balenciaga giant part time
Balenciaga Giant Part Time

When Balenciaga introduced giant hardware on their already hit handbags, the accessory world was split. I specifically remember many not being fond of the large chunky hardware. The thing is, I always loved it, it fit my style perfectly. One of many top handle purses from the house, the Balenciaga Giant Part Time implements soft vintage crafted lambskin to give the perfect supple slouch that Balenciaga has become known for. The funny thing is, I am in no way a Balenciaga expert. You know who is? A huge group of BBag lovers on Purse Forum! This group can know the difference between a BBag because of the leather (some seasons has softer leather that people yearn to hunt down), color, and hardware. I just look and know what it is that I like. The Giant Part Time in pink bubblegum is a perfect mix of feminine colors with gold plated oversized metal hardware. There is a removable shoulder strap which helps with ease of carrying. Dimensions are 16.5” x 5.9” x 9.1”. There are quite a few colors offered, but the girly side of me has always loved Balenciaga Pink Bubblegum. Buy through Balenciaga online for $1,645.

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  • sugarscrub

    oohhh lala! somtimes pink bags can make one look “highschoolish” but don’t get me wrong i like pink and this is an awesome piece… feminine and very chic! I’m adding this to my collection! :smile:

  • Cindy

    Gorgeous bag. I can only dream of having one of these someday.

  • Jen

    Gosh I love this bag. I have it in a winter white, and it’s my favorite bag. I usually tend to be practical and plain with my luxe bag purchases(e.g., I own my fair share of brown/black Lanvin totes), but nothing makes me feel more like a million bucks than strutting down Michigan Avenue with my white/gold Bbag. The leather is amazing, and the hardware makes just the right “rockstar” statement.

  • dierregi

    I just love Balenciaga but the huge hardware makes the bag very heavy. I know because I was really decided to get one but when I went into the shop to try it out I noticed that the empty bag weighted a ton. They did not have any with “regular” hardware, but I think if I go for Balenciaga it will be the one without that “heavy metal” [img][/img]

  • BagHunter

    I like the pink bubblegum color as well! Beautiful bag. Whoa, look at that price! I might have to look it up on Bag, Borrow, or Steal.

  • lqyb

    kind of tired of this one. the colour sure is all the B summer colourful bags.all very pretty.i was at the Barneys a week ago,fisrt was a bright yellow one catched my eyes.but,after 20 minutes,i end up bought the beige.big,soft,great to put on the shoulder. has all the hardware [in silver]still very light.just forget to ask the Bbag’s name.i traveled it all the way back to can not just travel with your Birkins all the times…

  • Karen

    I like the giant part time but I will probably go for a different color… the pink seems a little too much for me

  • sugarscrub

    This is perfect for me!!!

  • doozer

    Beautiful color and super fun! Great bag!

  • Kinny

    Saw this in church last Saturday. The woman (late thirties) had four children all under ten years old and looked harassed. She deserved this gift for herself. Beautiful shade of pink and she kept stroking it during the service. Wanted to come over and cop a feel :lol:

  • mela

    are there balenciaga handbags in saks fifth :?:

    thank you.

  • Cherieboo

    How can you tell if A BBag is authentic? This one is listed as a Mototcycle bag. The ad says “smooth calf leather”. Going for an excellant price $500.00. That is why is has me wondering. I would rather purchase NEW rather than get ripped! Please replay ASAP! I asked if it has the original box, dust bag, and tags. Haven’t gotten a reply just yet. :?: Thank You

  • lindsay

    how do distinguish an authentic bbag from a fake one??? because these days the fake ones are also made with good quality. hope to hear from you soon coz im thinking of purchasing 1 thru a friend..

  • Jyll

    Does anyone know if the site is selling real or fakes? They swear they are real but the price seems too good to be true. They are rather secretive about their location as well. Hmmmm.

  • Rho

    DO NOT~ (repeat DO NOT) purchase anything from Euro Bella Collections! All merchandise is FAKE/FAUX/CHEAP COPIES that could be found on the streets of NYC for $30.00. Their prices are unbelievable because they fool buyers into the purchase then make back 25% of the total for a “restocking fee!” Note to self….”if it quacks like a duck……”

  • Michelle

    Wow that is one pretty handbag!

  • snoop

    I love my giant part time so much. Bought it 2 yrs ago in beige color and I’ve just bought again in white last month, both with gold hardware. And the price is not that expensive

  • bundles

    this bag really is beautiful. my husband surprised me with one but in silver hardware. very soft leather… really smooth and soft!!! yes, bag alone ( empty) is too heavy… but it doesn’t bother me at all. i love my giant part time in pink bubblegum n silver hardware.

  • Pat

    i love the big hardware but I like the new leather lace style for 2009 spring/summer even better. i saw it at and it is kissably deliciousQ

  • hazel

    I love this bag, the pink is so soft and pretty! I wish I had this bag today, it was finally warm enough to wear a spring dress!

  • Kendra

    This pink is ok I guess. The blue looks better though. (fb)

  • dian

    I really love it!!!