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Many of you have already heard about this, but I’m moving from Atlanta to New York City in May. Megs’ and Vlad’s move last fall inspired me, and since I’m young, single and wouldn’t have to change jobs (oh, the joys of working from home), it seemed like it would be a fantastic adventure. It still seems that way, but now that I’m getting down to the logistics of uprooting myself, I’m running into a few things about which I hadn’t really thought. Among them, of course, is the suitability of my current handbag wardrobe. I think an uber-functional addition like the Alexander Wang Marti Backpack might be in order.

In Atlanta, everyone drives. Everywhere. If you’re old enough to drive, you have to procure a car in one way or another or you can’t go anywhere. It’s sort of like Los Angeles in that regard, and I’m excited to sell my car and live in a city where I can walk to a corner store or ride the subway or take a cab. I’m sure that fascination will eventually wear off, but in the meantime, I need a utilitarian accessory wardrobe to help me out with my new transportation options. When you live in a car culture, it rarely matters how heavy your bag is or whether or not you can wear in on your shoulder if your arm gets tired. In New York City, I suspect that those concerns will be much more prevalent in my day-to-day bag choices.

Alexander Wang’s cool, downtown industrialism is already very much in my stylistic wheelhouse, and he picked a perfect time (for me, at least) to come out with a backpack. The idea might be a little bit 90s for some, but with the right attitude (which I have, duh), I think these bags could look incredibly chic while still being functional for a walk to the grocery store. Now I just have to decide which color I want. Buy through ShopBop for $850.

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  • Lulugurl

    These are awesome bags! If I was commuting/still going to school I would definatly own the white one!!!

  • ninjaninja

    More like hobo backpack.

  • YS(-L)

    Welcome to New York City! Yes, you really have to think a lot about which bag to carry, depending on how much stuff you have, whether it is sunny or rainy, how much walking you do that day, etc, etc.
    But since we walk around and take public transportation everywhere, it is really a heaven for (fashionable) people watching! I am sure you will get even more inspired here.

    As for the backpack… for someone who remembers the last backpack craze like yesterday… it feels a bit too 90s for me. But I do welcome the return of backpacks, as I have Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier, Moschino and Calvin Klein Collection backpacks sleeping deep inside my closet for like last ten years. They would love to get back outside!

  • Cathy Fitz

    I live in Chicago & have to say that I dislike backpacks in big cities. They’re easier for pickpockets & are terrible for fellow commuters who get “bonked” in the head. However, if you want a backpack for certain circumstances, this is gorgeous!!

    • Amy

      I second what Cathy said! Including living in Chicago :-)

      Your bag should not only close fully (no magnetic closures or whatnot) but you should be able to see it and hold it against you easily, in case you are in a particularly crowded spot.

      Love the shape of this backpack

  • jc

    the white one looks pretty. but will definitely be brown by next year

    • KaylaNiche

      Hahaha!! So true!

  • karin

    funny i was just looking to purchase this from neimans, but wasnt sure how heavy it was…also, if i am not mistaken, i think it can be worn as a shoulder bag also…i have a gucci back pack that can be worn this way as i am not a lover of backpacks its nice to have an alternative.

    • Yep, the straps can be zipped together and worn as a shoulder bag. Alexander Wang’s bags tend to be a bit on the heavier side, but since this one doesn’t have as much hardware as many of them do, I doubt it will be too heavy to carry comfortably.

  • Kelly

    omg, love it love it!!!

    • Kelly

      ohhh and welcome to NYC :D
      I moved from Los Angles to NYC about half a year ago and im totally in love with the city. I am planning to stay here permanently :D

  • val

    I commute on the train & wear a backpack everyday. I wouldn’t mind switching up my Tory Burch for this one…sigh..

  • YS(-L)

    you definitely do not need a car. People look at you as if you are crazy when you say that you live in Manhattan and that you own a car. In fact, I only know less than a handful who do.

  • Nicole

    LOVE this backpack!!

  • 19yearslater

    I’d go for the black. One of the many reasons I want to move to a big city some day is public transport. I wouldn’t mind carrying a larger purse or backpack full of stuff to avoid the hassles and cost of car/gas/upkeep.

  • nappy

    i love the dove gray!!! But the black i think will show less wear and tear and look even more lovely when distressed and a bit battered..

  • Mochababe73

    I am moving to the DC metroplex this summer. We spent two weeks there for the Christmas break, and I actually loved riding the train and walking. I also noticed that there were very few people there that were overweight.
    But, I can’t give up my SUV. We plan on living in VA so I will still be a “soccer mom”. I am also not giving up my handbags. I saw alot of crossbody bags but not many backpacks on women.

    • Mochababe73

      Oh, and I like that this bag is convertible. I say go with the green. It’s more unusual than black or white.

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    I would go with the black just because I would worry about color transfer with the other two lighter colors. I was in a Coach store yesterday when a woman came in distressed about her one-week-old light pink shoulder bag with definite signs of denim blue color transfer. Very sad!

  • Carmen

    So cute…. perfect way to free up your hands. Oh and congrats on making the move to NY. My hubby is dying for us to move there (we live in Miami) :)

  • ping

    Amanda, first welcome to NYC, you will love it! but i really do not like Alexander Wang bags. They are sloppy and slouchy and if they were priced at $200 range, they would be ok. But these are clearly overpriced in the $800 range. I was at Neimans and saw his leather bags for the first time in person and it was just shoddy:( Some of his bags are also heavy even without anything in them. By comparison to DVF’s bags, this belongs in the flea market. When you get to NYC, go downtown, there are plenty of “non” name bags like this for a fraction of the price and they are way more “hip”. while my “backpack” days are over, i still treasure my prada backpack from over a decade ago. But i must agree with the girl from chicago, most new yorker do not carry backpacks unless they are students at NYU.

  • edoardo

    If we don’t know that this si Wang we would say that these backpacks are completely slob!!! bleah!

  • Christine

    This is so cute!! love it!

  • kl

    this bag is alot more than a backpack it is also a shouler bag with medium strap and comes with a longer strap really amazing bag love it

  • Austinmamadrama

    I love my LV Bosphore backpack while in the city. It holds my big camera and I’m hands free!

  • Krista

    I would not carry a bookbag as a purse, but I guess it would depend on my job and life situation.

  • Alexis

    I love the black backpack. It would be perfect because i am still in school. much more fashionable than the Jansport clones. Now if only i could afford it.

  • turadosapuay

    want to have the third one.