my all-time favourite bag brand! I’m a new collector and currently have only 3 so far: Blue India First, Sapphire Giant City and my new Automne City! Of course, once you start, you can’t stop! WOOHOO!!!

  • handbag mama

    I love Balenciaga. I really prefer the giant gold hardware over the silver. And the regular hardware is fabulous too.
    Balenciaga actually makes several bag styles other than the better known ‘motorcycle’ style bags. But those of us that are bbag groupies really love the motorcycle bags (First, City, Day, Part Time, work, etc)

  • hazel

    I love the giant hardware too! I don’t even mind the gold on black/dark colored bags, it’d be too much on something like bright purple for me.

    • Butch

      Surprisingly well-written and inmforative for a free online article.

  • luvhautecouture

    im intrigued with BBags… I will need to take a closer look at them now!

  • Carolyn

    I am worried that it would be too heaving. I put so much stuff in my bag to being with

  • Burberryaholic

    This really makes me want a Balenciaga!

  • Ces-A

    When I saw the balenciagas with GSH for the first time up close early this year I couldn’t help myself and went on a binge, got myself an amethyst midday and a mandarine city. I now profess my love for balenciaga bags is FOREVER!

  • Otter

    Love the giant hardware. Now I feel like my old bag looks so dated. Hmmm. Time for an upgrade. Dang. That’s what they want us to do. Lemmings.

  • zeitgeist4

    Boy that silver giant hardware sure pops on blue bags! *swoon*

  • Hellokitty2

    I just bought my very very first Bbag this year…it was a regular hardware…blk part-time bag…and I too, was turned off by the Giant Hardware…and somehow now…It looks good to me!! So…now I have to get one…but I have to wait till Xmas.

  • Leila

    I want one pretty bad, but I am not sure I can make a $1500 commitment just yet, but I really am tempted.

  • chime

    hm. so they do make styles other than the motorcycle/city.

  • Jamie

    Giant hardware stands out!

  • Nikki

    I am interested in buying the Giant Day, but in one of the new light colors, either framboise (pink) or Maldives (acqua). Can any owners please inform if the lighter colors stain if dirty or can you just wipe off with a damp cloth? I am afraid the light colors are too fragile and may have to go dark!

  • Karen

    I love this bag and am a first timer. I need something big enough to carry lots. What do you think of the covered day bag? Is it too much going on? Should I stick to the original. I want something I can always wear not get sick of it or worried the style will be dated.

  • HC

    I have a dilemma. I really want to buy a Balenciaga bag but can’t decided on which one. I’m considering the Signature City bag or the Giant Day bag both in black. I’m more of a shoulder bag gal so was leaning towards the Day bag, but I really like the City one better. Does anyone who owns the City bag wear on their shoulders or is it more of a hand held bag? Thoughts please?

  • bunny

    this is THE most beautiful bag i’ve EVER seen in my life. when i go to Paris in August they’d BETETR have it. i just cant understand the price discrepancy for balenciages though. In Malaysia where i live, there is NO Balenciaga at alL!! SOBSOBSOB!

    But in Singapore, a balenciaga bag costs 6k Ringgit, which is like, 1.6k USD. WHy the price diff? it’s alot!

    but this bag…sigh…i WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT


    TPF & the Giant Hardwares started my Balenciaga addiction, I converted from LV & sold most of it to finance my 1st Bbag. A very expensive collection indeed. When I first saw Moto Bbags w/ the RH, it really did not interest me at all even if it was all over hollywood stars. I thought they were just BORING, expensive bags, until they introduced the GHs, silver & gold. They compliment the colors so well, I just can’t get enough of them & still craving for more. I’m having so much fun wearing them w/ different outfits every single day.

  • Kendra

    Their colors are so stunning. This blue is great. (fb)

  • Jing Wang

    I love the Giant Silver Hardware sososososososo much!! I have them on most of my B-bags. Actually I only own one RH b-bag. Huh~ Great design to match colorful leather!

  • Adrienne zedella

    great bag! love it! fb

  • Adrienne Zedella

    now That’s a bag! (fb)