Balenciaga Giant City in Charcoal Grey

Over the weekend Vlad and I made the journey up the state of Florida to Tallahassee, home of Florida State University, where my brother goes to school. It was family weekend, and we went up to visit him and go to a Florida State game. If you know me, Vlad, or my family, you will know that we are rather obsessed with college football. This was my first FSU game and we had a great time, who wouldn’t? Even better is FSU won. I did not own a FSU tee-shirt and had to head to the school store to FSU myself, Vlad, and my mom out. We got shirts and finally fit in with the rest of the school population. What worked out perfectly is that I took my Rebecca Minkoff Wine Nikki and my mom had her Linea Pelle Dylan Croco Shoulder bag in yellow. Perfect bags that showed off garnet and gold and we didn’t even plan it.

When I went to Ohio State I had a hard time finding the perfect red bag to wear to the games. Red bags are not always my cup of tea as far as the color goes, too bright, too dark, not enough oomph. So why not skip over the red and carry a grey bag to an Ohio State game (colors are indeed Scarlett and grey). I figured out the perfect college football game day bag, the Balenciaga Giant City in charcoal grey. This is the precise bag I would buy from Balenciaga, and next week while in NYC, we will most likely raid the Balenciaga NYC store. This Balenciaga bag is designed with soft vintage lambskin and accented with large palladium plated metal hardware. I have been a fan of the oversized hardware from its inception, so here it is, the ideal college football game bag. It is young, hip, funky, stylish, and comes in a plethora of colors that can suit your college team needs. Of course it would work for NFL, MBA, NHL, NBA, etc. And even if your school looses, a la Ohio State vs Penn State this past weekend, at least you will be cheering and feeling lousy over the loss in style. Buy through Balenciaga online for $1595.

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  • Anilu Magloire

    These are starting to grow on me… For X-mas maybe ;)

  • MizzJ

    Hot bag, it’s very urban and cool looking. haha I think it’s hilarious how you call it a college football bag!

  • Lindi

    Wow…you have courage taking a $1500 bag to a college football game. I would be worried it would get beer spilled on it during tailgating and it would suck to have to hold it the entire game. No way I would set it on the ground in a dirty stadium.

    BTW I live in Cols. OH.

  • Lindi, it stays on my arm/lap the whole time!! Now if I were tailgating the whole morning, I may need to make a different choice!

    Are you a Buckeye???

  • missy Badach

    I also went to FSU and going to a Noles game is something everyone should do but not with a Balenciaga bag unless you leave it in the car! Next time you go – go to Gutheries they have the best chicken but leave the bag in the car!

  • Ellez

    Oh Buckeyes how you make me cry. As long as you beat Michigan I will be thrilled! Love this bag! I think I might be too protective to take it to a football game but other than that I would proudly carry it around (with or without my OSU gear).

  • Grace

    Meg, nice to see you’ve chosen a color! I know you’ve always wanted this bag, but the color choices have been overwhelming. Can’t wait to see the real pics once you’ve got it! (maybe you’ll surprise us with something else…or even maybe another color heehhe)

  • Dru

    I have this exact bag! And, my husband is a die hard OSU fan!! I can’t wait to tell him I now have a bag to wear to the games (which we have to watch at a bar or at home since we live in CA). The bag looks so much better in person!

  • Merve

    This bag has just become timeless.

  • Totally going to get a new gameday bag!! WOOT WOOT!

  • lunatwinkle

    Megs! I didn’t even know that you had a RM Wine Nikki! ^_^ I love that Wine color! (Could you maybe have Vlad update your handbag showcase thread? I love oogling over your pretty bags…and Vlad’s fine photography skills too.)

  • aillae

    I love these Bal bags, unfortunately I cannot afford any of them. But the leather is certainly soft and luscious. I always giggle when I pull out that mirror, so cute. Great, great bag.

  • Sulty

    I LOVE the new studs hardware!!!!!!so funny you mentioned it being the perfect “game” bag…I was on the Balenciaga site pretending i could pick out a city bag and I chose the charcoal, it being the perfect color and style to tote around. It seems however these bags NEVER go on sale. Is it even worth checking for one on ebay?

  • Laurel

    I was probably at that game. Would have loved to meet you. I left all of my nice bags at home though. I would never take the chance of having some drunk person spill something on one of them.

  • Grace

    Bot this bag in Jun at Barneys NYC. Been travelling & made it stretched within 2 weeks! It is a bit heavy but it goes so well with my black biker leather jacket, black ankle boots or even the silver Hogan shoes. Its really a hip and cool bag to carry around town.

  • Kristine

    So I have a question; Can I have my school books and papers evt. my macbook in this bag? or which Balenciaga bag would be the best for school?? :-)

  • Kendra

    I actually like this gray better than the black. The price is too high for me though (fb)

  • Rachel Tiller

    This TOTALLY works for me – though WHY am I not more wealthy? (apart from having a loving family and great health – I AM grateful)!!! (fb)