Dear Alexander Wang,

I apologize. While I did say that the color of your new mustard bags on ShopBop may not represent your bags well, I did not realize how off the color could be. A reader kindly pointed us in the direction of your website and if the mustard hue you used on your bags looks like it does on your website, then job well-done.

Sincerely, A website full of fans!

It is shocking what a difference lighting can make. I know this from buying items and being surprised and from having Vlad photographing bags often. Getting the color right is an art, and it is art not easy to perfect. But it is so integral to online shopping and browsing. Earlier today I was totally turned off by the new color Alexander Wang released and this afternoon I am digging it. The Alexander Wang mustard color is more of a Dijon, pairing deep yellow and brown. Shop via Alexander Wang online.

What do you think of the color now that you see it differently?

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  • s

    i actually really like it… i have the new rocco in forest green and i am in love with that bag… crushin’ on the slouchy shoulder bag now! but i feel perhaps i should expand into a different brand? haha

  • 19yearslater

    I’m not a fan of the color mustard even if it is done well so I’m still not too excited about these bags, but for those who like the color I’m sure this will fit the bill.

  • Crystal

    These bags have been on an iron-rich diet!

    The bag’s silhouette, combined with a brown/yellow shade (as gorgeous as the correct color is), still resembles po*p… I’d love it if he tried these in brighter colors!

  • louch

    Ha! I read the first entry and totally agree with your description of the colour on shopbop’s website. This is much better – truly mustard and warm and delicious (not like the other one…)

  • Crystal


  • Jen

    Saw someone carrying the mustard rocco yesterday and it looked fabulous. Really a nice rich color. Still, I wouldn’t buy it because of the weight of the bag (have you picked it up? It’s ridiculous!) and because I’m getting tired of the tumbled leather look.

  • Claire

    Sooo much better than the original!

  • mochababe73

    I went to Barney’s Co-op and finally picked up one of these bags. It was heavy and completely empty! I don’t know how anyone carries the thing.
    Anyway, I digress. This color is too inconsistent.
    The duffle bag looks dirty.
    The hobo looks more brown than yellow.
    The drawstring appears to be more on the dark beige side.

  • Chris

    Well, I can only judge from online photos: I have to admit I am not really getting the A. Wang handbag hype. The Rocco is rather nice, I can see that, but as for the rest – I am not getting it. I do not like this pebbled leather of the hobo and the drawstring.
    It probably means I have a strange taste.

  • Cara

    The difference in colour makes such a difference! Liking them much more now.

  • A Few Goody Gumdrops

    I actually just reviewed these bags on my site. Although they are fabulous looking bags…the combination of the studding detail, hardware and the pebbled leather make them so so heavy to carry. Great style but difficult to tote arounbd unless you lift weights!

  • Kimberley

    Lovely color, and it definitely pays to look at different websites for a true representation of the color. I personally always start with the Alexander Wang shop and work my way from there.

    I am LOVING the new pics of bags for Resort 2011!

  • vintageheirloom

    I loooove it! the colour is so on-trend for fall’s camel/biege look – I bet you guy will be wearing this colour by september…


    i love the colour on the right!!!

  • reneeo

    I love it!!

  • Emma G

    love it (ipad)

  • turadosapuay