I am not a backpack person. I never really was. When it came to school, I was a messenger bag kind of girl. But right now I am all about the backpack and of course that is because of designer extraordinaire Alexander Wang. Alexander Wang is the designer for me, so much so that if I was told I could only buy from one designer right now I would live very happily with my choice.

The typical schoolbag has been made super cool in the Alexander Wang Sydney Backpack. In fact, it has been made so cool that I feel like enrolling in a class just to buy this bag. Of course you don’t need to be in school to carry a backpack, but I just about love this bag so much that I would consider going back to school for a new backpack. See, I find ways to get around my bag ban right now!

Goodbye boring and typical, hello downtown cool. The Sydney Backpack comes in two versions, black velvet and pinstriped. I am all about the pinstriped fabric. I want to put this bag on and walk around like I have somewhere to go with it. Hello back-to-school cool. The buttoned strap closures at the front flap are very Alexander Wang. Then there is an extra-long drawstring at the top (it’s the part of the bag that looks kind of like a scarf hanging from the bag). I know this bag is not for everyone, and typically it is not for me, but every part of my body wants this bag. Dimensions are 20″H x 12″L x 9″D. Buy via ShopBop for $775.

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  • Bagolicious

    I’ll pass and stick to European style satchels as I’ve carried since the early 70s. I still detest backpacks and that one keeps me detesting them.

  • Mary

    That is a very cool twist on the backpack. I’d definitely carry one!

  • Valentina

    I love everything about this bag… I drool.

    • Roxie Hart

      I am mopping up my drool as I type!

  • Valentina

    I love everything about this bag.

  • Nat

    omg!!! i never thought i would finally say the phrase: “I LOVE THIS BACKPACK!!”
    on other posts about backpacks and designers trying to make a new backpack i sadly commented: “unfortunatly this is just a backpack”. but this one isn’t!
    point for you wang!

  • Demi

    I never liked backpacks and no fashion designer is going make me want one. Sorry, but I’ll pass…

  • !!!

    love love love alexander wang and i love this backpack. i’d go for the velvet version. it is so hippie goth chick on a motorcycle it ain’t even funny. for some reason wang has been the only designer lately to invoke these feelings of severe fashion lust in me. it’s like stevie nicks and joan jett had a backpack baby. i can’t get over it! this man is going to bankrupt me!

  • mochababe73

    I saw this on another site last week, and I didn’t like it. I still don’t like it.

    I love the fabric, but the scarf hanging down the middle doesn’t appeal to me. I guess that I will have to keep hunting down the Coach Poppy backpack that I want.

  • Danieli

    Love AW, but I just can’t do a backpack, maybe for travel in Europe, but considering I have only ever done that once, the pricey backpack…..not for me~

  • somethingbags

    This is like the Proenza Schouler PS1 of backpacks.

  • 19yearslater

    I like them, but anything I do with a backpack is too rough for such a delicate item that costs so much money.

  • Jelita78

    oh this is THE most supercool backpack ever!
    hey does it have padding on the inside?
    can it safely fit to hold the laptop?
    i’ll look awesome taking this to work.. oh soooo cool..
    (yeah, i think i’m about to feel like a student now.. hehe..).. (ipad)

  • Emma G

    Not a backpack person (ipad)

  • turadosapuay

    cant really get it.