Now that almost all spring bags have made their way to online retail for pre-order, the season’s what has begun to separate itself from the chaff, so to speak. Some of Alexander Wang’s ideas for Spring 2011 have proven to be better than others, but the more I see the Alexander Wang Large Emile Tote, the more it seems to be among the best of his new bags.

The metal corner caps that Wang introduced with this collection have also carried into his Fall 2011 bags, and I couldn’t be more pleased. They take a simple, functional ivory tote and give it just enough detail to be something special, which is exactly the kind of look you want in a bag that you intend to carry regularly.

I prefer this bag in its black version with silver hardware, but for those of who you prefer to wear lighter colors in warmer weather, the ivory version is lovely. It won’t show wear in as obvious of a way as a stark white bag would, but still, I’d keep it away from dark denim and other materials that tend to transfer dye. If you can manage that, then this is the sort of design that looks chic and feels functional year-round. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $975.

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  • Loly

    perfect for all seasons! I would love to wear it all the year :)

  • Mochababe73

    It looks like a cross between a Coach and a YSL Muse.
    And, it’s really big. I don’t know if I could wear this in my daily life.

  • Lulugurl

    sweet! I really like the gold HW

  • Amy

    Love!!! But with all the stuff I’d put in there, the arm strap might be too heavy. Does the long strap look very functional?

  • Nancy

    That’s a beautiful handbag , real classy, I loved the white/gold combination…

    I guess it’s pretty expensive, does any one know how much it cost in LA area ?

  • Tina W.

    I like this bag.

    But is it me but it looks sort of similar to the YSL Downtown (of course, with several changes and the price tag)?

    • Carol C.

      I agreed… I thought it was YSL downtown.. I have one just like it!!! but I guess the handle can’t be fit under the arm (that’s a minus for me). and it has a long strap to carry it across the body (that’s a plus for me).- and CHEAPER too!!

  • edoardo

    The bag it’s really ncie but it’s the same shape of the Givenchy bags for the last f/w and s/S…so I don’ tlike when designer copy each others!

  • annabelle

    what a gorgeous bag!!!

  • GeezLouise

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like this bag? It looks like a high end sports bag to me.

    • jackie

      haha agreed! good comment

  • txazdreamgirl

    Looks too much like the YSL Downtown bag, although it’s softer at the top. The bottom frame looks very clunky and stiff while the sharp corners on the metal end pieces could be lethal if you hit someone with your purse. I also dislike and am so tired of double handled/strapped bags. Either make it a satchel or a tote or a hobo/shoulder bag, or make the short handles removeable rather than just the shoulder strap.

  • chynna

    the shape is very similar to givenchy’s n’gale

  • jackie

    dont like the shape and its too white, offwhite would have been better or a cream

  • 19yearslater

    I love the shape, and it would be perfect for spring, but I don’t use white bags. They wouldn’t last a month with me.

  • june

    reminds me of nightingale….

  • turadosapuay

    me too i love the shape.