We’ve been anticipating the buckle-and-strap-covered Alexander Wang Ingrid Satchel and Alexander Wang Kristen Tote ever since stock photos of Wang’s Spring 2011 collection emerged, and now that a few colors are available at PurseBlog favorite Net-a-Porter, it’s time to do a more thorough inspection of the line’s most eye-catching design. Are you feeling love, hate or ambivalence? Larger pictures to help sort out your feelings can be found after the jump.

I find myself enjoying the messy, scattered feel of these bags and the difference in texture between the suede body and the leather straps, but I wouldn’t buy either of the options you see here. Instead, I would advise waiting until the black-on-black version comes out, which still gives you the same great texture variation but in a dark color to de-emphasize some of the mess. This bag will likely appeal to only a narrow section of the style world, but those with the guts to carry it will be rewarded.

Buy the Ingrid Satchel through Net-a-Porter for $825.
Buy the Kristen Tote through Net-a-Porter for $945.

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  • Emilie

    i think it’s one of a kind out there! but me and suede is really not a good match.sigh.

  • Mochababe73

    I love it! I would love to have the east-west version. The straps are messy, and I like it. This is a perfect counterbalance with my girly, polished style.

  • bindc

    I guess I’m just a traditionalist. I am not digging this bag. Sorry, for me, it’s a miss.

  • luvpugz

    NO! I can imagine that bag catching on everything. I wouldn’t leave that bag near a small child or animal.

  • Marianna

    It definitely doesn’t suit me-I guess I am not “cool” enough to pull this off. I would look like a woman carrying a lobster trap around town.

  • edoardo

    really cool it seems that the straps never end…i lvoe thsi bag, it’s amazing!!! And also the price is “ncie”


  • Maitha

    I find it really ugly, wouldn’t buy it.

  • Amy

    not a fan. i think its overkill on the straps.

  • junabs

    sooo fugly!;-!

  • JW

    I love it…I wish it comes in bigger size so guy could use it as well :(

  • 19yearslater

    It looks like a purse in a straight jacket. No, thank you.

    • Stacy

      I couldn’t agree with U more. What’s more is that I’m feeling claustrophobic just looking at. My ADD would be in over drive…trying to unbuckle all those straps and getting them “straightened out” even though they’re supposed to be a mess. I couldn’t handle it. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ll pass, just for my peace of mind. lol.

  • suz

    Yikes….the possiblities for embarrassment and/or disaster by getting snagged and caught up are endless.

  • chriseve

    one word: mental

  • babe

    I think he is trying too hard…

  • Urooj

    Usually I wouldnt enjoy the messiness of multiple straps and I prefer my bags to have a clean definition to them, but I am liking how this goes with the trend of this season-specifically in the longer/trapezoid shape which narrows the effect of all the straps. Loving the material too- in grey

  • saz

    They remind me of a mummy… Sorry…

  • Vitta


  • annabelle

    straps are too crazy

  • Megan

    It is original but it would get dated quickly.

  • Kimberley

    Not original at all. AW is ripping Olivia Harris and that was done two years ago. Get with the times Mr Wang. Please do not tell me your ROCCO was a one trick pony.

    Do something fashionable.

    • whit

      i agree
      but its kind of hard to find anything of his that is truly original.

    • Elizabeth

      Can you say Olivia Harris.

  • amy

    ewww no! Wrong wrong wrong. Strap over kill.

  • kemilia

    Looks like it’s caught in a net.

    And it is going to catch on everything–door knobs, drawers, car doors, it would be a disaster with me.

    Yes, it seems that with the Rocco (which still rocks), Mr. Wang is a one trick pony.

  • PhotoGirl

    Not my thing. To me, it says “I’m trying too hard to prove that I’m edgy.”

    I can just imagine it getting caught on everything, and I think it will look dated very fast. For that amount of money, I want something I can carry for a good long time.

  • FCC

    NOPE! Not a fan

  • Lorie

    I like the way they look, but there’s no way I could wear one. Can you imagine trying hunt for your keys in that?

  • Karoline

    I like the Kristen tote. I would get that in the lighter color :)

  • YS(-L)

    I think they are really cute, fresh and new. At the same time, I can totally see them becoming very popular quickly, copied right and left…., and a few years from now, looking outdated…

    I am sorry, but I am a bit older, have bit more experiences, and I have to be very realistic. I would buy whatever I love, but I would only buy what I would love and would love for years to come. I am fashion forward and don’t buy conservative or traditional style, so I am not saying they are too out there.

    I think they are really great for young hipster girls who can spend the money and not care if they will become out of style in a year or two.

  • Alyson

    It looks like it’s in jail! Not a good bag for me.

  • rebecca

    I am definitely not a fan. When I showed this post to my boyfriend his reaction was “omg why??” LOL

  • Jeannie

    I like Marianna’s assessment – lobster trap!! LOL

  • Jan

    Nope…not diggin’ it at all. Looks like a net gone bad.

  • DanielleH

    Ewwww not good.

  • dj

    That is just ugly and boring. Whatever happened to style and color?

  • BooIn


  • Otter


  • neli


  • Clare (@BagSlut)

    How do you get in? Can imagine the stress of hearing your phone ring, but not knowing which strap to undo to get inside your bag… I’d be there for ages, by which time phone would have rung off…

    Otherwise, I quite like the tote – and the colours. Sort of expensive punk bondage minus the rips and safety pins.

  • Michelle H.

    NO, to me it’s just plain ugly.


  • Merve

    I got really excited about the Rocco then decided it was too heavy and now its dated so i think this will date really easily too. The price is great for a very seasonal bag but it stands out too much for it to be wearable in seasons to come.

  • Raventress

    I like the grey one!!

  • trisha

    I like it, it’s messy (in a good way) yet functional. But I wouldn’t buy it, I just couldn’t see myself checking through my things on this bag while on the subway I feel as if I have to go to a forest just to open it

  • Earmuffs

    I think I would’ve like it more if it were just straps without multiple buckles. Plus, can you imagine how many things can get caught in that bag O_O;

  • Earmuffs

    I think I would’ve like it more if it were just straps without multiple buckles. Plus, can you imagine how many things can get caught on that bag O_O;

  • Mamavalveeta03

    I would be DEVASTATING with that bag! No, seriously…DEVASTATING as in, “How many things can I knock over in a high-priced store where I can’t really afford the merchandise???” kind of way.

  • Danieli

    First thought, NO, may grow on me later, but for now it is crazy!

  • Lulu

    What a mess!! :S

  • StacyEF

    Even if I were to like the design, I’d expect this bag to age badly, with the ends of all of those straps curling up like they do on ANY strap that’s got too much extra length beyond the hole it’s buckled at.

  • Lisa


  • Stylista

    Uhhhh, ok, I love A Wang, I think he’s an exuberant designer who’s definitely got a great future ahead. But I never understood his Rocco bag, and I don’t understand this. He tends to like taking one thing (studs, belts) and splattering them all over a bag until I just want to yell STOP!


  • XXAL

    alex did it once by flooding his duffle with studs but hes not gona do it again with the belts. maybe it wouldve worked if it wasnt so scattered and messy looking.. pls dont kill the trend of the messenger strap bags.

  • Mousse

    Not for me. Too many straps to get caught on things…

  • PurseAdict

    I actually LOVE it … very much my style

  • TxMhargis

    Geeze….The “mummy bag” – what happened to stunning design?

  • Karin bag4bag

    Love the larger grey tote ! Different,textural and edgy !

  • truffe

    en petit format ….. Un sac rock et chic à souhait notamment en version noire …
    Si les Américaines ne l ‘aiment pas …. la Française que je suis l’a adopté avec la plus grande joie …
    taille parfaite … discret … dommage cependant que la qualité de la doublure intérieure ai été négligée et qu’il ne soit pas fabriqué aux US ou en europe ….

  • turadosapuay

    look like pity..

  • Stephanie

    I like it, and I like the green/grey colour very much……. stunning colour