Balenciaga A4 Papier Tote, $2795 via Barneys

…and then I saw the fur-trimmed version of the Balenciaga A4 Papier Tote, and I knew I had been mistaken all along. Today is a sad day in the life of this Balenciaga fangirl, PurseBloggers.

This bag…looks like it needs a shave. That’s the only accurate way to describe my feelings toward it. It looks like the regular Balenciaga A4 Papier Tote, which is quite lovely and minimalist, went on a three-week bender and came back all scraggly and unkempt and exhausted. It needs a place to rest and dry out for a few days, and it needs to stay off the sauce for a while.

If ever you needed proof that not all classic bags can be molded to fit current trends, this bag should provide that proof nicely. The Balenciaga Motorcycle bags have proven remarkably versatile over the years, getting everything from perforations to rose gold hardware to puffy quilting. The design handled all those modifications with grace (although some were better than others), but it looks as though we’ve found the one thing that the bag can’t do – fur. I don’t blame Nicolas Ghesquiere for trying, what with fur becoming something of an omnipresent fall bag trends, but this bag should have been vetoed at the sample stage. Buy through Barneys for $2795.

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  • lintmag

    The furry handles are the oddest part – and the giant price for what looks like a very basic bag.

  • kemilia

    Awful, just awful.

  • Megan

    so that is what happens when you are handed a glue gun, a feather boa, and are instructed to outline the square bag with the boa.

  • Kirsten

    That is just wrong..

  • Lorie

    Looks like something Giggy would be toted around in.

  • Jen

    It looks like a really expensive Ugg bag, which is just unfortunate because Ugg anything is already overpriced for what it is (and completely done as well).

  • Musette

    ROFL! It is a Total Hot-Assed Mess!

  • Bir

    Hmmmmmmmm I like the “ugg” look I mean I loved when Hermes did it !!! It was the perfect winter bag. But Balenciaga could use some tips on how to create this look and get the right effect out of it .that said I don’t hate, hate it !!!! I just don’t love it but in the right context and matching outfit ?????

  • edoardo

    I don’t know the fur is quite scary and not so chic but I find pretty nice this bag maybe I’m influenced by Balenciaga but with the right outfit could look nice1

  • pixiegirl

    I know this bag is fugly but OMG it feels like butter! If it didn’t have the fur on it id get it simply based on how it feels.

  • Sandra

    I do not believer there is a designer out there that has not come up with a hot mess or two. I forgive Balenciaga, my City Bag is the best!

  • Babs

    Really sad…to think, someone was PAID to come up with that!! LOL ;)

  • Papertiger

    I quite like it LOL, if no one else wants one just throw it my way this Christmas

  • Dionka S

    @Papertiger…you want this for Christmas? Honey take a black garbage back and line it with garland and not only will you have it for Christmas…you can decorate your tree with it as well.

  • ela


  • Caitlin

    This is horrible.

  • Alice

    I think ugly is the right word for this. A shame really considering the brand…

  • Shirley J

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!

  • Snowvixens

    Very Bohemian. Would carry this in a bunch of le dix carrying snores.