If it didn’t look absolutely ridiculous, I would have titled this thread, Alexander Wang welcomes a new color that is similar to a color you welcome when changing the diaper of a new baby”. Let me preface this by saying that I actually love hues of yellow and even a mustard color when done right. But mustard is really really tricky to perfect, and if you are one hue too dark it starts to look like… well, you know what I mean.

There needs to be a big neon sign that lets you all know that I have not seen this color in person. Stars, red lights, flashes, I have not. And it could very well be the case that when I saw this color in person, I would realize it is the perfect mustard hue. So I don’t mean to knock it, I’m just rather hesitant and iffy with the color.

Alexander Wang welcomed the color Mustard in two of his iconic bags and one newer design: the Rocco Duffel, the Diego Bucket Bag, and the Darcy Slouchy Hobo.

What do you think of the new color? Shop Alexander Wang Bags at ShopBop.

*Great minds think alike, Amanda covered this color as well on PurseBlog Savvy*

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  • ela

    i like the bag in the middle. but i have to say, IMHO the color and the texture of the bag together= nooooooooooooo. like po*p hehe.


  • Cadence

    Not so much….just keep thinking baby diapers. Ugh. Like the form…not materials.

  • Cara

    I think the colour could work excellently with the right outfit or it could be troublesome. I don’t think I will be trying it though.

  • Proenza

    The Mustard is a lovely color. If you want the best photo of it, go straight to the source http://shop.alexanderwang.com/shop/#/

    Once again Shopbop is notorious for getting the shade wrong in their pictures. See the bag in person and feces is the last thing that comes to mind.

    • Oh Wow! Those colors look NOTHING alike. Will update this post, thanks for clarification :)

  • Valentina

    How can the colors in the photos be so different? Anyway, didn’t like the bags in mustard, but the color in Wang’s website is to die for. Gorgeous.

  • Kimberley

    I think it is key to search various sites for the actual bag. Opening Ceremony, Net-A-Porter and Alexander Wang online are the best to see it. Shopbop, FF and Saks unfortunately are so far from the actual product. Just poor lighting I guess, but it really devalues the bag.

  • gacats

    On the AW site, it’s actually a nice color. (fb)

  • Kylene

    I think it’s best to see the bag in person. I work for a company Bluebee.com and we have a great selection of Alexander Wang bags. We only have the Diego bag in mustard. When we shot it the color was off but it’s hard because everyone’s monitors are set differently so it could look right on one screen and different on another.

  • turadosapuay

    this is the best.