Balenciaga Crocodile Work Bag1 When most of us think of Balenciaga Bags, we think of the B-bag craze surrounding the leathers, colors, and celebrity following. Little do many know that Balenciaga does make exotic bags for our enjoyment. A member of our forum, Purse-Oooh, was lucky enough to snag a Balenciaga Crocodile Work Bag which sports a black crocodile body on the coveted Balenciaga Work’s style. Price is around $18,000, which is very steep but great for those that are die-hard Balenciaga fans.

Balenciaga Crocodile Work Bag
Balenciaga Crocodile Work Bag

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  • Graciella

    Now that is a great shape for croc! Not a big fan of the regular leather balenciaga bags, but this one is fantastic, what a beauty.

  • Katy
    • And your point would be?

      • william

        I always tell myself that no matter what a person spends their money on that it is worth it, if it makes them happy – but in light of this extreme poverty in some nations it makes me shudder to see someone spend $18,000 on a single bag.

        And I am a die hard fan of Balenciaga. DIE hard. I don’t like this bag, regardless of price. It looks stiff.

  • Mr B

    She very wittily has pointed out that $18,000 could be better spent – in this case helping the poor. I agree, the sum could be better spent – on more than one handbag! I don’t think it’s worth 18k but it is a very nice bag. I like Balenciaga a lot.

  • Chi town Chanel

    Megs, thanks for bringing this beauty to our attention.

    Purse-Oooh you are so lucky! Congrats on getting this.

    This really is a dream bag. I love Balenciaga bags anyway, but this is beyond divine.

  • dela

    I agree that the situation in Haiti is truly horrible. It seems that UN or Haitian government aren’t doing anything to help out. Purse-oooh doesn’t owe anyone anything and they certainly don’t need to explain their philantropic efforts to judgemental people whose only purpose in life is to passively point fingers at others. Compassion and genrosity of spirit (and pocket) has nothing to do with a person’s handbag choices.

  • dela

    BTW the bag is a beauty. I can look at it all day long.

  • shevy

    Good point, Katy! I wonder if someone at least got to eat the crocodile meat after they took its skin to make this briefcase bag.

  • Graciella

    ^I’ve had this kind of reaction when I bought my chloe paddington – many of my class mates were like ‘you’d better give money to charity instead of spending so much on a handbag’. Of course I didn’t agree, they spent hundreds of euros a month on phone bills, alcohol & smoking, partying and cheap H&M clothes and never gave anything to charity. So I pointed that out to them. Honestly, Katy, do YOU save up to give to charity? Do you ever cut down on your spending to help others? Some people are just such hypocrites. By the way, I’m quite sure most people who have $18,000 lying around for a handbag are generous and wealthy enough to give some (or a lot) to charity, others, like me, have to save up for a handbag and actually have to work really hard (and still give to charity) but that just isn’t your buisness.

  • Jahpson

    at $18,000 you BETTER have a job!

  • Bembon

    lets be real how much goes into the bag enyway to cost that much………..? think about it…is a compulsive buy,
    buy originals one of a kind, make it yourself a good skin cost 200 $ buck’s.
    does it have gold in it….? a computer in it to tell you you’re fabulous….not!

  • Vicky

    :razz: I don’t like any exotic skin bag.


    I think its quite disgusting that a reptile has been skinned for a bag how vain are we soon the way we are going there will be no animals left we are going the way of the dinosaurs they trophy hunt in africa there are only 700 gorillas left in the wild the ocean is being polluted then we have idiots who want bags made out of exotic animals

  • purselover

    Please don’t be ignorant and don’t buy crocodile handbags.
    Companies usually buy the skin from farms where Crocodiles are often caught with huge hooks and wires and reeled in when they drown or become weakened from blood loss. A PETA undercover investigator at one of these farms in Florida, Gator Jungle, documented workers? smashing animals over the head with aluminum baseball bats and cutting through their spinal cords with steel chisels and hammers. Some alligators remained conscious and in agony for up to two hours.

    Be chic not ignorant.

  • HelloKitty

    My beloved GF has this bag, and while I think the price is absurd and I’d never pay it, I do want to say that the bag is MUCH better looking in person. While I don’t think it’s stunning the way an 18,000 dollar bag should be, these photos don’t do it justice.

  • Kendra

    Too simple, but very pleasant. (fb)