This post is do overdue, it’s not even remotely funny. About freakin’ time I got myself together to compile the best Balenciaga bags for Spring/Summer of ’05. What I didn’t know until recently is that Balenciaga actually uses naturally distressed goat leather that gives the bags the slouchy, unique and ultra chic look that everyone loves and adores. Every female celebrity that comes to mind has one, but more about that later. Let’s show some bags and colors:

Balenciaga City Motorcycle Bag Pewter
Balenciaga City Motorcycle Bag in Pewter – highly limited version and indefinitely unattainable.

Balenciaga City Motorcycle Bag Verde Green
Balenciaga City Motorcycle Bag in Verde Green – £720 at Brown’s Fashion. Inquire directly about availability.

Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag Pink
Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag in Pink – £660 at Brown’s Fashion. Also, inquire directly about their availability.

Balenciaga Mini Twiggy Teal
Balenciaga Mini Twiggy in Teal, absolutely my favorite color – £515 through Brown’s Fashion. As of now, available in Sky Blue.

Balenciaga Classique Noir
Balenciaga Classique in Noir – $995 through Definitely call them up, they don’t update the Balenciaga store page as frequently as they should.

Balenciaga Suede Sac Bag
Balenciaga Suede Sac Bag in Grey – $1050 through

Eye candy got you thinking? A word of advice to you – due to the nature of intense demand, there is so many shops online claiming to sell the real deal, and yet only offering cheap knock-offs. My advice: If someone offers you a 100% authentic Balenciaga for half the retail price, forgetaboutit. Stay away from Ebay, 99% of the sold bags are faux. Best bet are either Balenciaga brick’n mortar stores, malls like NM or Saks, or Balenciaga-certified online retailers, such as mentioned Brown’s or Aloha Rag. Don’t get ripped off.

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  • Jan

    Is this a hoax? What is to like about these bags? What does one wear with these bags? They seem hideous 80s-retro to me. Admittedly, I am not a fashion plate, so maybe I’m missing something.

    • katy

      these bags are gorgeous! i have one on brown the motorcycle one and i love it! i think it is so nice goes with everything real good quality bag that is not plastered with a designer print. whats not to like?!

  • Andrea

    do all balenciaga bags have the same lampo lighting zippers, or do only certain styles?? I am curious about the motorcycle bag. please help

  • billyjoe

    i hate these! the green one looks like slime!

  • Mags

    I absolutely LOVE the Balenciaga motorcycle bag…

  • Qpid

    I just purchased a Chocolate Brown Twiggy… absolutely love it!!! It’s such a quality and practical handbag… and what sets Balenciaga handbag apart is its edgy style….

    LOVE IT, absolutely love it. love it so much I can’t wait to get another one!

  • Jennifer

    I admit, in the beginning I had no idea what made Balenciagas so popular. After buying a green classic I KNOW why! They’re great!

  • My 3 Little Monkeys

    I’m curious too about the Lampo zipper. I own a Chloe’ Paddington and got it because it was the “in” thing to get and I absolutely hate how heavy it is!! I’m considering the black balenciaga and the teal twiggy ~ Oh and does anyone ever answer these questions?? Thanks! :)

  • datsun

    I recently purchased a black Balenciaga Motorcyle Dix for $300. I love it, but it does not have the slouchy look and is definitely not made of goat skin, although it is leather. Is mine a fake? Or did Balenciaga release a cheaper version for the non-celebs among us? I am so confused, and cannot find any info about this. Can anyone clear this up for me?

    • Sara

      Sorry, all Balenciaga bags are made of naturally distressed goat leather…there are no cheap versions of Balenciaga!

  • response

    it’s fake… sorry to burst your bubble…

  • sam

    are the balenciagas at sites like the real deal? because theyre cheaper than the store, and i really want to get one.

  • stacy

    they are the real deal. it’s an amazing site.

  • giantmeow

    i just purchased a red weekender and it’s drop-dead gorgeous but i’m not sure if i would look ridiculous using it as an everyday bag because of its huge size. any thoughts?

  • aquaeyez

    Does anyone know?? I see the balanciaga twiggy bag selling on ebay. Listers say they’re brand new and authentic, but they sell for less thatn $200. Is this possible? To me, a knock-off is what you can find from nyc stree venders — are there also high quality knock offs? Is that what I’d be buying? Any idea how to tell? (I see the lampo zippers etc in the photos.) Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • jess98

      do not buy ANYTHING designer from ebay…. i have tried to be very careful and ask the right questions and I know a fake but it has been such a nightmare with ebay…. everything is fake and not even very good fakes at that!

      • notabagaddict

        Sorry but a friend bought a twiggy bbag and took it to Barney’s to authenticate and it was original as can be! Price was $ 450….

      • tina

        Where did your friend buy it?

      • kittygirl

        I’m sorry but I truly believe there are real bags sold on ebay from normal everyday gals, example situation your boyfriend got you this great bag(completely) real you were at the store with him) and they you break up and you want to get rid of any possessions that reminds you of him. Could happen to anyone, I know because some lucky gal got an insane deal from me on ebay!
        Just make sure you research before purchasing and check to see if paypal insurance will cover it.

    • sam

      i don’t understand people i really don’t, thay want to pay the cheapest possible for a exclusive designer bag which will never happen. I must say never!!!!! so these people see a good copy similar and still want to buy it for way less than the price and want to know if it is the real deal. If you can afford thousands of dollors then go and buy the real one if not settle wit a good copy, and act stupid asking is this real for a few hundered dollors.

  • sam

    i cant say exactly how to tell besides the zippers…but yea people buy $200 fakes on ebay..for some reason, instead of cheaper ones. check feedback, see if they have alot of pictures and the leather looks genuine and stuff like that. im tryna figure it out also.

  • coco

    how do you know that the bags from sites like are really real..? cause i really want one

  • Marcia

    Efashionstore sells fakes. I don’t know where they and those moda sites get off selling fakes for retail or more. There is only one place online you can get authentic bbags ( All other places require you call them to place an order or email them for an order form. No bag on ebay is real if it’s selling for too much under retail.

    • Doug

      That’s not true. I sell designer bags – authentic bags on ebay all the time for way less than you can get them in the stores. I have everything included with the bag to show that they are authentic and have had no complaints. I sell $1300 gucci bags for $399 and still make a profit. They are real – like it or not!

  • Jackie

    There’s another place on the web that sells real Balenciaga, but you must call or email for info.

  • Melissa

    I bought a replica balenciaga handbag from this little shop in woop woop sumwhere….the bag is made of real leather and a spitting image of the real thing…It was only $60 and no one can tell the difference. The brand is Endless Spirit…it is the best bag i’ve eva bought…i’m IN LOVE

    • Susan

      I understand you want a bag that looks fashionable and edgy like the Balenciaga, which prompted you to buy a replica for a great deal.
      But I’d like to inform you that when you purchase a fake designer handbag, you are financially supporting the crimelords who enslave and chain 8 year old children in factories day in and day out. These children sleep on cold, hard floors in the factory and are chained to their machines so they do not run away.
      When you purchase their merchandise, you are supporting a very sad and violent and desolate cause.
      Please keep this in mind and spread the word to your girlfriends.
      If you want more information email Tyra Banks at her show…. It was on her show that I learned of this.

  • Melissa
    • melissa

      :wink: i bought an endless spirt bag too. i love it but the balenciaga ones are much nicer. seriously people just go for the splurge, its such a nice bag, i seriously must have ten balenciaga bags they are so nice. GO FOR THE SPLURGE

    • Erin

      Can you get that brand online I LOVE LOVE it email me if you know where to get one

  • jess

    Omg…thats totally hot…its looks like the real thing….i can’t believe it was onli $60…it even slouches like the real balenciaga’s…I’m so…i’ve onli seen the cheap $20 from k-mark and target and they are gross…

  • Jax

    Oh wow! Those are cute! And they look real. Good Job.

  • um
  • AdoreVintagedotcom

    Oh gosh, Wal-Mart has a knock off and I bet it’s just awful!

    I love the simple black Balenciaga’s and the teal. The teal is such a gorgeous color!

  • dana

    so… i just bought a white twiggy off ebay for 220… i have yet to actually pay but it has lampo zippers, the authenticity plate, and looks soo real… is it still possible that its such an amazing fake? someone pleeease answer before i actually buy

  • Nikla

    They are probably mirror image replicas which are so close to the original they are undetectable by anyone who does not work for balenciaga. Have you tried and type in balenciaga–you will see many replicas but they sell for $100-200

  • Kim

    so Ive been trying despretely to figure out which color to purchase in the Balenciaga motor cycle bag, other than black. Im a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. Any suggestions??

  • Jacqui

    Kim maybe you should get a bright colour it will REALLY stand out and you’ll get lots of comments. Trust me! And if u can get a copy of a Balenciaga that looks real buy it! If anyone asks tell them it’s real. I got a silver copy for $20 from Tightrope and i get so many comments on it

  • Toni

    I love the sky blue color….it will look great with a pair of jeans! I get compliments all the time with mine. :)

  • tammy

    Just got the pink motorcycle and desperately want to know if it real or fake. How can I tell?

  • baxter

    I found a used Balenciaga on ebay months ago, purchased it for about 1/2 retail and the seller never sent the bag!!!! From the photos I know it was the real deal. I just recieved a partial refund the other day from ebay, but it didn’t cover the loss…I’m never using them again unless the seller is totally one of those power seller status people. BUT, I really still want a Balenciaga. I figure a really good fake is worth paying about 200 or 300, if it’s leather, but the seller should let you know it’s not authentic. I’m willing to invest in a good bag and pay for the name, so I’d rather know where to go to get one.

  • Dani

    Tami, where did you get the bag? There are very few places online that sell authentic bags, and there are sooo many “mirror image” replicas out there it’s hard to tell unless you really know what you’re looking for. None of the replicas I’ve seen have been able to duplicate the leather, very distressed, soft, thin, and light. Plus aside from all of the usuals that they seem to copy alright now, like hardware and lampo zippers, look at the quality of the stitching, it should be very even and precise, the lining should be a nice black cotton fabric, the inside zipper, and all their zippers, have some type of tassle on it. Most of the leather ones in the regular colors so to say made in the past 1 1/2 or 2 years or so should have the antiqed brass color hardware, there are some variations, but I would not expect to purchase a brand new 2006 model in a black, white, green or blue leather with anything other than the brass colored hardware. Then there is the authenticity card, tag and extra tassles, I’ve seen a lot of fakes copy this, it really isn’t that hard, but one thing I’ve noticed is that all the real bags have black string with a safety pin on the end hanging from the tag, I see a lot of fakes with white string and no safety pin, not sure how this correlates but I am 99.9% sure the white string is a give away to a fake bag too….

    • San San

      Thank god.. i just bought a red twiggy and was so scared it was a fake.. but then i checked all the criterias that u mentioned..thank god mine has a black string with a safety pin on the end of the hanging tag.. really thank god.. what does the authentication tag look like? i just wanna confirm.. thanks.

  • Sue has tons of Balenciaga bags. Do you think these are real? I have the hardest time figuring out real and fake even when they’re side by side. help!

  • tiff

    how do you pronounce balenciaga?

  • Dani


    • ms

      its ba-len-chi-aga. italian. :grin:

      • Stacy

        If it were Italian, it would be pronounced ba-len-chaga, not ba-len-chi-aga. It’s Spanish (founded by Cristobal Balenciaga in San Sebastian, Spain, to be exact), so it’s ba-lan-see-aga (ever-so-slight lisp on the “see”).

      • Sara

        no, it is bah-len-see-aga…he was Spanish.

  • Jill

    Melissa~ How do I find “Endless Spirit”? I typed that in a search engine & also but nothing related to these balenciaga handbags comes up. Can you help?!
    thanks so much!!

  • Jill

    Jacqui~ Can you direct me on the “tightrope” where you got your silver handbag? I’m not super internet savvy–but when I tried to look it up–nothing related came up! Thanks so much!

  • Jacqui

    Tightrope is a shop in australia in major shopping centres. I got mine a while ago though so they may not have any more

  • Rita Frigieri

    ho 2 boutiques nel centro storico di Carpi(Mo)e gradirei conoscere meglio la vostra linea di borse per un’eventuale futura collaborazione. Vi chiedo quindi di contattarmi anche per telefono al n°059/687380

  • Kacey

    I have a what I’m almost positive, is a “mirror image” replica. I got it on eBay last year and it’s gorgeous (real, distressed slouchy leather, cosmetic mirror, authenticity tag, etc.) and I use it all the time…my problem…one of the screws fell off and I have no idea how to get it fixed. I obviously can’t take it to Balenciaga. What should I do?? HELP PLEASE!!!

  • Cindy

    Are all bags sold by fakes, or do they have any authentic designer bags? Please clue me in, I think I’ve been had.

  • chloe

    Be very careful who you deal with on ioffer. make sure take pay pal or bid pay, just in case. I got burned once. Never order from Asia either..most are a rip off. Right now I want a balenciaga in sea foam, very hard to find.

  • Amy

    I have the same problem!! Does anyone know where to get the balenciaga bag screws????

  • Steve is a Fake. The website has been shut down and he made off with all the people that got screwed!!!

  • Sasa

    Hi everyone! I bought a balenciaga 2 days ago,the medium size in black in ebay. I just received it today and I´m really happy with it.
    It looks gorgeous.It´s all in a soft leather. It comes with the controllato, the mirror, the silver plate with the serial number.It´s quite difficult to not think that is a copy!!! I just want u to see it to tell me ur opinion about the autenticity. I mean…I know that should be fake althought the seller puts 100% original but it´s really cute!…Thanks!
    Have a look!

  • hatethegutsofpeoplelikesasa

    this add is as cheap as your handbags, mr or mrs sasa, how dare you use and abuse a site like this for your cheap bags imported from bloody asia… bugger off!

  • Kiki

    If it seems too good to be true, you can be absolutely sure that it is!!!!

  • sasa

    Im quite surprised…I bought the bag to a girl from Spain; nothing to do with Asia, the page as u can see is in spanish. I dont know where she bouth it but I paid in euros and my receipt is in spanish. I dont know what u mean when u say that. I just wanted ur opinion, thats all!!!
    and…I´m a girl thanks…

  • sasa

    Anyway… I´m so sorry for the trouble

  • MariaPosa

    I love these bags!!! I got two on myown and I’m planing to by an other one…
    If you want a classic, fancy handbag I suggest you join the club. This is a bag you never will regret buying!!

  • peter

    Dear sales,

    Am Peter Ben and I will like to place an order with you and have themshipped to my store in the destination below kindly advise if you can bleto ship down to my destination so that i can able to advise of productsneeded and quantity needed and my payment method shall be via my Credit

    Shipping Address:
    Lagos – Nigeria

    I Will be looking forward to do business with you in the nearest future.

    Kindest Regards


  • rachelann

    haha. guess what i have!! The city motorcycle in PEWTER! call it slime if you like- but its my slime!

  • ashley

    Not sure which size is which on the motorcycle. Can you gals help me? The one I bought is 13 x 7.5 x 3″. Is that the city? What’s the difference between city and classic? The other size I’m seeing is 15 x 10 x 5″. Which is a better size? I bought it on Ebay, for 1/2 off retail. This guy looks really legit. Check it out…

  • kasey

    ok, once and for all, is legit? are they real balenciaga like the ones at Barneys or are they copies? has anyone purchased or know the answer? i am considering buying from this site, and i will be grossed out by a fake…

  • sab

    sasa, whether it’s fake or not, i think your bag looks nice. cheers.

  • sasa

    Thank u sab! I´m really happy with it…even if is a copy is a leather one…I´ve got plenty of space for my things and it doesn´t look that big…matchs with everything…can I ask for more? jajaj
    Thank u!

  • Bee

    I ‘ve seen the real one and the fake one before. It’s really diffecult to tell only the leather is difference. The copy one has everything as the original lampo zip, mirror , the silver palte including the code etc. depends on the quality of the bag they made. I live in Asia, trust me so many people came here look for the copy to sale in their country, so that’s doesn’t help. Cheers!

  • nikki

    i work for Balenciaga and let me just say that we do not, under any circumstances, sell any bags online..not even through stores. There is an exclusive and maintained clientele base, and unless you purchase them at a store, you are buying a fake (there are lots of fakes out there because they are made VERY limitedly). Don’t waste your money, people!

  • Dani

    Sasa, I took a look at your bag, and I have to say I do think it is a mirror image. When a bag has all the “traditional” markings it’s so hard to tell by a picture if it’s authentic. To me it looks like a nice quality copy, but….. it looks like the hardware is silver, is it? Because if they are passing this off as a 2005 or 2006 bag, the hardware should be more of an antique brass….some older ones had a silvery hardware, which I think many of the mirror images have gone with….

    I have very strong feelings about copies, especially when they are sold claiming they are authentic. But if the price was right for you and you are happy with the bag, it does seem to be a nice one.

  • Dani

    Nikki, I know the one store that has been mentioned on this site, Aloharag in Hawaii, you can go on their website just to get an idea of their stock, but you can not purchase the bag online, so I know you are absolutely correct in this aspect. This is a real boutique in Hawaii, I’ve been there and they sell authentic merchandise. I think people mentioning the website may mislead others to believe you can purchase balenciaga from them on line, but you can not make the purchase online, though other designers they sell you may be able to. Which leads me to say, that is probably the BEST rule of thumb with Balenciaga, any website claiming they have a stock of Balenciaga bags to sell online can not possibly be authentic.

  • Kimberly

    I have been shopping for a Teal Balenciaga Medium bag and have had a hard time finding where I can purchase one. Like everyone else I’ve tried Ebay and other online sites (even the high-end department stores) but have not been successful. Most on Ebay and other discount websites seem to be fakes especially if that’s all they sell (if they have 10 listed at once)! Thanks everyone for your info…it’s really helped!

  • Chanel Girl

    Hey girls! Omg! I love balenciaga!! Well, I’ve purchased a couple of beautiful balenciaga handbags: Black and Seafoam. Of course, NEIMAN MARCUS!!!! One black is small, which is cost $995 and other one is medium w/ seafoam, $1,195! I am thinkin about sell seafoam bag. I can reduce the price, probably around $800 or little bit less. If you are interested to buy my balenciaga bag in seafoam. Let me know. Thanks!!

    -Chanel girl

    • julie

      hey… can you send me pictures of the bag. i am interested in purchasing the balenciaga.

  • Dani

    Kimberly, what I usually do when I’m looking for a color is go to an authorized retailer like Neiman Marcus or Barnies. Usually you can get a sales girl to pull the line sheets for the seasons to show you what colors Balenciaga will release for the current or upcomming season. I find this helps me identify the real bags out there too. And for instance, I was looking for orange, which I believe they had released an orange in the past, but rather than look for it in resale and question if it’s a real bag because I can’t be 100% sure of the color/shade they released, I sat down with a sales girl (from which I’ve bought from before which does help) and she showed me that they were comming out with a great orange shade for the season that is currently in stores, I think it’s spring/summer 06…. she actually contacted me when they received the stock in the store. Maybe they’ll release a teal for the fall or winter seasons… can get a fake in any color you want almost, but the real ones only come out in certain colors for each season, this way you can be sure you get what you pay for.

  • Chloe

    Authentic Balenciaga bags are not available at on-
    line stores. There is Balenciaga boutique in NY,
    one in Paris. They are sold at Barney’s, some Neiman Marcus stores and some Saks Fifth Ave stores. They do not come with plastic wrapped on
    the handles, white string tags, extra tassels rolled up like a garden hose in plastic. The small size sells for $995 (Classique or Small)
    the meduim sells for $1195 (City or Medium) the
    large sells for $1275 (Work/Office or Large). Before you buy one on Ebay or anywhere else besides an authorized dealer, ask yourself why
    someone would be selling an expensive “Authentic”
    bag for $200-$500??? Great if they guarantee it’s
    authentic, how are you going to prove it’s not if
    you don’t live in NY or Paris? Don’t waste your
    money on a fake unless that’s what you are looking
    for. Hope this helps someone! :)

  • Dani

    Don’t forget there’s also the box @ $985, the twiggy @ I think$1095 but not 100% sure, and the day (slouchy hobo style) @ $995…. as far as I’m concerned a fake bag is essentially worthless so think about that before dropping hundreds of dollars on something that may be fake… least with an authentic bag you are getting what you pay for as described by the girl who says she works for Balenciaga, Nikki…..

  • meechee

    any idee on what are the websites that sell authentic balenciaga bag and it ship to singapore . kind of confused as there are websites trying to sell the fakes on as AUTHENTIC. troublesome as there is no balenciaga store in singapore and has to resorted to buying online. hope someone can help me.Thanks

  • Chloe

    Hi Meechee: Authentic balenciaga is not sold online
    at all anywhere. Call Barney’s in New York City
    or Beverly Hills and order it over the phone, they
    will tell you what colors and sizes they have available. They will ship it to you as well.
    Neiman Marcus in San Francisco will do the same.
    Hope this helps you!

  • Kimberly

    Thanks Dani and Chloe for all the advice. I live in Utah and we don’t have any stores that sell Balenciaga. I called and ordered one from Barneys….Can’t wait!!!! Thanks again!

  • Chloe

    Hi Kimberly: You will love the bag when you get
    it they are fantastic! So happy to have been able
    to help :)

  • Dani

    I’m so glad to hear you went through Barneys, you’ll love it, they really are great bags, I can’t wait to get another myself….

  • Alison
  • Dani

    Too good to be true!! These are mirror images, expensive ones at that….First of all, they are off on most of the regular prices!!!! These are not $2,000 bags ladies(like they reference some as being retail), sites like this do this to make it look like you’re getting a REALLY great deal on their “Authentic” fake $600 to $1,000 bags. All the balenciaga bags they are showing look to have silver hardware ( a few of the specialty bags they come out with may have silver but most of the leather ones have an antique bronze), they are calling them 2005 and 2006 bags but none of the colors are correct for these years, I can go on and on…..SAVE YOUR MONEY, they aren’t even referencing them with the correct names!!! they probably don’t even know what the real names and prices are, look above a few postings up, one of or the most expensive of this le dix or motorcycle series is the weekend ( I think around 1375 or 1395 I had one in my hands yesterday at Neiman Marcus but didn’t look at the price, though all of the sizes tend to be around $100 more as the size gets larger) FYI the bags in this series are usually referenced by style like the first, the city, the work, the weekend, the twiggy, the box, and the day, there are more smaller ones, but you can get the idea…..check out to look at pictures of the REAL THING…

  • Dani

    meechee, go on, they are an upscale boutique located on Oahu, HI, they will not sell the bags online, as far as I’m aware no authorized retailer may sell them online, but they have an availability list and phone number, I think they may ship to singapore so it’s worth a shot…..

  • maria

    mechee, you can try they’re a boutique in london,uk and sell balenciaga bags. however, you’ve to contact them for a list of what they’ve in stock. i’ve moved from london to montreal and since i couldn’t find balenciaga anywhere in montreal, i ordered mine from brown’s and they sent it to montreal via DHL. i’m not sure, but i think they do deliver to singapore.

  • maria

    hi again mechee, just found out that there is an authorized balenciaga retailer in singapore. the telephone number 65 67338270. i’ve also just discovered that there’s one in montreal too :P.


    hi there –
    does anyone know what a TOD’S original looks like? i just received one as a gift and don’t know if it’s a knockoff


  • Dani

    I have a couple tod’s bags, look on eluxury and to try to match up the styles and colors, that may help, they tend to change their styles a lot though….most of the fakes I’ve seen have been quite bad, so you can get an initial idea by the general quality, they are beautiful bags, very well made, very nice leather, but each style may use a slightly different leather so you can’t base it on a specific leather like balenciaga. I’m sorry I can’t think of any major thing that would tell you if it’s real or a really good knockoff.

  • Chloe

    Most of the Tod’s knock off’s have a small tag inside that says Made In China, believe it or not!
    It is tiny and down on the side seam of the lining
    you almost have to stand on your head to see it, but it’s there. Also the knock off’s tend to have
    longer shoulder straps or handles then the originals, if you look on one of the websites above you can compare. Hope this helps! :)

  • Dani

    That’s good to know, I’ve really never had my hands on a fake Tod’s bag…..Chloe, you seem to share a strong interest in nice bags like I do and know A LOT about many brands! It’s funny, where I live, I’m so close to NY and Philly, but very few of my girlfriends are into any of this stuff, which is fine, I don’t even talk to them about it and as far as they’re concerned any of the bags I carry could be from one of those handbag parties that basically sells stuff that you can get off Canal Street in NY for $20 for like $100…….I have no idea if you are familiar with NY but…..I kind of like that they don’t know how much this stuff costs and I don’t care about being admired for having any of it so I especially like that they don’t understand, but I rarely get to experience this appreciation for nice things with anyone else, that’s why I like these Blogs, I know other people appreciate these like I do……

  • Amy

    Where is the Balenciaga Boutique in NYC???

  • Chloe

    Hi Amy Balenciaga in NY is at 542 W. 22nd 212-206-0872 :)

  • Chloe

    Hi Dani: I am actually a hand bag and accessories
    designer. I really appreciate a beautiful bag too, the quality details are what make the bag!
    I travel between NY and LA all year. People don’t
    understand how important accessories are sometimes! Much more important then the actual outfit (or at least I think so) I agree these blogs are fun, I always hope I can help someone
    avoid getting a fake when they thought they were
    buying an authentic bag. :)

    • Barbara

      Hi Chloe, thank you for your comments on authentic handbags. Although my friends buy fake bags I absolutely refuse and I know when I carry a handbag it is real and worth every penny I paid for it. I just got back from Neimans where I bought a new Balenciaga bag in a pink Bubblegum color for the spring. It is so beautiful and I can’t wait to carry it.
      Also, I totally agree. It is so easy to match a dress from Target with a Balenciaga bag and Jimmy Choos and look like a million dollars, but if you try an expensive dress with cheap shoes and a cheap handbag, it looks cheap.

  • Dani

    Wow Chloe, that sounds like a wonderful career! Had I know what I loved when I was 18 picking a major in college I probably would have chosen a fashion industry major rather than science…..but I keep a job as a makeup artist on the side (I actually worked at Bendel’s for a bit which was fun, but not a career) and a good girlfriend of mine has a boutique that I help her buy for and make jewelery to sell. I agree, accessories are very important, if not the most important thing in a wardrobe! Plus you get a lot more use for your money so, I’d rather spend $1,000 on a bag than on a sweater…..of course if I could afford both that would be great……

  • shopaholic21

    hi Chanel girl
    is your seafoam balenciaga still for sale?

    if so id love to buy it.
    email me back at (with pics-if u have any!) if your interested in selling it to me!

  • Kym

    does sacbelle sell authentic Louis Vuitton?

  • sonia

    hi, melissa, please tell me what is the website where you bought your bag balenciaga motorcycle pink for just 60$.thanks a lot

  • baglover

    Can someone help me? I’ve notice some balenciaga bags have and extra piece of leather sewn at the top edge corners of the bag and some others don’t. For example in this page, the top metallic gray one at the top doesn’t have them, but the next one, the lime one, does. Can someone tell me why? Thanks girls :D

  • Dani

    The top silver one is the First and the green one is the City. They’re just two different styles, the First is the small size and then the City is the medium size. There are quite a few different styles/sizes in this general motorcycle category by balenciaga.

    And Kym, Authentic Louis is only available through or the Louis Vuitton store, and that’s it!

  • baglover

    Thanks Dani

  • baglover

    What should be the color of the hardware on these bags??????

  • Dani

    The most current bags in solid color leather should have and antiqued bronze color hardware, there are some variations for other non-leather models, like I saw a floral print material with leather trim @ neiman with bright silver hardware.

  • choi

    I bought a black middle motocycle bag from But it is so bad and a real fake.I was disappointed. So, I’m gonna return it with less 15% handling charge(almost $100).
    I think they are so smart! They are selling fake bags with very high price(even though cheaper than authenic one) and they can make money 15% of the purchase even though customer return it.
    I was stupid.
    I wish nobody spend money and time to buy and search those fakes. If you want real bag, I recommend you to use a well known shops such as Neiman Marcus, they also sell those through by phone. I just ordered new one at the Neiman Marcus.

  • Dani

    Yes, please listen to us when we say these websites are too good to be true. If you want the real thing, you have to go to an authorized retailer period! AND you can not buy these online, over the phone, YES, but not online. These fake bag websites sell these bags for VERY close to actual retail when they are worthless, some of them are not even leather. Trust us when we tell you this, don’t waste your time or money!

  • Jacqui

    Does anyone know where u can get a good lookalike large size balenciaga copy in Australia?
    i would buy the real one but im a student and dont have enough money

  • Jacqui

    Im looking for a large one big enough for school

  • chelsea

    how do you pronounce Balenciaga?

  • Catharine

    like Dani said, it’s pronounced bah-len-see-aga

    I love the Balenciaga bags, but don’t have the money. I bought a brown knock-off at Target (about $17 & not real leather) and I’ve been in love with it for the past few months, but now it’s kind of coming apart in places. I’m pretty dissappointed. I’m still happy I bought it, though. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it.

    Also, I saw a rather large blue knock-off at a Fossil store around Christmas time. I wish I had bought it, but it seemed too expensive at the time. I haven’t been able to find it online or anything. I really want it because, being Fossil, it should be of reasonable quality.

    I thought these bags would be “out” by now, but I’m still seeing pictures of celebrities carrying them- they’re everywhere! and in all different colors! Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan, the Olsens, Mandy Moore, Kate Bosworth, and- of course- Nicole Richie….

  • michelle

    i cant find this bag anywhere!!! except barneys but the colors there are so ugly!! where fuck do they sell this dumb bag????

  • Kym

    im wanting to buy a balenciaga motercycle bag for the summer but i already have a huge chloe paddington and mulberry roxanne so i was hoping for something a bit smaller. does anyone know what the smallest size of (genuine) motorcylce bag is please? Hope someone can help! xx

  • baglover

    Is the leather of the authentic bags shiny or matte? Thanks

  • shelley

    I can get any color Balenciaga bag for $250..Yes its a bit pricey BUT looks exactly like the real thing..Very soft distressed leather..Lampo zippers, metal balenciaga tag w/matching serial #..comes with mirror, extra shoulder strap, extra tassle, dustbag control card authenticty card.. I have the pink one and the teal, looking to get the brown =)

  • Sheila

    Where are you buying these bags, Shelley? Let us poor folks in on it. Are you buying them online? I’ve seen a few and been tempted but would rather buy from a website that someone else recommends.

  • Dani

    Hi Kym, I have seen a reallly cute pochette size with strap, pretty much the size of the popular Louis Vuitton pochettes…I also own the cosmetic clutch which is very similar but without the strap. I’ve seen them at Barney’s and Neiman Marcus, also check on, you can’t order online but they have a list online and you can call them for availability. If you are looking for something a little bigger than that the First really isn’t that large but still smaller than your chloe and mulberry….

  • Dani

    The leather currently is a little on the shiny side and very distressed, some of the colors almost remind me of being a little tie dyed. That said, I have seen some of the older leathers being more matte, one thing is for sure, the finish is not uniform so If you are looking at a balenciaga with a solid smooth shiny texture I would think it’s not authentic. Look on under accessories and bags, you can see pictures of the real thing which is probably easier than someone explaining it…..

  • shelley

    I get the bags from someone I know..if your interested email me what color you want and I will show you pics of what the bags looks like

  • fran

    u sell them shelley?

  • shelley

    noooo i just know who does

  • baglover

    Thanks Dani.

  • lena

    i am looking for a City bag in a medium to brown color. anyone know where or from whom i might find one.

  • shelley

    real or fake

  • erinschmerin

    any of you fab ladies looking to let go off a used authentic balenciaga?? i am a poor poor student willing to pay a discounted price off the original whooping price tag. is that worth it or should i just go to selfridges and get myself the real one?

  • Husniyyah

    Don’t purchase any handbags from their bags are all fake! I’m in the mix of returning one and I won’t be paying a restocking fee because they lied and said the bag was authentic.

  • Pronouncing

    it is a the SPANISH lastname of the designer house.

  • Tshell

    Hello there,

    Can anyone tell me what’s the name of the first (brown) and the third (wine) in this Yahoo Auction? I live in CA, and I’ve never seen them in Barneys before!

    Thanks girls!


  • childermass

    Please, could anyone give me any background-info (year of release, retail-price, colours, whatever) about the Balenciaga Aviator and Aviator Planet bags? They are unbelievably good, nothing like I have seen before. Just bought 2 on ebay today (1 goatskin, 1 grosgrain calfskin, with receipts from the Italian factory-outlet, at a rather good price!!) I searched Google but found nothing so far. Thanks.

  • Dani

    We’ve covered pronouncing many times…. the point of using an S instead of a C is the fact that the C is pronounced like an S when you correctly say the name. AND not only is it the design house name, it is the last name of the label originator, Cristobal Balenciaga, who by the way is no longer alive…..this label didn’t evolve with or just because of this bag….Current Balenciaga is noted at Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere, who took over designing for the house around 1997 I believe, and is responsible for these bags we love so much!!!

  • Dani

    TShell- the first one looks kind of like the shopper style, I had my hands on one in Neiman and then the girl showed me the line sheet for the upcomming season, I think it’s called the shopper but not 100% sure, it is a shopping tote style though, the red one looks like none I’ve seen although I haven’t seen the most up to date line sheets. THAT SAID THOUGH, they all look a little off to me regardless, the shopper I had my hands on just seemed different plus the second one that was blue/teal, looks like a city but too short, unless they just came out with a few new styles that I just haven’t seen yet……. I would be careful if I were you, they just don’t seem quite right…..

  • candygirl

    Hi- I know we’re talking about how bad knock offs are- and I’m totally all about authentic when I can- but for some of us , rent is just a little more important :) If you can find a good one- real leather but not from the designer house- then you’ve paid not only for a good bag, but basically for the image that you’ll have carrying one of these bags. It’s all about Swagger- If you talk the talk- then no one will challenge you. If you worry about it too much, people will assume you’re a fraud. Anyway- I have a Red Mirror and get tons of compliments on it so it’s doing what I paid it to do lol Lastly I know someone who sells them for $275- (where I got mine) pricey, but has all the kicks and does the job :) I wish it were cheaper, but I don’t have the direct contact. I go through someone else so I don’t have to worry about customs- Cheers

  • Dani

    I think it’s fine to have a good quality leather bag that has a similar look to the designer version at a reasonable price for the quality you’re getting, but don’t try to sell it as the real thing at nearly the same price as the designer version. That’s my biggest gripe! I think last year Fossil made a motorcycle bag that was beautiful, but they weren’t selling it as a balenciaga bag………

  • maria

    i agree with dani’s view above.

  • bewareofscammers

    everyone be careful of peeps offering to sell you a good copy bag but then sending you photos of “real” balenciaga bags to scam you into buying from her.

    and also people trying to sell you the “real” thing but in the photo, the handles have pastic wrappers on them.

    namely a seller offering the bags for $250 + P&P on this very blog.

  • I suggest you guy check out our Authenticate This section on our forum. You can get auctions or store items authenticated by helpful ladies.

  • Karen Maison

    I just bought a motorcycle bag in seafoam from someone here. I received it Friday and let me tell you.I can’t tell the difference from the real bags and neither can anyone else.I brought it to Neiman Marcus yesterday and they couldnt tell either.Real soft distressed leather..I LOVE IT!!.Id never buy a real bag when I can get the same exact look for less.

  • Confused

    hi recieved this as a gift … I am just wondering how i could tell if it was real or fake?

  • ardi

    Very needed information found here, thank you for your work

  • Jamie

    I bought medium City bag on Ebay that was sold as authentic for $400. I also contacted and They claim to sell authentic but they sell expensive fakes. I have been so obsessed with these bags that I went to Balenciaga to have it anthenticated and of course it is fake. I returned it to Ebay seller and was fully refunded because it was fraud. I then bought the real thing. If all you want is the look then buy fake. But I had to have a real one, I love it and its an investment with value.

  • couturevixen

    TO THOSE WHO WANNA KNOW IF YOUR BALENCIAGA IS A FAKE: Check the rings to which the tassles of the bag are attached to, it should be CONTINUOUS, (not even a teeny weeny gap, like those who are made from Korea or China). The loops to which your straps are attached to should be continuous as well. If it has a small gap (even if it’s so small, a piece of paper could fit on it, IT’S FAKE). Also, Balenciaga leather is soft. The fake ones are usually very stiff.

  • Karen Maison

    Just some information..The above statement from couturevixen is incorrect..I have a fake that have continuous rings AND has VERY soft, almost buttery distressed leather, so in some cases you can distinguish a fake with the way she describes BUT its not always fool proof..There are grades of fakes, some not very good and some that are nearly flawless..So with that said, not to insult anyone, but if you want a real bag then go to the source. I see someone complaining about a bag they bought on Ebay for $400, well again not to insult but its really common sense that your not going to get a thousand dollar bag for $400..

  • Khorkina

    Hey people, I’m thinking to get a faux balenciaga cause it’s too expensive for me, I’m just a student. And the waiting list for the real one is way to long here in Singapore. Please give me your comments on this fake I found on ebay. I’m thinking of getting it.

  • susie

    hiya, can anybody help me? i am a huge balenciaga fan and have just fell in love with one of the new balencaga punk bags it is a limited edition and is made of like a suede material, with a logo on the front. It is shaped like a bowline bag but large. I have managed to get one but would like to know a little more about the range. Can anybody help me with any information on one.


  • steph

    For Karen Maison where did you find your bag. It sounds great.

  • shaman

    Has anyone ever checked out or I looked around to find comments review, etc. but there wasn’t any. They claim to be authentic and brand new. Are they telling the truth?

  • Katie

    Where is the best place to buy a good fake?

  • Dani

    sacbelle and balenci are not selling authentic bags, look through this blog and the one for chloe paddington bags (same site but with chloe paddington at the end) a lot of people have tried them and they have all been FAKES, not even good quality replicas for the money. If we’ve said it once we’ll say it a million times, you can not purchase balenciaga online, any site claiming a new inventory of balenciaga bags is selling fakes. You can however purchase over the phone through a few legit sites but the site will refer you directly to a phone number when interested in purchasing. One site I’m familiar with is a store I’ve been to in Hawaii called Aloharag,, you can see a sort of up to date list of the bags and colors they have in stock but you can not buy them online………

  • shaman

    Thanks Dani. I was looking into buying a Louis Vuitton Bag at or I don’t own a good quality bag and I wanted to get just one good one* so I thought why not look for an AUTHENTIC LV for less since I heard Ebay can rip you off.

  • Dani

    the only way to buy a new Louis on line in on e-luxury, that’s it! I found a good ebayer that seems to have authentic bags, they are a powerseller etc. etc., I’ve seen quite a few Louis but the thing with the monogram canvas (if that’s the material you’re going for) is that the cowhide leather darkens and wears so when you buy a used one it really feels used……anyway the seller is ghype, I’ve never bought anything from them but have put in a few bids on some chanel bags and for me to do that I
    have to feel VERY comfortable……Go new for your first one though, maybe get a speedy, the 25 size is $595 and it’s a good clasic bag, check out

  • Laura

    I bought a “Fakelenciaga” from That is another fake site. I am horribly disappointed in the site for advertising as selling the real deal and in myself for not doing my research before whipping out my credit card! They charged me $505.00 and they have a stipulation on their site saying they will not accept returns on bags that were specially ordered. They told me while I was ordering that my bag was specially ordered, so, even though they’re full of sh-t because I received my bag too quickly for it to have been specially ordered (from Italy, they said!), I’m pretty sure this will be their soapbox and it’s yet another scam in this whole scam parade. Additionally, they said they will not accept shipments via USPS because it cannot be tracked, although that’s how they sent my bag to me! I’m currently on hold with my credit card company waiting for a dispute manager to help me out. I’m going to be returning this bag — and I plan to return it USPS because they are just smoking crack if they think they can get it FedEx but I can get is USPS – and I can’t wait to just wisen up, take a little time saving up a couple hundred dollars more and getting the real deal. Knockoffs just ain’t for me.
    For anyone interested, Bagarama sells Fakelenciaga’s that are leather, but very stiff leather, and the zipper pulls are so wimpy. So disappointed.

  • Laura

    By the way, they won’t answer my e-mails quickly enough for my liking! I got their phone # from Discover and it’s a cell phone (!!). Lo and behold, they haven’t answered that.
    One way or another, I plan on getting my money back! Don’t be fooled as I have! If you want the real deal, go to the reputable sellers, such as Neiman Marcus, Barneys, or Balenciaga NYC direct!

  • sharlene

    My cousin bought me a balenciaga motorcycle le dix from I was sooo in love with it! They said “REST ASSURED OUR HANDBAGS ARE AUTHENTIC” She said she spoke to a sales rep and they were very nice and said that the bags they sell are authentic. I came into this site and read BALENCI.COM SELLS FAKES!! I’m disappointed that what i have may or may not be authentic. I still need to bring it in and have it checked. I feel a little guilty for doing this, but no matter what I love it anyway because my cousin gave it to me as a gift and it was from her heart!!

  • Lina

    I bought a Balenciaga chloe bag and a Louis Vuitton Monogram Hudson from I love the LV Bag. I brought it to Saks because they have a small boutique there and the sales lady told me it WAS indeed authentic! She asked me where I had purchased it from and told me I should be careful because websites like those may be crooks and may be stealing parts such as leather cowhides. I think I need a second opinion from the real Louis Vuitton store…but the BALENCIAGA WAS TOTAL RIP OFF!!!! I was soooo furious!!! TOTAL FAKE and it was my favorite too

  • Eva

    Lina I think you should be happy that you even got the chloe bag. Just because you found out it wasn’t authentic made you stop liking your most favorite bag? Plus it would be rude if people passed judgement on you just because it is fake. You’re not getting it to impress anyone, you got the bag because you love it. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with buying real or fake, I just think if it makes you happy why not? After all, it is YOUR money. no one should be telling you how to spend it.

  • shaman

    Yes Eva,it is true that you should buy it because it makes you happy. But She came into the website balenci with the intention that what she was buying was real and it turned it was not. She should be upset because she spent her money and was deceived in the end.

  • Dani

    Exactly Shaman! Plus it’s not like they give you such a great deal on those fake websites either, the bags are still quite expensive!

    Lina, I’m sorry to say, but I think you need to get a second opinion on that Louis, NO ONE other than eluxury is authorized to sell Louis on line and there are a lot of good fakes out there, I think the only way it would be real is if it’s hot if you know what I mean…..It’s just not fair to people to charge them so much money under the idea that the bag is real when it is fake, if you want to buy a fake bag you can, and for a heck of a lot less money. It will probably look the same and the fake bag these sites claim are real for top dollar……


    hello,everybory…i am about to buy a white motorcycle balenciaga online at LUXURY DESIGNER BAGS,and i dont know anything about them….the bags looks very nice and they said it is fake…i just want to know if someone know the site…okay??

  • Dani

    Hi Patty, I looked at the site, the bags don’t look bad and I don’t think the prices are way too high but I really don’t know anything about the site. I like that they say up front that the bags are replicas, that’s a plus! Good luck.

  • Lina

    I went to the Louis Vuitton Store and showed them the Monogram Hudson I purchased through I could not believe it. They told me that my bag was a complete fake and that only ELUXURY is authorized to sell authentic LV. The Hudson originally runs for $1400 and I payed $400 for it. THESE PEOPLE ARE FRAUDS!!!!! How can people do this?? There are people who make the authentics for a living and there are people out there who trick buyers into thinking they’re real??? That’s just not right. BALENCI SUCKS!!!

  • Dani

    Believe me when I say, if it seems to good to be true through an unauthorized dealer, it is!!! Lina, I’m sorry you got the bad news, but I’m not surprised…..I took a look at that site, most of the pictures they used seemed to be stolen from the eluxury and Louis Vuitton websites which is a sign of a rip off……I’m not sure why Louis does not take more action on stuff like this but buyer be ware, we have to protect ourselves.

  • shaman

    I would like to tell Dani thank you for for suggesting the LV speedy 25. I absolutely love it! It’s practical, classic, simple, elegant,I can carry it from sun-up to sun-down. Just beautiful! Do you work for LV? you seem to know much about their handbags. Thank you Dani!

  • Dani

    don’t work for Louis, just been collecting them for about 8-9 years now…….It’s actually so sad how much the prices have changed since I first bought one, pretty much doubled….anyway, I have three different speedy’s (a mini, a vintage 35( I think), and a orange epi 25) it’s just such a classic bag and a great first Louis, I’m so glad you’re happy with it, enjoy! Did you get the monogram canvas? If so, I have some good tips for the cowhide leather to avoid staining and to get the leather to darken evenly…..

  • Valerie

    I’ve noticed that all the real bags have black string with a safety pin on the end hanging from the tag. I see a lot of fakes with white string and no safety pin. Is the white string a give away that its a fake Balenciaga bag or can a real Balenciaga have a white string with no safety pin holding the tag? Thanks!

  • Dani

    white string is a dead give away!!!! black string and safety pin is a must, sometimes it won’t be on the bag when you buy it but inside (mine from Neiman just had it inside the bag rather than hanging off) but the tag should have the black string and little brass safety pin hanging off of the tag…..

  • shaman

    Yes I actually got the LV monogram canvas. I would like some tips on how to keep the leather in good shape. i sometimes see people carrying LV bags Downtown Chicago and I noticed that the leather tends to darken, sometimes in patches and even turn a grayish-brown color. Are there sprays that help make it waterproof?

  • Dani

    I spray the vachetta leather with a leather protector, I got one in the past from Wilsons, not sure if they are around anymore, also got a Kiwi brand, you want something that says safe of suede, will not darken, and that it’s to repel water and stains. This will help, but it won’t make is water proof, I find that it does help prevent heavy water marks and helps the leather darken evenly, no matter what you do though it will darken…..

  • Nancy

    Hey… I just saw my first Balenciaga Motorcycle handbag and nearly gagged it was SO gorgeous. A friend popped in and casually popped this luxurious chocolate brown handbag on the table. Inside there is a silver plate with Balenciaga/Paris attached to the inside zipper. Honestly, I’ve never seen leather like it. The wrapping around the handles is unreal/gorgeous. :) Just wanted to share this with the galz here. I’ll be back when I get my handbag store ‘together’!
    Luv, N.

  • Andrea

    A couple of people have mentioned… I got a bag from there in Hawaii (love it) and what you can do is email with a request for their current inventory. They will send you a pdf with pics of everything in stock, and you can fax in an order. So you can’t “order online” but you more or less can do it easily through the internet with them.

  • N

    Hi all, I recently purchased my first balenciaga bag off ebay, which was the biggest mistake ever because once i recieve it, i immediately knew it was fake. the buyer will not refund me unless i get written proof from a store that it is a fake. i live in upstate new york which is not really close to any stores that sell balenciagas. i was thinking of e-mailing some boutiques with the pictures so they could formally tell me it was fake. any other suggestions?
    Thank You!

  • tracy

    thank you so much for your tips on buying a balenciaga do you know if the new york city store sells the black one all the time or if not can I order it?

  • Carissa

    Somebody, please tell me what is so special about the Lampo zipper? I don’t understand why folks keep mentioning the zipper. Also, would someone knowledgeable about such matters please offer “care & feeding” tips for the motorcycle bag exterior? I bought the luggage-leather colored motorcycle bag this week from Neiman-Marcus and really adore it. Thank you very much.

  • mary

    hi everyone. i really want a balenciaga handbag but its just too pricey. does anyone know where i can get one at a cheap price.

  • cess

    I found this website called I’m not sure if the purses they sell are real. Has someone visited this website?

  • Denny

    Just bought a Balenciaga bag from They are supposed to be real and either last years model or overstock. Paid for by pay pal, which gives me confidence. I will let you know.

  • Tess

    hi,i’m turning 16 in spetember an for my birthay i’m getting a balenciaga bag, i just wanted to say that i loooveee those bags,but that i would never buy one’s so much safer to buy one in a shop, so that you know for sure that it isn’t fake!!

  • cess

    Hi Denny! Pls. let me know when you get the purse whether it’s real or not. Thanks!

  • mellissa

    Hey, do you know where do they sell these in sg?
    how much? (:

  • lena

    dani or chloe, what is the difference in the Motorcycle Le Dix Balenciaga bag and the City bag?

  • Hilary Conetta

    balenciaga bags are great – so stylish…but there’s no shame in getting a good fake (leather naturally!) As long as the details are right who’s going to know?

  • Kristen

    Melissa, They sell them for about 500. I think it says on the site.

  • balenlover

    DENNY..your bag you bought from modaparty is will be a good fake, but indeed FAKE..Its amazing how you people shovel out your good hard earned money before you do some research..Could of gotten the same ‘mirror image’ bag for $60…

  • balenlover

    JUST A HEADS UP..For some people who dont do research before buying a bag..CHECK THE COMPANY OUT before you buy…OR maybe even read this board, modaparty was already established to sell fakes AND ONCE AGAIN you can NOT buy a REAL balenciaga from these online websites…There is NO ‘last years model or overstocks’ going for less then half of the price…Modaparty is selling $1600 bags for $700 HELLO?…Try this before trusting, enter name of store or website and then the word SCAM after it in a searchbox..see what happens…Look at that I just entered MODAPARTY SCAM and WOW

  • newonlineshopper

    If they are selling Balenciaga bags on in the auction site, can I assume they are fake, or perhaps used. The sellers don’t say either way if they are real or not, but I find it hard to believe that a new or even reasonable fake pink motocycle bag could go for a starting bid of $39. I asked the seller if it were fake and if it was returnable once recieved if the material was not up to at least a decent fake par. Most of the bags sold on go for about $260 or less. Don’t waste my time? Would a decent fake be more expensive? One seller has that all sales are final on her items. But some have the Overstock seal of approval as a trusted merchant. What do you think? I know you’ll probably say I’m stupid, but I just started shopping online and would like some advise. Thanks a lot

  • newonlineshopper

    btw i just found a seller on that has several colors of la dix motorcycle bags that has a current bid of $73 on it. She says that if you doubt the authenticity of her merchandise not to bid. Since everything I’ve read in this blog tends to say buyer beware and she says they are authentic, I would think it is a total scam. You can look it up on auctions and type in Balenciaga and see this persons stuff. What do you think? I’m learning. Thanks for all the input people, you guys are a true help. Sure I’d love something nice like that, but that cheap ought to be a dead giveaway, huh?

  • sell fakes, little doubt about it. For more help with Bbags, please visit our Balenciaga forum! The link is below.

  • sammi

    I actually HAVE that motorcycle bag….dont belive me? FINE! Haters.

  • balenlover

    Newonlineshopper-Yes the bags on overstock are FAKE..Reasons people write ‘authentic’ in their listing is its illegal to sell a fake…Yes cheap is the dead giveaway, AND a person who has several. These bags are $1600, do you really think someone bought a bunch of them , never used them, and decided to sell them for so little..Best bet is to use common sense..There are also websites with very expensive ones who try and lure you in by that, they are also fake.

  • katgrrrl

    I never cared for this handbag UNTIL I saw a woman with one in London. Thought it was nice up close as opposed to just seeing it in magazines. This was about two years ago. At the time I was still exclusively in love with my “Chanel” multipocket. But, love’s fickle. Long story short, got a black “Balenciaga” today for $30 down the block from where I work. If I had millions, I’d get the real handbags. But, I’m only a thousandaire, plus I’m extremely capricious when it comes to handbags, so I ain’t gonna spend enormous amounts of $$ on ’em. Very happy with my bag…that I may not even be interested in by next month. :p

  • mla19

    i live in nyc and here you see balenciaga bags and their knockoffs everywhere you look. the barney’s handbag department truly looks like a balenciaga warehouse. i think the bags are beautiful but, if i’m going to drop $1000+ on a bag, id like it to be the least bit unique.

  • mcgreek

    Hi. Anybody here know the difference between all the Balenciaga Motorcycle bags?? I see ads for Le Dix and City and Classic… What’s the difference? Also, how many sizes do the Motorcycle bag come in, and would anyone know those dimensions? Thanks so much!!

  • new

    is there anywhere you can enter in the serial number of a purse to check its authenticity?

  • Cathy

    Back in 1998 I started selling on eBay. I had a real Louis I was selling, but since at the time I was not positive, I put I wasn’t sure, I got an e-mail from a Louis vuitton attorney, telling me to cease selling it and send it to them.I was really scared because I was trying to be honest. They stopped my auction. I didn’t send them th bag and I found out for sure it was indeed real. In those days there were no new Louis on ebay just mostly real used ones. I have since found 3 or 4 used real ones over the years at thrift shops run by old ladies and I swear to god I paid a dollar for them because these people just don’t know. I even have a Louis wallet I have carried for 7 years that I bought for a dollar that still had the original box. I have had these checked out in chicago at the oakbrook Illinois Louis store and everything I have found was real. I don’t sell on eBay anymore because who would know that my stuff is real? so, i don’t get their attorneys, they certainly came down on me for trying to be honest yet they allow the fakes to proliferate.

  • Everlyn

    Does anyone out there know how much does the medium motorcycle bag retails for in boutiques in France? Thanks

  • Gracie

    I was so glad to read this blog, it really saved me a lot of money, I almost bought from Sacbelle, these are some places I looked and they all claimed authenticity,but I know they are all fake now. I bought a fake one from London and truly looks original for $300.00, I love it and have lots of compliments from people, but now, I am really ready for a real one. Is Bobellishoes a good site? how about edesigner?

  • Rosie

    Would like to know if anyone has bought a bag from They are selling alot of Balenciaga for under 300 Poounds?? and do claim to be 7 star rated authenticty???

  • megball

    Hi. I have been collecting authentic Balenciaga from barney’s and Balenciaga boutiques in NY and Paris for years now. Here is my dilemma..I got this balenciaga Seafoan color bag as a gift 3 seasons ago. Never questioned its authenticity since my girlfriend gave it to me for my birthday and paid over $700 for it. When I tried to sell it on ebay, I found out the hard way that it might not be real. I still cannot get anyone to authenticate it for sure, but now that I know she got it from who vanished after selling fakes (although they claimed their products are 100% authentic), I must really really get rid of it. The bag is used, but in brand new condition. Does anyone know how I can get rid of possibly fake Balenciaga??? Please help.

    • Style Soldier

      I feel your pain, sister, I do. I, myself, am a collector, trader and stylist of Designer Handbags and have been for years. Especially, Louis Vuitton handbags, who is one of my favorite Houses of Design. Now, LV owns and I can assure you (even though I am not a liason for them), that the makers endorsed and sold on are Genuine since they hold a covenant of business with LV heads and such names: House of Dior, Tod’s, Versace, Pucci, etc., are prestigiously depending and simbiotically working together to promote and move their collections. In other words, it is virtually impossible, that if a designer item was REALLY purchased on that it would be a fake, and I know at least a dozen Eluxury customers that have been buying from their site for years without a single authenticity claim. Good luck on your Balenciaga endeavor!

  • daz
  • ayit

    are they any stores in australia that sell balenciaga bags? and are and selling authentic balenciaga bags?

  • Sammy

    Hi I am looking to purchase a authentic balenciaga bag – does anyone know of a retailer in Houston, Texas?

  • Christine

    To Sammy,
    I have several Balenciaga bags that I bought from Balenciaga in NY. The sales associate there I dealt with was Liz. I now have a 5 months old baby and do not think is practical for me. If anyone interested, let me know. Some of them are not yet used, all still in orignial box. If you’re in Southern California, you can contact me and come by to see it. Contact me at

  • cheapbags4me

    does anyone know where i can find balenciaga bag knock offs online… i love balenciaga but dont have 1000 to spend on a bag… help! thanks!

  • lila

    I’ve buyed a Balenciaga on Ebay couple of weeks ago. It’s arrived… and it’s gorgeous! Don’t know if it’s real, but I love it! If you are looking for a designer bag give a look to Ebay… You need only to be a bit careful, but I’m sure you’ll certainly find it! Why do I have to pay a fortune, when I can meet my desire paying just what I want?!

  • Jean

    Megball: I am not sure what you are saying. is still in business, but do not sell Balenciaga. Just a comment here. I have been reading all the blogs and they are interesting. However, None of Saxs or Neiman Marcus stores carry Balenciaga. Barney’s does but very limited.
    So Megball why authenticate the bag? You got it for a gift – wear it and enjoy it.

  • Mich

    If anyones interested I have a balenciaga, its khaki colored (light brown) and I also have a jimmy choo ramona bag beige colored..I wanna sell them to buy another bag ive had my eye on..Both bags i have are pratically brand new..if interested email me

  • sammy

    Can anyone tell me if Designer Apparel sell authentic Balenciaga bags?

  • Signe

    Does anyone know where I can find a picture of Balenciaga shoulder bag ?

  • miranda

    many people have already posted this, but i’ve yet to find a helpful response. can anyone tell me where i can find a balenciaga knock off somewhere online? cheap prices! thanks for the help!

  • Chinese girl

    I bought a cornblue spring 2006 balenciaga city bag at $1300 (after tax) from the surprisingly plain and obscure store on 23rd and 11th ave (i think) in Manhattan. When I walk around manhattan I see so many fake ones and I recognize them because the tassles are lifeless and have no swing to them. I believe that the real tassles have swing to them because they are real soft leather. Also, I noticed that the fake ones have a longer handle (double) than the real one. However as my bag is close to a year old now, it is getting slouchy and the handles look longer too now. The edges have also looked more worn out because I don’t take good care of it. This is one of my worst purchases in my history of bags! Just too many knock offs.

  • Chinese girl

    Megball, I want to say that you are a fake too. In NY – there is only one SINGLE balenciaga boutique and one in MILAN too. That’s it! I know in London, they sell it in the department store in Bond street (forgot the name) – I don’t even remember seeing it in Harrods. Balenciaga has a website – go check.

  • Chinese girl

    One more thing to add – Balenciaga doesn’t call the black ones “NOIR”. It is called “ink-blue”. And as for tael – it is actually the colour that I have “Cornblue”.

    Also, please drop the “motorcycle”. I went to the store and told the lady I want the motorcycle bag that Nicole Ritchie has and she says it’s called the CITY bag.

  • megball

    Chinese girl, thank you for the comment, but just for your info, Blanciaga boutique is in Paris and NY. I have been to both myself and Barney’s in NY also carries them, so you know before you call people names. I never said anything about Bond st, never been to that one.

  • megball

    Jean, sorry, what I meant was, they have been “underconstruction” for a very very long time now. Also, you might want to know that selected Neimans carries Balenciaga as well. Try one in San Francisco if you are interested, they have a section for Balenciaga. As for my unknown bag, I might have to ‘enjoy’ as you suggested. Thanks.

  • samantha

    what about Authentic bags or not. not even just balenciaga,all of the bags. i e-mailed the owner, haven’t heard anything back yet. Anybody know?

  • samantha

    And does anybody know about the Chanel Cambon Totes. I’ve been trying to decide whether to purchase a pink one of those or a black balenciaga city bag. Aren’t the interiors of the black with white c’s chanel cambon totes supposed or be hot pink? Help

  • Rachel

    Samantha- The site you mentioned, shopcandycouture dot com is “obviously” not authentic bags. For one Louis Vuitton does NOT wholesale to anyone. The ONLY authentic place besides LV itself to buy a REAL LV is eluxury which is owned by LV. The balenciagas are also fake, there is NO online site to buy authentic Balenciagas. Therefore I would bet ALL the bags are fake. The prices should be your first clue. Your not going to get a top designer handbag at 80% off ANYWHERE

  • bgyoshi

    there’s a chain of stores in Hong Kong call Milan Station (now there are France stations and Paris stations too). Milan Station sells used brand name bags. They authenticate their bags and their sales have to take classes every month to learn how to authenticate bags. If you buy a bag from them and if it’s ever fake, they will give you all your money back. I love that store, I bought a Dior and my mom got a Chloe from there…now does a store like that exist in the San Francisco area? I saw a few used city bags there before…but wasn’t the right color for me. I’m into nice purses but can’t always drop loads of money for it, and I don’t mind used ones.

  • ckulcsar

    i have just visited, are those balenciaga bags real or just really good fakes? help!!!

  • Vici

    I have a green (slime) motorbike bag that I know is real but I got in a carboot sale…..I LOVE it but the rivets are coming off the handles. How can i get these fixed? Selfridges won’t help me if I don’t have a store receipt…DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS???

  • Diana

    I have saved my pennies and am ready to head on in to Neiman Marcus to buy a Balenciaga…however, I am not quite sure on the color I would like…due to my immense sense of intimidation…do you know how Neiman Marcus operates with that? Does Neiman Marcus have access to all the colors that are available?…or do I have to know the color I want and then they order it? I guess I’m nervouse because I have only seen the colors in print and seeing them in person I may feel diferently about it.

  • katie

    after my extensive research through online, stores, words from my avid balenciaga collector friends, I concluded that only and the best way to get my motobag was buying from Neiman Marcus department store. I’ve gone through so many online retailers such as and ebay, but these places sell fakes. There is only 1 balenciaga store in US. 22nd st/10ave NY city(can’t remember exactly). it’s easier if you know any neiman marcus around you. I saved about 60 bucks at neiman marcus. my motobag came at around 1295 + tax….and it does not come any cheaper…. anywhere!!!! period. sorry to spoil ladies here who thought they had a bargain in getting theirs for 300.

  • katie

    oh barney’s also carry balenciagas. it’s just a matter of whether they carry the color you want or should you wait 3-4 long month of wait at balenciaga store

  • kim

    Can anyone tell me if sell authentic Balenciaga bags?

  • kim
  • kimberely

    BALENCIAGA FORBIDS THEIR BAGS TO BE SOLD ONLINE. ALLLLLLLLLLLLL ONLINE BALENCIAGA BAGS (with the exception of some on eBay that were bought at real stores) ARE ABSOLUTELLY FAKE. in order to get an authentic balenciaga bag, you need to buy one at a store. and they are probably gonna be over $1,000.

  • kimberely

    oh yeah, and shopcandycouture is definitely fake 100%. ahahha. paris hilton and lindsay lohan do not shop online, what are they talking about? they’re just trying to get customers. everything they sell is a replica and their prices are stupid.

  • katlovesit

    guys, stop asking the same dumb questions over & over and just read the replies: NO ONLINE STORES SELL AUTHENTIC BALENCIAGA. and the only AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON store is ELUXURY.COM.

    and if you are buying a bag on ebay, know that it is probably fake. i know that you might really want one, so save up or buy a similar, cheaper bag. there is no point spending $500 on a fake.

  • mercedes

    just got one balenciaga bag black small, exclusive shop in Barcelona (spain). I phoned vogue magazine to find out where to get balenciaga in spain. they have so many colours.. god, did not know which one to get…. first one black, but not the last one.. price 965 euros nothing o do with the fakes.. I am crazy about bags… BALENCIAGA DOES NOT SELL ON LINE, YOU NEED TO CONTACT THEM.. SORRY GIRLS

  • designerwear

    I’ve been reading all your posts about Balenciaga purses. Does anyone know if there is a store in the Seattle area that i can have or see if they can authenticate a Balenciaga. I bought one at an estate sale of a woman who only bought authentic designer purses. It is the Le Dix Motorcycle Model,color is not really a choclate brown but more of a wine. It has the serial numbers inside,but no mirror or authentcity cards with it. It does not have the white stitching. I’m not a Balenciaga girl,my love is authentic GUCCI’S. So i would like to sell it,but don’t want to get in trouble if i put it on ebay. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

    • Delyla

      Comment may be be too late..but thought I’d try. I live in Seattle and would luv to take that bag off of you. If you still have it, please reply w/ price info, etc.

  • designerwear, Barneys in Seattle (206.622.6300) supposedly sells Bales. Many Neiman Marcus stores also carry them. In either case, these stores might not carry the breadth of colors and styles that the Bale boutiques would, but they’re certainly worth checking out…

  • CR

    Just bought a black Small LeDix from It is obvious from your postings that it is fake, but I must admit, it is the best fake I have ever seen. Slouchy distressed leather, dustbag, all tags, mirror, Controllato, etc. It has the silver S/N plate on the inside and even has another serial number etched in to the leather on the reverse side of the silver tag. I took to Neiman Marcus and compared to another bag and could not tell the difference.


    I purchased the First (small) balenciaga in marron (dark brown) from It is 100% authentic and to be honest, it’s abit like purchasing online. You request their list of balenciaga bags, fax or email your order and it’ll be shipped to you via Fedex.Also, aloharag is an official retailer of Balenciaga bags-just check on the balenciaga website-it’s listed there.For people in the UK you save more than £100 purchasing it from here.HTH!

  • heather

    Just got my City today!

  • i just bought a balenciaga bag from fashionbags online and it is just lovely the leather is so soft, well worth £250 and the wait…

  • jules011

    I can’t believe what I did! Yesterday, I placed two orders at for two balenciaga bags for the total amount $1,144 (after 20% valentine special promotion). Then today for last 2 hours, I’ve been reading this blog and CALLED MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY TO PISPUTE THE CHARGES and also e-mailed to cancel the orders. I can’t believe they shipped out the products already (yet, the website said they ship all orders within 48-72 hours if paid by credit card). Anyway, I’m going to fight to get all of my money back. I can’t believe this!!

  • jules011

    BTW, for last 10 years, I’ve been a COACH & FENDI girl and bought all my bags at the department stores. Never heard or bought any Balenciaga bag till I thought it was time for me to get some different assorted colors and saw the pictures of celebrites with crazy green and purple colors (They looked beautiful!!) BUT NO MATTER WHAT, I would’ve never bought the fakes if I knew they were fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, everyone. LOVE THIS SITE!!!

    • Cathy

      How was yr luck?

  • michelle

    love balenciagas-im quite lucky as i get to visit n.y a lot as im cabin crew, im going to look for a balenciaga when i next go. personally i hate fakes, i would never carry one, i cant either as i pass through customs a lot with my job. if we are found with fakes we can lose our jobs. we can get such good fakes in shanghai for next to nothing, but like the girls on here said, wouldnt you rather pay the extra to have a genuine one? obviously not everyone has the money,but i feel its an investment, they stop making certain styles and colours quite quickly and they become really hard to get hold of. id LOVE a seafoam one.

    • sarah

      Are you still looking for a seafoam authentic balenciaga? I have one I am looking to sell. I carried for probably 3 months from the 2005 line. gorgeous. I have all the cards, tags, etc. but I am hunting around for the mirror. Only signs of wear and tear is that the silver plate is scratched a bit. Let me know. Would be willing to part with it for a fair price.

  • michelle

    what does everybody think about this website- could someone have a look and tell me what they think? ive emailed them and a guy from the sales dept has contacted me back, telling me they are def genuine, but i dont know. let me know what you think guys!

  • julie

    Hi…new to this high end deal. Can you tell me if the serial numbers are the same on all bags(I know on the fake ones they are the same)but on the authentic ones are they the same as well?
    thank you!!
    Have any of you checked out the “besso” knock offs” yeah yeah they are not ballenciaga but they look ALOT like them and are very well made if anyone wants one I can get you different types for about 100—180 depending on style. if interested contact me at

  • Sara

    Just got a replica motorcycle Balenciaga in black for $’s a fake and I know it, but you can hardly tell the difference (unless you look carefully and up close, of course) it even has the named plate with the serial number etched in to it on the inside. It’s really cute. I love it. As for those who say “why not spend the extra money on a real one..” I say, first off, I do NOT have money to spend OVER 1,000 on a handbag. Secondly, if it were a Coach, Louis, or even a Guicci/Fendi, I would not buy fake, considering they are usually no more than 500 or 600 (which I could afford, but not necessarily NEED) then, that would be a different story. I would never get a fake Louis, Coach, Gucci or Fendi for that reason. But, a Balenciaga can look cute fake. Unlike the other ones mentioned.
    So, until I make the big bucs, Im going to hold my fake Balenciaga. And hope no one knows it’s a fake ;)

    • thefoxmom

      Hi–I would rather buy fake balenciaga handbags also. Where did you get yours for 60 dollars.

      • Delyla

        I would luv a quality fake one also. Please clue a girl in if you’re able to get one.

    • lea

      Hi, I’m dying to get my hands on a good Balenciaga fake too. $60 sound like a steal! Can you tell me where you got yours? Thanks.

  • Sara


  • Tans

    Dear Balenciaga lovers out there, just for the record there is no such thing as the motorcycle bag it is a name that the media has given these bags, these bags are part of the Arena collection and these are the bags as follows, City, part time, work, day , mid-afternoon, afternoon, twiggy, the box, bowling, the first. The new collection has bigger Rivets and is called the Giant collection not the Bullet bags as I have heard some people call it.Most of the Arena range bags are carry over and the colour changes from season to season, there are also carry over colours that are always good to invest in for eg. white, black,brown,red. I find it really sad that people have no idea why they are wearing a certain bag, I wear belenciaga because of the quality of the bag and for me I like the style and shape of most of the bags.Its sad that you have people so proud to have a fake balenciaga, Do you have any idea the work that has gone into making the leather so soft the process it has gone through to get that vintage look.I have my belenciaga city for 5 years and its looking even better than the first day i bought it, a fake one would proberly last a few months to find itself in a bin. So ladies save up and get yourself an original its money well spent. Peace out! :wink:

  • jenny

    Hi i brought a hermes birkin and yes its authentic, thank god that some are genuine websites. thanks and hope you enjoy your new bag!!!

  • Sal

    I know a place to get best mirror image Balenciaga bags. After I searched the net for one whole week, I came across this one website and I had finally dismissed the other websites I was interested in. They look so real…I bought one myself in grey! I’d be happy to get it and sell it to you. If you are interested, you can email me at Oh, they are pretty expensive for a replica tho but only a fraction of a real thing. And they come in very limited colors and limited numbers…some colors are on a year waiting list.

  • Joy

    Anyone know the answer to this? (Balenciaga sales clerk in NYC did not have any idea what I was talking about)
    Re: the rivets on the handles….real ones have a cut-out on either side……did they ever make with different rivets, or is this way a sure way to spot a fake? Thanks

  • Philippa:)

    Hey ppl… from ireland and love these balenciag bags there lovely… im goin on my hols to boston and would love to find a good fake one …any idea where i should look???and what price it would be????

  • cute_gal

    I really wanna cry after has been reading all the advise about real/fake of Balenciaga so I’ve just purchase one from ebay for $500(best offered from $699) I’ve asked alot of question before I decided to made an offered and the seller said her husband got it for her after they saw one at 2005 new year party and she so sure that her ex-husband would never buy a knock-off purse or anything for her that’s the fact and I believe that :cry:

    The purse has just arrived today and I was happy about the purse untill now!!! I thought it was real cos the leather is so soft and the size are about right to compare with the real size also got mirror and everything else, a couple things that i’m sure I got a mirror image is the string tag is in white and the extra tassels rolled up (it look like she unrolled before and re-roll it again and wrap by clear tape so I wish I could show you the pictures of the bag that way you would help me. Thanks

  • Balenciagalova

    cute_gal…If you click on communities on ebay, and then the discussion board, go to the shoes and purse forum there and show the pictures, we can authenticate the bag for you and steer you in the right direction of getting your money back if its indeed a fake

  • sharon

    yeh, i bought one too last week in white colour, i absolutely love mine and the price was great 10/10 to fashionbags online.

  • amanda
  • amanda
  • matachichi

    Can anyone tell me if Overstock, Bluefly or Amazon sell authentic Balenciaga bags? I recently purchased a black Balenciaga part time bag at for $999 (it says $1700 orginially) and would like to be sure of its authenticity since I will have time to return it.

    I’m talking about bags sold by the company itself and not the auction section? Thanks.

  • brisi


  • josie

    Looks like you are all experts and I trust your opinion. I appreciate a site like this. I am not even close to being an expert, and I am not familiar with all the handbag lingo.

    Would you mind explaining to me what the bales on a Balenciaga are? Also, the serial number is the number under the silver plate, engraved on the leather, right? Should the first numbers in the serial numbers match the numbers on the front plate?

    Would appreciate any help.

  • pandy

    whats the difference between the pink and black one?

  • Gretchen

    Does anyone know anything about /

    Authentic? I’m thinking about purchasing a Balenciaga from them…

  • Lindle

    I’m trying to decide between the Balenciaga City Motorcycle bag or the next size up from that one. I’m buying my bag online but i’ve never actually seen this purse in person. I usually carry big bags but i saw a description of the largest motorcycle bag and it sounded like huge. and also, i’ve been looking at pictures of nicole richie with her balenciaga motorcycle bags and they seem sort of small to me. is that because she has the smallest size in the bag? or is it the medium that she is carrying?

    if you could help me out with this that’d be great!


  • Tracy

    Since I’m a late bloomer to B Bags, I was thinking of buying a knockoff to save some money. Has anyone purchased a bag from

  • Sigi

    Does anyone know a Balenciaga store in Marbella (Spain)?
    And the end of this month i’m going there on holiday. Also, what is the best model for day and evening? Not to big not to small….
    Hope someone can help me!

  • jayne

    does balenciaga sell logo bags? saw one today at a reputable department store. its large and rather nice to carry but i can’t find any info online at all! i don’t want to buy a fake.

  • michelle

    i have just bought a motorcycle bag from neimans in san francisco, let me tell you-the real ones are SO worth the money!! personally i hate fakes, although im not one of these people who can afford them all the time. But why pay a couple of hundred pounds for a fake-wouldnt you rather just save up a bit more and buy the real thing? its amazing how much people will pay for fakes-why give these knock-off websites the satisfaction? they must be making a FORTUNE for bags that cost probably pennies to make!! also,like the other girls have said -BALENCIAGA DO NOT, REPEAT NOT SELL THEIR BAGS ONLINE,ONLY IN STORES,ive checked this before. Anyone selling them online wont be real. all these websites people are asking about, half of them sound ridiculously fake just by their names!! you can really tell the real deal from a fake just by looking at it, in my opinion you really cant beat the genuine article, especially when it comes to these bags, they are beautiful and worth EVERY penny. dont let yourselves get ripped off for hundreds of pounds girls, if you are going to buy a fake get it for a decent price. if somewhere states they are real and the price seems to good to be true, it will be.

  • Claudia

    I love Balenciaga bags for their shape and quality and I have decided to save up for one (the real deal, definitely) after my exams at the end of the year. I was ever so tempted to get one online and mind you, they don’t come cheap as I was looking at those ‘authentic’ ones. Anyway, after reading past comments (thanks guys, I learnt so much! :)) I think I will either get mine from the only shop in Singapore (I know they do sell it in this high-end shop in Hilton Hotel but will probably need to wait while they order) or like some suggested, call up Neiman Marcus to order. I’m afraid though that I would end up tired of waiting, so much that I run off to Miu Miu and get one of their bags!

  • Claudia

    I don’t believe in getting fakes mainly ‘cos I can’t bring myself to carry one (let alone touch lol) and for such brands, I know I’m paying for quality. I don’t condemn people who buy knock-offs though because I know they are looking for a variety of bags to carry daily but I know I will be happy with one authentic bag or two!

  • Marisa

    Hey Balenciaga lovers!

    If you can’t afford a real balenciaga bag this website will rock your world! They are pretty good knockoffs!

  • Marisa

    OH P.S……………. FOR 20% OFF THE COUPON CODE IS 20discount ……… you enter it at the checkout! :wink:

  • KIM

    i don’t understand people i really don’t, thay want to pay the cheapest possible for a exclusive designer bag which will never happen. I must say never!!!!! so these people see a good copy similar and still want to buy it for way less than the price and want to know if it is the real deal. If you can afford thousands of dollors then go and buy the real one if not settle wit a good copy, and act stupid asking is this real for a few hundered dollors.

    I mean would you go to a bank and give $5.00 and expect to get $100.00


  • FullStop

    I just couldn’t help but wonder whether most of these blogs promoting fake (and proud) Balenciaga owners came from the same person (?).


  • Myles

    Hi! Does anybody know if authenticouture on Ebay sells the real deal? Their bags are really pricey and they have very good feedbacks. Has anyone ever purchased from them yet? Thanks!!

  • FullStop

    If I were you, I rather call Balenciaga store in New York and ask which collections (and colours) they have right now. Its just a wise thing to do really. And if its expensive that the ones in ebay, thats because its meant to be that price. Anything cheaper than the store is questionable. I hope that helps.

  • JustPassinBy

    About having to call in for a Bbag instead of putting it in your shopping cart being an indicator of authenticity. Bluefly doesn’t require that and they occasionally have Bbags. So is this still valid?

    Is a legit source of designer bags?

  • M.

    Just wanted to know if anybody know if Balenciaga bags are sold in Spain, Marbella? I’m going there and I really wanna get the motorcycle bag (authentic)

  • claire

    Is there a site wherein I can check to see if the serial numbers of the Balenciaga city bag is authentic? Do certain colors only correspond a certain year. Can anyone tell me of the color releases of the City bag in the year 2005 and 2006. Do you think Neiman Marcus can help me with this information? Please help!!!! Someone is selling me a City bag in a blue color and she claims to have purchased it at Neiman’s in San Francisco about two years ago and I need to do my homework before I spend hundreds of dollars. Thanks for the help, ladies.

  • Mercedes

    Just go to, you´ll see different telphone numbers, phone them. they speak english.
    Do not phone the shops, is different.
    Good luck

  • Vivian

    I just got an ivory balenciaga whistle bag. I just wonder if the bag originally comes with a key or just only a whistle? Also, how should I take care of the leather? Should I apply some leather enhancement cream on it or just put it in the dusty bag? Thanks for the help!

  • Balenciaga4Ever

    Has anyone seen the exclusive Balenciaga Bag at Neiman Marcus – it is so cute! It is a light blue different than the bleu from FW07 and has pewter giant hardware on it instead of gold or silver…so hot just got one and love it!!

  • Caitlyn

    I just got a balenciaga motorcycle bag replica in white and it is made of leather, but it has light purple on it right now. Someone told me it was because the leather was conditioned leather and you need to break it in then the colour will go white but I was just wondering if anyone knew if thats correct or not. please let me know asap.
    thanks =)

  • janis

    Is legit?

  • Jana

    hello everyone, i have a question, i’m interested in purchasing a black balenciaga motorcycle bag, the medium one. now i know that you can get this bag for $1,195, but I live in Europe so I was wondering if anyone knows for how much it retails here in euros? I hope someone has an idea because I would definitely buy it here sinc the city that I live in has a store which carries balenciaga bags. thanks!

  • wendy

    i just found an authentic balenciaga twiggy bag for sale on ebay from this seller, what a price!!

  • shelley

    Wendy, that bag on Ebay that you are advertsing is NOT authentic. You should really educate yourself on spotting a fake before you spam people with overpriced counterfeit crap.

  • bg

    Another way to spot clever fakes:

    The etched letters on the metal placard should read:
    and NOT:
    “BALENCIAGA_PARIS”, which I spotted in some detail pics of fake bags.

    I have also noticed that the tassels on fake bags are generally shorter and less flexible/dynamic in movement. I must disagree with a previous poster about real bags having no extra tassels – I got a couple extra with mine.

  • ^{AnGeL}^

    In Singapore major shopping malls, they have Balenciaga handbags… but they have this logo with double capital B (together) and the first B is opposite direction of the second B. Is that the right brand????

    • luvbbag

      it is still a balenciaga but it is under the bonia brandname.. and the prices are at the lower range compared to the higher end balenciaga motorcycle bag. You can get the high end balenciaga bags at the Hilton hotel at orchard road.

    • luvbbag

      it is still a balenciaga but it is under the bonia brandname.. and the prices are at the lower end range compared to the higher end balenciaga motorcycle bag. You can get the high end balenciaga bags at the Hilton hotel at orchard road.

  • Fruity

    OMG. Sorry I CANNOT get over one of the posts. Balenciaga is NOT an Italian brand, it’s Spanish (as in Cristobal Balenciaga) so it’s Ba-len-see-yah-ga. Dani was correct in pronouncing it.

    I love Balenciaga! The bags are gorgeous.

  • Wow!! This gray color bag is very nice….

  • Lea

    im staying in australia. since there are no stores around selling balenciaga, could you tell me on how can i get my hands on those lovely bags? im partially interested in the red le dix..oh authentic please!

  • Lissa

    I just bought a Balenciaga bag from an internet store called Eura Bella. Paid $800 for it and it is a FAKE. They never responded to my phone calls or emails. BUYER BEWARE. . .EURA BELLA SELLS FAKE BAGS.

  • Lissa

    I just bought a Balenciaga bag from an internet store called Euro Bella. Paid $800 for it and it is a FAKE. They never responded to my phone calls or emails. BUYER BEWARE. . .EURO BELLA SELLS FAKE BAGS.

  • Lissa

    Correction on the name. . .it’s EURO BELLA!!

  • Feytr

    I am LIVID! I just saw someone try to peddle off three “Balenciagas” in black and white on ricebunny’s xanga chatbox for $60! I just feel like they’re taking advantage of girls who don’t know any better.

    Beware of seller:

  • star

    does sell authentic balenciaga bags?

  • Feytr

    star: sells replicas, although they claim they don’t just because of the absence of designer logos. They are so-called “designer alternatives” manufactured in China.

  • star

    thanks feytr for the comment

    i’m not able to go to the stores… is there a reputable online store that sells authentic balenciaga motorcycle bags?

  • star

    does sell authentic balenciaga handbags?

  • jamie

    hi there, was browsing through this thread and decided to ebay for some options. could you all take a look at these sites and let me know if these are real or just fakes? just wanting to learn how to tell the difference haha.

  • Delyla

    Of course I would luv to have an authentic beautiful Balenciaga bag and another for a gift, but at this time, I am okay with the knock-offs. I am in love with the the shape and look of the bag and would want it made of quality leather. I live in Seattle and am limited to purchsing in-person…if anyone has had experience buying quality mirror bags online..please please share. Thank you much!

  • Miffy

    Jamie, both are fakes. If you are wanting a legit balenciaga, please don’t bother bidding.

  • jamie

    thanks! yeah i decided not to bid since a couple of days ago. didn’t really have much confidence in ebay. think i’ll head over to the shops instead :)

  • star

    does sell authentic balenciaga handbags?
    please let me know if you have any experience or knowledge about this site. they have people western union the money.. and i want to make sure that it’s a reputable site.

    please reply! :lol:

    • Alain

      Nope, they are completely fake. They are real crooks on that site. They promised to return your money once you have realized they are fake, but of course they don’t return anything. They dispatch real lousy fakes from Taiwan. real crooks as usual.

  • samantha

    can i buy a balenciaga anywhere in montreal?
    thanks !!

  • acelero


  • daniella

    Scarey thing is when you type in Balenciaga bags..Euro bella company is one of the first names to come up. I hope someone from Balenciaga is reading this..their name shows up..Balenciaga online does not!!!
    I have been scrounging the web to find balenciaga bags and the same companies come up all the time which is weird don’t you think. Even those on Ebay you should read through the comments left on their pages.
    If there are legitimage balenciaga bag sellers on Ebay they sure are not doing a good job of advertising themselves because the likes of Euro bella who are conning many women should not be able to do so, and so easily. Ebay used to have tons of sellers for designer bags but they are far and few between now. shame!

  • debra

    I am trying to find a seafoam coloured le dix balenciaga bag or first bag in the same colour…help!!!
    I do not mind second hand as long as it’s in good condition.

    Can anyone help me!

  • AZNshopaholic

    Did y’all know that Balenciaga handbags are made of distressed goat leather? Any website or places that sell it as calf leather aka real genuine leather would be a dead giveaway that it’s faux. My problem is I can’t tell the difference between goat or calf leather. Could someone help an Asian out? :shock:

  • Maggie

    Hi everyone, I was wondering whether anyone knew where to get knockoffs (cheap knockoffs) in Toronto, Ontario? I cant afford quality…pretty much I just like the way they look so if anyone has any tips, theyd be GREATLY appreciated (I like the City bag-or anything that looks like that_

    Thanks again!

  • jamilla

    can SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME !! i am ordering a Balenciaga bag from can someone please let me know if they are real, they say that everyhting they have are 100% authentic? has anyone ever actually recieved anything from them before? and was it authentic ? please get back with me i just ordered and i wanted to know someones opinion?
    pllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeee hhheeelllpp :roll:

  • chicette

    :mrgreen: Balen-see-ah-ga Say Balen almost like Bullen. I LOVE CRISTOBAL HE ROCKS!! To bad he is (t :cry: ) Dead.

  • chicette

    Um are these REAL??? THe balenciaga i have is a buet but costed me over $16,000. These prices sound WAY to good to be REal. But if they are real LEMME BUY!!!

  • Whitney is claiming their bags are gauranteed 100% authentic yet they are sold for uner $300 and have plastic wrapped handles….

    I dont understand this—

    How is it legal to claim they are real, set a gaurantee and it still be a faux…. makes no sense to me..

    Just this morning I was about to put my credit card in to buy a bag from there simply because of the authenticity– b/c i’ve read these blogs I have settled for buying a replica and knowing it’s a replica rather than thinking it’s real!!!

    • lea

      Hi Whitney, can you recommend a reliable site the sells a good replica Balenciaga? I’m interested in hearing fr anyone who’s used the poshbagz site.

  • Sara

    Balenciaga does not authorize the sale of their bags online. So anyone that offers them is selling a fake. For the west coast girls…They sell Balenciaga at Nordstrom too, but you’ll notice not on their website.

  • Deborah

    Bags from this online shop are sometimes 1/2 priced and are supposedly authentic, has anyone discovered otherwise?

  • Marya

    What about the bags on

    I really love there bags and it seem to me so real, does any body know if it is authontics or not ???

    I don’t know but I have doubt about it and I am kind of sure that there are fake but they seem to me good deal.

  • kate

    i am interested in buying a used authentic balenciaga bag.. does anyone have any they are looking to get rid of or a place where i can find one?


    • sarah

      Hi, I have an authentic used balenciaga I am thinking about selling. Have you found one yet?

      • Debster

        Hey! Do you have a black one? Medium size?

  • mhay

    hi..everyone!im just new here and its so happen i fell into this site..i know a lot of us here wanted to have all those GREAT bags we see from celebrities but sad to say it will really cost us a lot..well im PROUD to say that i MIGHT be the answer to every girls/womens selling second-hand bags and sometimes brand new AUTHENTIC DESIGNER’S bags like LOUIS VUITTON,CHANEL,BALENCIAGA to name a few…i know a lot of FAKES are going crazy now a days but i GUARANTEE that my items are AUTHENTIC..and to lessen your doubts i do MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE…so if your interested please email me…again these bags im selling are second-hand items so expect some flaws on it,my bags rages from 80-98% condition..(“,)

    • jess

      what type of balenciaga bags do you have, if any?

  • lthi

    how about online store
    Are they authentic? they will not on the web but you have email them for balenciaga and others

  • jess

    does anyone know where i can buy a balenciaga bag on the eastcoast. i saw on their website they have a store in nyc…are there any other places that anyone knows of, maybe around boston? i definitely agree that all the balenciaga bags sold online are fakes!!! thanks!

  • Trina

    You can get authentics at They don’t make you call to add the item to your cart, but your payment will be verified before your order is shipped. These are the good guys, you can trust them ;)

    • teenyTiny

      is that website “sacbelle” a scam?! i wanna know if the bags are authentic or not.
      can someone answer my question i would really appreciate it.

  • NH

    On the eastcoast, I live in RI…
    Go to Barneys or visit
    If you live in New York, Barneys has a wide selection of Balenciagas…
    Fetucci sells all authentic about 60% cheaper bags.
    Not sure if bluefly is cheaper or fetucci.
    Definitely worth visiting because fetucci has other designers as well.
    Good luck shopping!

    Does anyone know the difference between le dix motorcycle and medium motorcycle?

    • babybratz

      I believe there is no way any of these online websites are selling authenic bags, except ELuxury and of course he designers actual site. is selling Louis Vuitton for $400ish :roll: Come on, we all know thats impossible, and that the only legal online site to sell those are Eluxury and So, keeping that in mind, if their LV’s are fake, that is not saying to much for the other brand names.
      I love Balenciaga, but I will only buy them at NM, or the actual store.
      Also, Ebay , does have good deals, shop careful

    • Laura

      i am not the balenciaga expert. there are ladies on this site who for sure know more than me but i am pretty sure the term motorcycle refers to just the general style of the bag. you have the “first” the “city” the “part time” & “work”. there is also the “weekender” & “brief” – i am probably missing something. the first is also referred to as le dix/classique/lauriet. i think it was the first motorcylcle bag made by balenciaga in ’01 & that very first year was stamped w/ le dix inside. the first/le dix is the smallest & always comes w/ the regular hardware not the giant which balenciaga is moving towards. the city & the part time look really similar to me but the part time has the grommets on the bottom & may be slightly bigger. the work is the largest & then the weekender & brief which look similar to the other styles but obiously bigger & i don’t think the brief has the strap. i am no balenciaga expert but that is what i think based upon my love & admiration of b bags!

  • purse lover

    Are the purses on real/authentic????

  • Pursefreak

    I too want to know if is real authentic bags or not?

  • lea

    Hi, I love the shape of Balenciaga bags and can’t afford the real ones. I’ve seen some on the and they do good copies. Has anyone ever used this site? Are they reliable? thanks.

  • city

    Are the handbags sold at real or fake?????

  • city

    Does anyone know if the Balenciaga City Bag in Black comes with Pewter hardware or Bronze?

  • max

    you must be crazy spending this much money over some bag… lend a hand and put your money on something better. A bag can’t save hopeless poor, hungry people.

  • rana

    I LOOOVE IT :grin:

  • stacy23

    hi everyone –

    i recently made a very rash decision and bought the beloved motorcyle baleniaga bag out in Barneys in Beverly Hills back in March. (cost 995 plus tax). i just lost my job and unfortnately i need the cash more then the bag right now. It’s a spring line color – bright blue (kinda smurf like) with bronze medaling. i beleive the official color is agneau? it has a tiny lil white mark in the back in the leather but otherwise looks brand new. i even still have the tag on (i tucked it into the front pocket). you can even take it to barneys or balaneciga store to verify authenticity if you want. (do they even do that?!)

    anyways – if anyone is interested, it’s up for sale. best offer wins – i paid roughly 1100 with tax for it so i don’t want to get screwed here but i could use the cash to pay some bills.

    let me know –

    • Karen

      Agneau is the kind of leather. Agneau is lamb in French

  • stacy23

    also – ive seen a lot of girls around the city with balenciagas with the huge zippers hanging out. Not sure about the older ones – but the newer ones have zippers that dont go the full lenght of the bag. my zipper cuts short on both ends by almost a centimeter. also “lampo” is on the back of hte zipper written in cursive. another lil note is that in the pocket on the inside behind the plate, i have a little blue (cuz my purse is blue) leather string hanging as well as one sewn in the cloth behing the zipper.

    just in case someone out there wants to verify if theres is fake…

  • Janet

    Instead of buying fake, fashionistas should consider renting the real thing. I found this website that rents designer handbags, shoes and apparel. The website is called

    Has anyone rented from them? Please comment.

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    Can visit is