I’m speaking for all of us here at PurseBlog when I say that we are all thrilled that new Alexander Wang handbags are available. While new handbags seem to pop up all the time at some of our favorite retail stores, there are some days where I feel like I’ve already seen everything. I guess that’s what I get for basically scouring the internet for the best (and sometimes worst) handbags available. So, needless to say, I welcome these new Alexander Wang bags with open arms.

The thing about Alexander Wang handbags is that they are unique – very unique. Yes, you need to have a bit of an open mind to fully appreciate these bags, but when you are able to open your mind, you might find yourself lusting after a bag that makes quite a statement.

In fact, this Alexander Wang Willow Top-Frame Messenger is just what I am talking about. I’ve always envisioned a messenger bag to have a particular shape and style. Sure, there are slight variations, but all in all, you know what I am saying. However, this messenger is quite different. First of all, it seems to be taller than it is wide. Not what you would normally expect, right? The black pebble leather bag is opened with a hinged metal frame and is closed and secured with a leather-and-loop strap. There is a single top handle (2″ drop) as well as detachable leather and chain shoulder strap (20½” drop). This is the kind of bag that will bring an entire new look and feel to almost any outfit. I appreciate the direction Mr. Wang has gone with this bag, do you? Buy through Saks for $925.

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  • Jane

    I am obsessed with the new bags by Alexander Wang I would love to own his take on the traditional train car bag. I find this new line to be unique, visionary, and completely beautiful. The hinge openings on the new line are gorgeous. I am so happy to see you posting about the new line.

  • mm

    LOVE this bag and the smaller version. the bag has a retro feel which i love. I will own one of these bags. It is unique and not outrageously priced.

  • MizzJ

    Very cool, edgy and unexpected. It’s amazing what he can do with such simple lines.


  • atrophia

    Interesting, but not in love with it.

  • Annie

    i love how the gold lines can act as both a simple design and a frame for the opening so it doesnt slouch too much (like the duffel).. (: where can i see the rest of the line? id like to see the smaller version! it’d be cute with a loose button ups..

  • Annie

    the only problem i might have is that the handle might be a little to small and i’m concerned about how it would look when i have it on my arm.. i hope it is lightweight too!

  • !!!

    OMG i love this…esp after i saw the inside view

    i am beginning to love a. wang bags as much as i love ysl

  • Sofia Nolan


  • Jo

    i wish there was a picture of it when it is worn

  • Fluffy Times

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     Great bags!

  • turadosapuay

    it really different shape.