Balenciaga City

There is this huge worldwide Balenciaga craze, and somehow I have never been part of it. It is not that I do not like Balenciaga bags, actually I like them quite much. I would go on to say I adore them even, as they are just my style. Is there a particular reason why I do not own one yet? I suppose the last few times we have been in NYC we had on our list to take a trip to Balenciaga, and we just never made it.

But our next trip to New York City will surely have a stop at Balenciaga and I will leave with a new BBag. Which one is not the question. Which color is the question. The color variety that Balenciaga churns out is so massive, so unbelievable, that it makes my super huge Crayola box look skimpy.

For one of the iconic Balenciaga styles, the soft vintage crafted lambskin looks sultry and stunning in black cherry on the Balenciaga City. The City is one of the most well-known designs from Balenciaga, and this color, well, I DIE! Love it. The deep black cherry is accompanied with aged brass hardware. The signature Balenciaga signs are evident; hand stitched handles, leather strings on zips, and leather framed hand mirror. Dimensions are 15” x 9.8” x 3.9”. Once I jump into Balenciaga, or even before my NYC trip, I know I will be coming to you all for suggestions! Buy the City through Balenciaga online for $1,295.

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  • el

    there’s a gorgeous dusty blue version of the bag that i saw at neimans – you might like it!

  • I’ve had several Balenciaga bags in my time – a city, a day, and a first. If you asked me what brand I was the biggest fan of, I’d say Balenciaga. To me, for being such an avant-garde design house, their handbag prices are still within the realm of possibility, they’re super lightweight, come in a rainbow of colors, and have lots of shapes for people that like different things about a bag’s structure. I’m not overly thrilled with their spring colors for ’09, but they come out with a bunch of new ones several times of year, so I’m not worried.

    I also rarely see other carry the bag, and it’s not covered in ostentatious logos. They have a signature style of hardware, but one must really be in to handbags to know what to look for. They’re sold few places, rarely online, and the best colors appreciate in value over time (and even less popular colors depreciate MUCH less than most brands). So, in short, I love me some Balenciaga.

  • Thistle

    That color is amazing!

  • KathGrace

    I love, love, love this bag

  • hns4ever

    This color is awesome! But then again, I love purple..!

  • wgs

    love the color…i like the hunter green version, if you don’t already have a green bag.

  • MizzJ

    It’s perfectly gorgeous! Get it now.

  • Grace

    love love love the bag and the color. Just like you Meg, I couldn’t decide on a color too. Hoping to head to NY this Christmas…and maybe I will come back home w/ a little gift for myself! ;)

  • Grace

    Btw…that bag is so HOT, that its already unavailable!

  • Anilu Magloire

    I die too!! I just might put this on my X-mas list.
    Not sure my DH will thank you though ;)

  • christy

    I love Balenciaga as well! I have the Giant work in anthracite. I think you should get a fun color. Because as you may or may not know. They do a color for a season sometimes they retire it. So if ya love it, get it :)

  • Merve

    Im a huge balenciaga fan. I love the designs, the prices, the hardware, the non labels. I own 2 of these bags, one in black and a larger one in creamy white. I know u guys have the whole no white after labour day thing going on but if any of you decide to get the white i would just like to warn you that the colour kind of acquires a yellow tinge after moderate use. Still nothing can put me off this handbag, especially since the large version is so huge but so light plus that little mirror they attach comes in so so handy!

  • LC

    I Love love love balenciaga!! I have only 1 giant city Bbag, and Would love to have this black cherry and the pink bubblegum Bbag for Christmas!!

  • Bri

    color still available…

  • Cindy

    Go for it Megs! Bbags are amazing! I own many different brands of bags, and I do love them all, but I always go back to my Bbags. I have acquired 7 of them in a little over a year. It is hard to describe the obsession with this brand, but once you own one there is no turning back – you will be hooked!

  • LA

    i’m planning to get a giant city this christmas from my parents. i suggest that you get a color that “POPS!” it’s a Bbag make sure people notice :) how about yellow or green, i checked your bag collection, you don’t have much green. just a suggestion :) enjoy your next purchase

  • serena

    I think once you buy this bag, you will just feel the need for a rainbow of colors. I like the bags because they do not weigh anything and they look so moneyed. There are bags that cost twice as much but look half as rich.

  • chloebagfreak

    OMG Megs! Get one! I am sooo in love with my Bals that I have 5 of them. I always get compliments especially on the purple shades- violet and sapphire. They are the most comfortable bags and I hardly wear my other brands now. I have Citys and a First.
    Let us know as soon as you get one! I bet it will look lovely on you:)

  • mm

    Oh, I too love this bag! Sooo many colors that I like, this one is one of them.

  • Otter

    Oh no!!!! I wish I had not see this. I must have this color. I bought the same bag in black from Barney’s last year and LOVE it. I am not one for garish colors and this black cherry is just dark enough for me. Pretty!!!!!!!! I may need to dip into my Rolex savings plan to grab a new bbag. Rats.

  • Balthus

    Love my Bal babies – got addicted a year ago or so. Now have twiggy, day, city, first, work in a rainbow of colors and of course black in both a city and a work but mine are all regular hardware. This season the Ruby (Rubisse) color is TDF – rich, creamy, matte, very saturated – like a real red red lipstick! You won’t stop at one I can assure you … enjoy! Go see Debbie Weiss at Saks Boca – she’s one of my Bal go-to Saks SA’s – it’s double points & EGC right now :)

  • aillae

    The one of the many reasons why I love Bal is purely because of their leather. When I first laid my hands on it at my local Nordstrom, just picking it up and caressing it, is when I began to fall in love with their bags. It is just so incredibly soft and smooshy I literally died. It was the most amazing leather I ever felt. It was just… amazing.

    And now my hands are aching to touch that leather again, but alas, I cannot afford it. I’m not a fan of the overall style of the bag, but the leather won me over. I also adore all the color choices too. It’s too bad I’ll never be able to own one though.

  • xiara

    I own it in blue, it’s a kind of blue that never bores me!

  • tt

    I am going to get a bright yellow one next week in seems like not too many people like the yellow.don’t know why?does anyone like the yellow here?I just love that color!!and It will be my first Bbag,soo exciting!!The only problem is I am pretty one,the city might be big for me.Well, I might get a first later,yeah^^

  • tt

    ahah,i mean pretty short….also pretty^^

  • beth

    i love the Balenciaga bag. just picked one up for my mom’s birthday

  • Janne

    Well Megs, I now hold you personally responsible for me spending waaaay too much money on yet another handbag! After seeing your post I knew I just had to get one. Just picked up the green City (I think it’s called Thyme green – sort of bottle green) in London this weekend. It’s absolutely fabulous – go get one, you’ll love it!

  • Char

    is this colour black cherry?????
    is it possible to buy it now ?

  • lovingbags

    Love balenciaga though I still havent own one till now. I like the electric blue so much the color is so authentic.. i want to purchase it!!! is it true that every season that balenciaga will come up with new colors and stop making the old ones?

  • garbo_bleu

    this is a rich, gorgeous color! of course, is there bbag that isn’t gorgeous?

  • myheartsun1204

    I love this color!!
    what’s the name of this color?

  • Kendra

    Amazing color, ya, what is the name of this bag? Do they still sell it? (fb)

  • Gen

    The bag you link to is 1445, which is the correct price…
    I have it. It’s fabulous.