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  • Gigi

    Looks like a cheap Clare V.

    • JKNY

      I don’t even know what that is. And I don’t think I care to find out.

  • Passerine

    Don’t like the shape — too long. Don’t like the patterns — looks like something from TJ Maxx clearance rack. And definitely don’t like the price! At best, it’s an overpriced beach bag — and if I were buying a beach bag I’d get something colorful and inexpensive from a Fair Trade store. Sorry, fail.

  • Evelyn Roos

    I like the small version in leather, however I do think that this bag is like a statement, it’s weird, looks cheap, but somehow makes you think about it.

  • TheModMazza

    Leave it…. such an epic failure.

  • Lola

    Looks terrible… I wish balenciaga the best of luck under this guy

  • Sandy

    Wow, I would not even pick it up to leave it somewhere, the version with the stripes looks like a bag you get free with your cosmetic purchase!!!

    • FashionableLena

      Not that I look at it again, you’re right. I remember a striped one from Clinique or Estée Lauder.

  • Tinsley Proust

    Just makes me think of a reusable shopping tote. Not my favorite.

    • Donnamcreamer1

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    • dinabobina

      a g r e e!!

    • psny15


  • Kristen

    hates it

  • FashionableLena

    Leave it. I would need to see it in person, but it looks like one of those 99 cent reusable bags you get at the Marshalls check-out line. It also doesn’t look very well-made. Eh…not a good first impression.

  • Camila

    Horrible. I miss Nicolas Ghesquiere

    • Maya


  • Lina Lee

    I’m sorry is kind of ugly….so I will say leave it.

  • JH

    These bags are horrible and look like cheap plastic. Definitely a leave it decision.

  • Karisma

    Please leave it!

  • Sara


  • Yoshi1296

    I liked his Ready-To-Wear for Balenciaga but these bags are pretty bad…I could just go to Chinatown and pick one of these up for a much better price. I’m sure many of Balenciaga’s clients in Asia are having a good chuckle at this.

  • Sparky

    This is so bad we shouldn’t even be discussing it.

    • psny15

      Hahaha so true

    • LadyB

      True :)

  • c.Miller

    LOVE! I ordered the multicolor small size but am debating if I should go with the medium instead. The XL runway is amazing but not so practical!

  • Tang

    Awful. Looks like some Made in China bags used by country bumpkins in China circa 1980s.

  • Jess

    I’m not spending money like that on THAT. Sorry. I’ll go to Target to buy my beach tote.

  • Yazi

    In Thailand, nylon bags exactly like this are sold for a dollar or less. I am flabbergasted that Balenciaga would approve this design.

  • kemilia

    After looking at the runway link, these remind me of the giant IKEA shopping bags, which I already have one of those (somewhere). My thought is this is an attempt at Bal having their own “neverfull” and it is a total fail.

  • memsy

    Horrible! I wouldn’t even buy it if it cost $20.

  • psny15

    it looks like a re-usable 2 $ shopping tote but lets give the new designer a chance to find their feet

    • Adrianarlopez3

      <<hp. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????::::::!ir259m:….,……

  • Geddes Nevis

    Ewwwww…… Go away. Horrible bags.
    Horrible price!

    • What makes the price horrible? It’s a big leather bag by Balenciaga. My smaller Balenciaga laptop bag was $1,350. And the laptop bag, although lovely, doesnt feel nearly as “exclusive” as these Bazar Bags. It does take money to have the thing with limited availability. Of course you can always buy one of those cheap plastic bags for less. But I don’t carry plastic bags. And they don’t say Balenciaga.

  • chae

    what a disaster….

  • SH

    I think they obviously try to make it look like a reusable shopping tote, which is really cool. And I think this will be an IT bag for fashionistas, but not for the regular woman or man in the street. I like it though. It is something totally different from bags we’ve seen before, which is cool. I like that they’re creative in their own way (not looking like every other bag), but at the same time playing on the well known shopping tote. I don’t think this will be a best seller though. They are being different – creative, and that is really neat if you ask me.

    • I definitely can see this on the streets during NYFW. I still am not a fan though.

    • Divnanata

      I agree that they tried to be ironic and that the street style stars will or already are all over this style but I think the design should have incorporated something to distinguish itself from the banal disposable totes. Maybe if it had some sort of luxurious trimming or ? I’m not a purse designer. Compare it to how Uncle Karl made his grocery store bags…

      • Justice J. Srisuk

        There are many little detailing methods that could improve the bags. First, get rid of all the striped ones.
        Then, maybe a pair of buckles on each of the handles. Perhaps where the “Balenciaga” logo is could be replaced with an engraved metal plaque. Even then it would be a copy of Balenciaga’s cable bags from a few seasons ago – but it would still be a vast improvement over these cheap-looking, vinyl-textured bags.

      • Why stop there? Tack some fringe on, add a chain shoulder strap, remove the colors altogether, and just make it brown. Oh wait, because then it would be devoid of its personality, and the entire punch-line would be lost. People on here are not “getting” the joke. It happens to me with other bags I own. When strangers come up to me at bars in response to my “sales bag”-inspired mini tote, and ask what I bought at Moschino, I reply “This thousand dollar calf leather tote.” Then they always want to touch it, and since it’s white, I say no and walk away. Come on folks, if you’re not in on the joke, the joke is on you.

      • JKNY

        The main difference: IT’S LEATHER and IT SAYS BALENCIAGA.

  • YeahNo?

    Just no..

  • Kate

    One of those black hole bags. I would spend all day looking for my car keys at the bottom of that thing. It’s not for me.

    • THIS is an absolutely valid critique. It is extremely big and boxy. And as a shopper tote kinda guy, I am familiar with the bottomless pit scenario. But I still love this bag and plan to buy it next week. The colors are rich like paint, and with any luck the size will make me look thinner by comparison! :)

  • crescent

    The plain one looks better. The striped ones look terrible.

    • The plain one was likely designed for traditional folks who are limited in their ability or just plain scared to play with colors and styles that feel unfamiliar or unsafe. I can actually think of a dozen ways to rock this bag and convey “luxury” at the same time.

  • dinabobina

    no no no

  • totoran

    Already I have read several articles about these bags…. http://www.bangkokpost.com/learning/work/891628/fashion-thai-rainbow-bag-scores-big
    What a shame..

  • LittleLisa

    Leave it!! It looks like the $1 reusable grocery totes they sell in the check out lines. Horrible

  • Maya

    Definitely leave…looks cheap…

  • NotAmused

    Are we still debating these bags ? This is definitely a “Leave it ”
    Rather than waste a $1000 + to buy this bag, I would recommend donating to a worthy charity :)
    I can get you a dozen or more from West Africa for less than $25, LOL !!!
    All I need to do is contact the wonderful tomato/rice sellers. They are known as “GHANA MUST GO” bags .
    Nice rip off Balenciaga

  • Sharon Macklin

    Terrible…go to Madewell for a more attractive basic leather tote! At 1/10th the price!

    • Not to sound dramatic, but I would sooner kill myself than purchase a “basic” leather tote from Madewell. And I would need to be black-out drunk to seriously entertain fashion forward advice from someone who frequents Madewell.

  • Camila

    Run from it!

  • Leaving it outside… on trash day

  • laura

    I can’t believe this bag even exists. It’s not attractive and too overprices. I love Balenciaga but this a total FAIL…

  • Toni

    Hate it as well. Another bag I’m not spending the money on. Ick!!

  • If you’ve been to Hong Kong… you’ll know what I mean….

  • jenjen

    I can’t decide if its the bag quality or the poor product shots that is making this bag look so cheap.

  • LadyB

    Unlucky enough to have seen it in person yesterday. My first thought was: why on earth would they do that??
    Also, didn’t Vuitton do something similar a few years back?(Btw, i didn’t like it then either)
    Simply bad taste

  • Susan

    Leaving….actually running in the opposite direction.


    • LadyB

      Hahahaha!! May o join you? :)

  • Lynn Z

    So who’s copying who now?

    If I feel like an angel I’d go get the super economical ones sold everywhere from Ikea to China Town. If I’m feeling a bit posh I’d get me some FREITAG.

    Bottom line is, I’d most certainly not get a Balenciaga regardless of the fact that these bags are made of leather.

    • LadyB


  • Looks like cheap rip-off of Balenciaga Phileas tote.

  • LadyB

    saw it a couple days ago instore, and thought:”WHY?”.
    Why would they do that. Whatever they try to tell us, artistic creativity, fashion, trying (too hard) to be different(and anyway, Vuitton did something identical years back), we all know the main thing is to actually sell these bags. good luck to that, unless they rely on the ordes of loud people with bad taste and loads of money to trow away… the plain navy version isn’t too bad to look at, but I still wouldn’t wear it. Looks uncomfortable and too heavy…

    • JKNY

      “Bad taste”? Jewel tones = bad taste? How limited is your wardrobe? I say that if you can’t find at least a few reasons/places in your life to carry a colorful leather bag like this then the problem ISN’T THE BAG.

      • LadyB

        I own plenty of colourful
        bags, thank you so much, no need to insult people here, we are simply commenting on a single bag, that I am not alone in disliking, and I am certainly not the first one here to find tacky. there’s space for evryone in fashion, we are not all the same….

      • I totally agree that there’s no need to use insults. And in all sincerity, I guess a part of me felt “insulted” by the use of the phrase “bad taste.” (Words like “good” and “bad” in general are tricky and I try to avoid them.) I actually hate that I was that sensitive. But also I just want to say that men have such a limited selection compared to you ladies, and if you’re someone like me who is so hungry for luxury products that aren’t basic black or grey, you eventually become overwhelmed with gratitude and compliments toward the few crumbs that get tossed your way. In other words, please don’t shame labels into not experimenting with color and design, because then I’ll forever be scouring the internet for that bold gem in a shape (usually square or rectangular) that doesn’t scream “woman” but forced to endure page upon page of black backpacks/laptop/messenger bags. I used to thank Jesus for Coach’s not-so-special men’s Mercer tote when I discovered it came in… brace yourself… dark green. Navy blue was for years my “leopard print.” I do trust that you have a wonderful and fun wardrobe — but I hope now you understand a bit why I’m so easily frustrated by a barrage of negative comments toward the one thing that finally checks all my boxes. :) and this just fyi is the one I WILL be getting! :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/03043a622734d08817c667257eb908c19e9c34d87bbe27fd32799b6d629fc558.png

  • Justice J. Srisuk

    For some reason, the finish on the leather and the stitching makes it look cheap and lacklustre. Bring back Alexander Wang, IT’S NOT TOO LATE.

    • Are you familiar with the very definition of lackluster? It means bland, lifeless, tame. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion (even when defining a word) but as a society haven’t we generally accepted bright shiny colors as the OPPOSITE of lackluster?

  • heybaglady

    I actually like the mod, pop art looking striped leather ones, especially the larger sized totes from the runway pics in the linked page, but can see how they would have a limited appeal for most, as well outlined in many of the comments. Wearability might be most suited to the young arty type, perhaps?

  • Vicky

    To be frank, in a smaller size like this, the stripe one is kinda cute, but the thing it’s referencing to is not really my thing. The solid colored one seems to be ok. If I have a boatload of money, maybe I’ll get the solid colored one, but since I’m not, I’m won’t get it then.

  • JKNY

    I just have to say that I wasn’t even aware of this bag (which btw is leather, not nylon) until yesterday when I decided to kill time at Barney’s. I know that I have a very fun colorful “Fendi bag bug” approach to the bags I carry (see attached pic), but I was drawn to the medium size multicolor Bazaar Bag from way across the sales floor. It was sitting on a shelf, singing my name. (I also love a shopper tote because, as a man, it’s one of the more relatively speaking socially acceptable styles for me to carry — not that social norms ever stopped me from carrying a mini handbag!) But overall, and having only read one other comment here which was quite critical, I feel the need to say: “approve.”

  • Nico

    Maybe I WANT to look cheap! it’s really fun & love the high/low combo thing…I don’t think it’s so different from hippie lux as a concept. I find it fresh, FASHION FASHION FASHION…this is hot so get ready

    • Been ready!! And thank you for this comment which resonates with me 100%. When I do it, I affectionately call it “tacky-chic.” I think it’s fun to play with identity and confuse the crowd a bit. Am I wearing a pink Karlito because I think it’s beautiful, or because im a slave to the Kardashian way of life? Did some sugar daddy buy it for me??? Or am I making a statement about gender norms? Or am I just supporting my beloved Fendi the way one supports and patronizes “the arts.” Most times I actually just enjoy watching a little kid tell her mom she also wants one. Followed by awkward eye contact between me and mom, because we both know that’s not happening.

  • Aysha Reme

    I was surprised when I saw these at the boutique the first time, I was thinking how can this work? Then the bag grew on me, I have bought the blue, black stripes one in S size, the bag itself is well made and beautiful, spacious and light to carry, I love it so much, only people who loves fashion SO madly will pull this off lol I am a fashion photographer and I’ve been in the fashion industry for more than 10 years, this works only if you are willing to look different. Still it’s not for everyone but if you give it another look you might actually love it, the leather is gorgeous, distress leather, makes the bag heavy duty bag and great for traveling even though a lot of people won’t get it LOL

    • I’m thinking about this bag but just wondering if S fits a Macbook Air 13″? Thank you

  • Stephanie Landry

    These are really growing on me! They’re not really for everyone. But I’ve seen some great street style shots with them- the slouchiness is actually great in person. They’re not really meant to be an everyday basic bag. Great for someone who’s into design, and maybe dresses a bit edgier, or wants something more collectible. It’s defining a “more disposable income” item LOL