This clutch is a favorite among the Purse Blog team. Amanda covered this Balenciaga clutch a few months ago, and as far as I know she still did not buy it. Then there is me, who has a slight obsession with clutches and loves the giant hardware on Balenciaga bags. So an oversized clutch with giant hardware is pure love for me. Why have I still not purchased one of these clutches? The answer is truly beyond me. I keep wanting to wait and get it at the Balenciaga store in NYC. Our next trip we are tacking on at least one day for shopping, this I promise not only you but myself.

Balenciaga Arena Giant Envelope

For me, the Balenciaga Arena Giant Envelope is an ideal clutch. It is a fold-over clutch with lambskin and giant silver-toned hardware. A magnetic closure is easy to use and there is a zipper pocket. I need this clutch. It is a perfect addition to my collection. I always have the same problem with Balenciaga, what color is best? The many color options actually send my head spinning rather than give me clarity on what I want. I am thinking pink. Once I finally get this clutch (and more BBags that I keep talking about), you all will breathe a sigh of relief not having to hear me try to decide on my ‘firsts’ for Balenciaga. Buy through Barneys for $995.

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  • renee

    Why isn’t everyone raging about killing baby lambs for this clutch? Was it just a 24 hour croc rage yesterday? I am not a peta pita I am just wondering where one draws the line?

    By the way, this is a nice looking clutch.

  • MizzJ

    I agree Renee, it’s a bit funny isn’t it, but then again it’s still early in the day ;) I think people find it more palatable to use animals such as lambs and cows for leather as they are also “food” animals, but are the same animals we eat used as leather too? I hope so in order to reduce waste and excessive killing of animals. In regards to the other post, people do eat crocodile and alligator too, in fact I have and it’s not half bad!

  • Kiss Me Deadly

    I am in LOVE with this clutch, I love Bal’s giant hardware!!

    Hoping to be ale to afford it soon!

    This color is TDF!

  • I still want one desperately, for the record.

  • mrsjudie

    Well, i really don’twanna get biblical but, it says we have dominion over tha earth. So, we can do whateva we want with lambs or any otha animal as long as we don’t harm each otha! K!

  • rockerchic

    I never considered myself a clutch person but the bal clutches are th best ever. I now have two of this style (black with ghw and magenta with shw) as well as the other flat clutch in blue. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!

  • mandy

    I’m not a clutch gal, but I have to admit that I love this bag. It’s just gorgeous. I am also not a pink gal, but the color is beautiful as well. I may pick this up as my very first Balenciaga!

  • Lolarose

    Yum. Love this gorgeous fresh coral colour it peps up neutral tones and I am in total need of that at the mo! Also I am a total clutch lover they are so chic and understated! With regards to the lambs I am in full agreement with mrsjudie!

  • Ana

    Does anyone know where I could get this purse in Michigan? Do they sell Balenciaga purses at Saks and NM? I know there isn’t a Barneys at Somerset, except a COOP store..

  • Rebecca

    The color is adorable!!
    Love this one

  • AKI

    HAH! My fiancée just bought one for me! Love love love it (and him, of course, but that goes without saying…)!


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  • Chantal

    I love love love this clutch! I think I will probably fall for one in giant covered hardware in the future, I am a matchy match girl, and no hardware makes my getting dressed easyer (and faster).

  • Kendra

    I’m not as crazy about their clutches. (fb)

  • Kathryn


  • Kathryn

    loveeeeee (fb)

  • Murano Necklace

    I just love it. I am a total clutch lover they are so chic and understated.

    Glass Of Venice

  • Adrienne Zedella

    lamb? i think something else could be used (fb)

  • ad

    aahhhhhh i fell in love with this one many years ago. heh. im still hopelessly in love with it but not anywhere near to be able to own it. the sappy sad love story of mine. :P (fb)

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  • leon

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  • Kelly

    Love this color!!