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I’m a big lover of Alexander Wang‘s accessories, and when the designer debuted a boxy, hefty wristlet called the Alexander Wang Jade Bag for Spring 2011, I was so stoked. I was totally going to get one. The heft, the proportion, the hardware caps on the corners – it was perfection! Except that when I finally got to play with one of these precious little darlings, the bag had one very noticeable design flaw. Now, though, all of that is fixed. Or at least it looks like it’s been taken care of in this Spring 2012 preview photo from Vogue.

The original Jade bag is the most obvious example I can think of in the recent past of when a single element of a design has totally killed the entire thing. The leather flap that covered the zipper in the original version made the clutch nearly inaccessible to anyone but the most dedicated of bag owners, but joyously, on the shiny, almost holographic python version that we see above, the zipper flap has been removed entirely.

I feel like the old zipper flap was the universe’s way of telling me that I should wait to buy this bag because the ultimate version had yet to come out, and the universe was right. Where can I get on a wait list? I want to be the first person out the door with one of these clutches. We don’t know pricing for now, but previous Jade bags have retailed for around $800. Naturally, the price point on this version will hinge on whether or not it’s made of real python.

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  • Sandra Rowley

    I am not that excited about the bags that I have seen from the spring collection so far. I am not a back pack kind of gal….and the little jade bag not my cup of tea either. I do love the Emile tote though…..and I seriously thinking of buying one. Does anybody know anything about the Emile?

    • AW usually only shows a small portion of the season’s bags on the runway, so there’s still a lot to come from him and we’ll post those pictures when they surface. And the Emile is a great bag, I’m almost positive it’ll be back for spring in new materials/colors.

  • QQ

    thank god!!! i just found a couple of versions of the previous style at the barney’s outlet. i wanted the all black w/ stingray so bad. but then when the SA handed it to me to check out, i was beyond annoyed. that thing looked so friggin’ bad-ass, but i couldn’t get it open!!! i thought i was going to break it (and you know what that means— cha-ching!) i was heart-broken. i may get the next incarnation now that they removed that retarded zipper flap! so glad you mentioned this!

  • turadosapuay

    i was attracted by the color..