Chanel (and more recently, Marc Jacobs) has made an empire out of diamond quilting, but even for the most ardent fan of the Classic Flap bags, it can get a little repetitive. Still, quilting is one of the best and most versatile ways to add texture and detail to a handbag, and it shouldn’t be discounted just because so many others have done it in the past.

Alexander Wang has the right idea about how to make quilting unique with the Alexander Wang Isis Frame Clutch. The classic motif reminds me a bit of what another famous Alexander (McQueen) has done for Fall, but Wang keeps the colors dark and the details industrial in order to tie the look back into his brand’s style.

The results of Wang’s foray into quilted texture are great, if a bit expensive for his bags’ usual prices. The clutch is big enough to serve as a suitable shoulder bag with the included chain strap or go without as a hand-held, and either way would be great. The more ways a woman can work a textural, visually intriguing bag like this into her wardrobe, the better. Buy through ShopBop for $1050.

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  • E

    made in china? his designs always remind me of so many other peoples work, nice that you mention McQueen.

  • Linda

    That metal bar across the bag, makes it hideous!

  • James

    It’s beautiful, I hope we see other silhouettes with this pattern. I am so tired of that overplayed Chanel quilt, I would think by now even Coco would be over it!

  • meme

    Great quilting, don’t really like anything else about the bag.

    Keep up the quilting, designers.

  • Demi

    I love the new quilt! Even though Chanel is my favourite brand, I must admit that this McQueen clutch is very modern and stylish!

  • Demi

    Sorry, confused again! I meant Wang, not McQueen!!! I should be paying much more attention when I’m reading…

  • V

    I love the quilting…the clutch seen a little stiff though…wondering how much stuff you can fit in there

  • Chris

    Love the quilting. In fact, this is the first Alexander Wang handbag I like.

  • Jelita78

    i actually kinda like that quilting pattern.. but the thing that bothers me is the metal plate- which looks too huge and kills the delicate feminine design. (ipad)

  • Emma G

    Agree, the metal plate is the issue (ipad)

  • Emma G

    COMPLETELY clashes with the design (ipad)

  • rose60610

    Elegant quilting. The bar is in keeping with Wang’s avant garde twist on things. I respect that Wang’s quilt is not diamond shaped. How many Chanel knock offs or high priced inspirations do we need? In MHO, Marc Jacobs may be a huge designer, but it’s like his quilt bags are Chanel knockoffs. No matter, he’s a heck of a lot more successful than I am and I am happy for his success.

  • turadosapuay

    look so elegant!!!!!!!!!!!