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Reader Kate writes:

I would like to make a lifetime investment on a weekend leather bag. I’m looking for something light. With the choice of LV Keepall Ban 55, Goyard Boeing 55, or Dunhill Weekend Holdall, I’m not sure which one should I go with. With your experience, which one of these choices should I go with?

In some areas of accessories (day bags, for example), it’s fun to pick up a new bag or two a couple times a year, but in other areas, you want to go one-and-done, to borrow a sports term. Most types of larger luggage are in that group, and that extends to weekend bags, which are a workhorse of any wardrobe. The three you’ve picked are all exceptional; you can’t go wrong no matter which way you go, in my opinion. Each has its own advantages, though. Let’s see where we’re at with all three:

Dunhill Duke Weekend Holdall Bag
$5,190 via Dunhill

This choice is the most expensive of the group, and it’s by the brand that’s the least well-known. That’s not necessarily a mark against it, though; Dunhill has been around for over a hundred years and makes gorgeous products that are worth they money the company charges, and there’s something to be said for choosing a bag that won’t call as much attention to itself for travel.

Goyard Boeing 55 Bag
$3,940 via Goyard

There’s just something about Goyard, isn’t there? For a major accessories brand with locations around the globe, it sure is elusive. A great thing about the Boeing is how many ways the brand can hand-customize it for you, and if you plan to do that, then I might be swayed in its direction. At this price point, though, I’d personally want to go all-leather, and Goyardine is coated canvas. It’s still very strong and makes for a wonderful travel bag, but in the mid-four figures, I want leather, personally.

Louis Vuitton Holdall Bandouliere 55 Bag
$3,650 via Louis Vuitton

When it comes time for me to get my own lifetime travel bag, I’m going to get a Louis Vuitton Keepall, and that’s what I’d recommend for you as well. I’d advise anyone to skip the traditional LV monogram on this bag for either Damier or one of the brand’s leathers, depending on price point. Not only does this bag come in the most potential material and color options of the three, which allows you to get something that really fits your style and personality, but Louis Vuitton’s travel bags are widely recognized as excellent. For a full leather bag, they’re also a much better value than the company’s everyday handbags.

Another aspect I like is that the brand’s stores are the most widely accessible of the three, and if you intend to use the bag for years to come, you’ll likely need it repaired or refreshed at some point, which is easiest if you can just drop it off at the store to be sent out. Weekenders are workhorses, after all.

Which one would you go with? Let us (and Kate!) know in the comments.

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  • KloeF

    Dunhill for me personally.

  • manolos21

    I have the Keepall in Damier Graphite, and I absolutely love it.

  • Carrie K

    If you want something light then all leather is probably not the way to go. Coated canvas is a lot lighter then leather & I personally love the LV Keepall.

  • B.S.

    I would 100% go with the Keepall! I personally would get it in the canvas with dark leather trim (like the Eclipse or Macassar lines) because it would be the most carefree and light.

  • CL

    Have you considered Frank Clegg or Lotuff?

  • JHH

    The Dunhill bag is very nice. The leather is amazing and the color is fantastic but I find it a bit heavy and masculine and so it was a perfect gift for my husband. Years ago (13 to be exact), I bought myself a LV Bandouliere 55 in Switzerland for way, way less than the current price. I love it. It has never had to be repaired and still looks fantastic thought lately I have only used it a couple of times per year. We never check those bags so they do not go through the beating that happens to checked luggage. Plus, when you have a bag like that, you are pretty much guaranteed that if you check it all the time, you run the risk of items being stolen from it.

    • JHH

      I meant to add that just because the Dunhill does not have logos does not mean that it does not garner a lot of attention. There is something about the richness of the leather that is very eye-catching in a non-obvious way. People just do not see a lot of those bags. My husband swears that he has been complemented on it every time he has carried it. There’s a reason it’s called The Duke.

  • SydneyEastCoast

    I bought the LV classic canvas in the biggest size about 15 years ago. I have used it for all manner of travelling including in some dirty and smoky environments and it has been excellent. Easy to wipe down, can be folded up and squashed into small spaces when empty and is very light. I generally don’t use the shoulder strap and just carry by hand. I have tossed up the idea of getting a full leather weekender in the same extra large size but just don’t feel the need.

    I have the Balenciaga Classic weekender as well which is good for quick overnight trips. However, I must say, I always worry about damaging the leather even though I am not precious.

    Even though I am not a huge logo fan these days, there is also something cool about travelling with Classic LV luggage that makes even a boring regional work trip a bit more satisfying.

  • Kate

    Thank you for all wonderful comments. LV is what I’ll go with then.

  • Passerine

    Of the ones shown, the last one — the LV in black check — would be the best. Did you also consider Bottega Veneta’s offerings? Here is their larger duffel in black (equalivent to the LV bag):
    there is also a smaller version:

    Similar price as LV. However, to give LV credit, theirs has a leather strap, which is a little more elegant than BV’s canvas/leather combo.

    The Dunhill is stunning and discreetly elegant, but I wonder if the leather will show scratches too easily.

    However, if you want to save about $1000, Gucci offers a bag similar to the LV/BV week-enders:

  • Rashida

    I like the first one

  • emily

    I love the LV, that’s definitely one you could have forever.

  • girlscoutnocookie

    I know leather is considered to be better value for money than canvas because the raw material costs more, but as luggage is more of a functional item, go for canvas. It’s lighter, just as durable if not more so. You don’t want the fuss of maintaining leather while you’re already stressed out by inconvenience of modern travel.