Alexander McQueen

As you have probably noticed, I adore structured bags. They have such an inherent sophistication in them, like someone plucked them out of some ancient photograph and spiced them up a bit, of course. This Alexander McQueen Izzie Clutch is the latest bag in this shape that I have found. I love the hardware, even if the gold is a little too gold-y for me, a tad too garish. It’s the shape I’m obsessed with. The clutch itself, on the other hand, is a different story.

Alexander McQueen Izzie Clutch

The iridescent patent leather reminds me of one of those glow-in-the-dark frogs, but I obviously don’t want this on a purse. It’s the same color as McQueen’s Skull Clutch, which Shannon reviewed, but the color is considerably cuter on that clutch than on this one. And while I love the retro turn lock closure, it’s what is on the back of the bag that I’m not a fan of. Why is there a wrist strap on the back? I can understand having a thin wrist strap on the side, but why make it flush with the back? Oh McQueen, if only this clutch came in another (normal) color- without that strap. Buy through Zappos for $1527.

Alexander McQueen Clover Hobo

It took me a second to understand the name of the Alexander McQueen Clover Hobo. My thought process went something like this: well, it’s not green. It’s not printed. It’s not in the shape of a clover. So wha….oh. I see it. Do you see it? Did you see it quicker than I did? What does that say about me?

Anyway, for the folks like me that aren’t feeling quick on the uptake today: The black patent trim forms a large four-leaf clover shape on the supple cream leather. See it now? Yep, that’s what I thought. Kind of interesting, right? Because it’s not too literal at all, and there’s nothing that would irritate me more than having something really obvious like a piece of foliage stuck to the front. McQueen is a better designer than that, and I think this bag proves it. It may not be your cup of tea – I don’t particularly think that it’s mine – but it is well designed and the materials look incredibly lush on close-up. If I could have everything in my house, including my pillows, upholstered in that cream leather, I would die a happy girl. Buy through Zappos for $1999.

According to one of my college graphics professors, blue is the favorite color of an overwhelming majority of Americans. Before dropping this tidbit of knowledge on us, she demonstrated her point by going around he room and asking each of us, one by one, what our favorite color was. Every single person said blue. Except me. I said red. I like being contrary. But if I’m the only holdout, then the designers at Alexander McQueen chose very wisely when designing their Crystal-Print Clutch. It contains blues of every type in its retro-modern silk print, and it would look sophisticated against a monotone dress in any number of shades.

Alexander McQueen Crystal-Print Clutch

The one thing that’s tripping me up, though, is the bag’s price point versus its construction. The price IS very reasonable for a McQueen bag of any type – I don’t think I’ve ever seen another one this far below the thousand-dollar cutoff (if I’ve ever seen one below a grand at all, come to think of it). But the clutch itself probably isn’t work upwards of $500 – its construction is very simple and kind of flimsy-looking, even if the print is nice. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $540.

The first thing that I did when I saw the Alexander McQueen Fringe Hobo was try to imagine it in any color other than brown. Purple. Green. Orange. Anything. Because as it is, all brown and fringe-y and studded, it looks like it would be better suited for an old episode of Gunsmoke than the wardrobe of a fashionable, modern woman.

Alexander McQueen Fringe Hobo

Sometimes, with a bag, individual characteristics are fine. I think fringe is kind of fun. A lot of people like brown. Studding is very popular recently. But then, when you take a lot of looks and try to combine them all on one bag, things go wrong, and that’s what happened here. This bag looks more theme-y than fashionable, and not particularly high-end. I’d wear it with a Halloween costume in a heartbeat, but I’m not sure how it would work with the wardrobe of McQueen’s average handbag customer. I normally think he’s a genius, but this bag misses the mark. Buy through Saks for $1995.

I’ll admit it, someone got me on April Fool’s Day. It was my good friend since preschool, Dania. She posted a facebook status saying that she was engaged, and since she moved away last year I knew she had started dating someone seriously, so I totally bought it. It’s hard to get me, and she totally had me fooled – I even sent my mom a text message to let her know, since I’ve known this girl since I could barely go to the bathroom on my own.

Alexander McQueen Leahter Woven Wishbone Shopper

And I thought someone else had gotten me too – more specifically, I was sure that the price tag of the Alexander McQueen Leather Woven Wishbone Shopper had to be some sort of ridiculous joke. Because it’s a pretty cool-looking bag, and I had initially wanted to write that I liked the hardware and the woven-ness mixed with the non-woven-ness, and that I wasn’t sure about the fringe, but I was willing to give it a shot since it all looked sort of edgy and cool mixed together. That’s what I was GOING to write. Before I saw the price. Because for the $6,380 that McQueen wants for this bag, I could buy 4 or 5 other really cool bags, so nevermind. For that, I can basically buy a Birkin. At least a basic one. This bag may be cool, but it’s not six-and-a-half-grand cool. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $6380.

Alexander McQueen Flapper Messenger BagI resisted the whole long-strap thing for a while. It seems to be popular lately – a regular-sized bag with a much longer strap than it would have had a season or two ago. Messenger bags still give me horrible mental images of the horrible, boob-squishing thing I used to carry in high school, and perhaps I have a prejudice as a result. You know what’s helping me work through my mental block, though?

The Alexander McQueen Flapper Messenger Bag. In all fairness, in the pictures, it looks like the strap isn’t really long enough to be anything but a shoulder bag, and it also says it’s adjustable, meaning I could probably FORCE it to be a shoulder bag. And after seeing Megs’ pics of her beautiful Diane von Furstenberg Stephanie Slouchy Hobo, I’m starting to take long-strapped shoulder bags more seriously. They are truly casual in every way, and give a bit of hippie chic to a regular summer dress. The leather on this McQueen bag looks divine, and although grey is more of a fall color, this particular grey is light enough to be spring-appropriate. The lines are nice and clean, and I’ve never had a McQueen bag before…at the very least, he’s got me thinking very seriously about this trend.

$1,840 via

Net-a-Porter Bag Guide
So, if I’m being honest with you guys, I’m just looking for a reason to post this photo. That’s all this is. Because this is possibly the coolest bag pic I’ve seen ever, and that’s saying something. It’s the lead shot for the Net-a-Porter Bag Guide, something that may interest you in and of itself, but I’m more distracted by the picture. Not only is the model’s dress adorable, but she’s got an enormous Alexander McQueen Large Patent Tote to climb into, and who could really ask for anything more than that? The bag is big enough in real life that an Olsen twin could probably move in to it, and as it is in this shot, I think it might have more square footage than my apartment. I’m looking for a new place – I wonder how much the rent on this one would be? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2395.

Alexander McQueen Neon Panel Clutch Over the weekend, my mom, sister and I were working on songs that we want the DJ to play at our wedding. I actually love 80’s and early 90’s music. I specifically remember telling my mom when I was little that I would always listen to the ‘current’ music, never to the oldies, and be the coolest grown-up. I have already failed at that I guess. But there is something about the neon colors of the 80’s that is entirely electrifying.

I have no use for the Alexander McQueen Neon Panel Clutch and it would be worn for dress up occasions, but a small part of me looks at it and says Rock On! This clutch sports every aspect of the 80’s that we typically think of in our minds; neon, geometric shapes, patent leather, and totally out there. For the next 80’s themed party, if you have a budget that is sky high, I would totally suggest this clutch. Otherwise, it is more of a fun piece to look at but I am not about to buy it. Order through Net A Porter for $1,070.

Alexander McQueen Elvie Patent Leather ToteThe first thing I like about the Alexander McQueen Elvie Patent Leather Tote is its name. Elvie. That’s adorable, right? It’s playful and British-sounding and maybe something Sir Bob Geldof would name a kid (he did, after all, choose Peaches and Pixie in the past). And the bag itself doesn’t disappoint either – in whimsicle grass-green patent leather, all I can see when I look at it is springtime. But let’s talk a bit about the construction, because that’s also a big part of this bag and is done very well. McQueen has managed to take patent leather – a material that is inherently stiff, firm, and difficult to work with – and made it look like it was easily draped over this bag’s frame. A difficult task indeed, and when you add in the bag’s cute, bright lining and ability to work as a “bright neutral,” Elvie is a big winner. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2160.

The funky and edgy designs from Alexander McQueen usually catch the eye. There was the Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch which paired an otherwise simple structured clutch with a skull closure. But this bag is a treat. It is a treat because I would not expect it from the likes of McQueen. The Alexander McQueen Melrose Tote is a completely wearable everyday bag, implementing a comfortable shape with green leather. The green leather jumps out and grabs your attention right away. But it is the perfect pop of color. And then open the bag up and you will find bright pink cotton lining. Ok, so it resembles a watermelon. But still, bright and fun. It is not the color combination that I am drawn to though, it is the shape. The slightly tapered top means this bag will fit very comfortably under your arm. There are double shoulder straps with an 8.5″ drop. The bag is big enough for everyday use, 16½”W X 15″H X 6″D. Buy through Saks for $1435.

There are times when I just can’t help myself – I absolutely have to share a handbag with you. That is definitely the case with the Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch. This is one of those handbags that just jumped out at me for so many reasons. First of all, it’s not very often that you see the word “skull” in a handbag name. As I looked at the clutch a bit, I noticed the reason for the name of it; there is in fact a jeweled skull closure. For some reason, I kind of like that addition. I think it is a bit edgy and without a doubt different.

Now, the clutch itself has an iridescent frame and leather lining. I mentioned last week on Purse Blog Savvy when I wrote about the Marc Jacobs Satin Rad Bag that I am a huge fan of non-traditional holiday colors during the holiday season. This clutch would fit into that category. Here is my main concern though, would your fingerprints show on this clutch? I am a little worried that after a night’s use, the clutch would resemble a glass coffee table in a house where a small child is learning to walk – fingerprints galore. What do you think? The price is a bit steep too. Megs covered the same McQueen Skull Clutch in different colors and a tad cheaper a while back. But if you want to add something spunky to your wardrobe, buy through Saks for $1,670.

Have any of you begun to notice that you’re starting to think of the holiday season? Maybe while you are window shopping or browsing the web, something catches your eye and you think “hey, this would be perfect for so and so”. I know there are some people out there who begin shopping months in advance. Actually, Megs and my grandmother picks things up year-round and holds on to them until the holidays. While others of us, read: ME, wait until just about the last minute to shop. Well, I have to say, I saw the Alexander McQueen Elvie Python Tote and thought, “you know, this would be a great gift”. The tote is all the rage right now and has been seen on several celebs and socialites. And we all know how amazing it is to be able to sport one of the celeb or socialite favorites on your arm.

Let’s take a minute to talk about the tote itself. First of all, when I look at it, my heart is happy. I love the overall look and feel of the bag. I know I’ve said it before, and I am sure to say it again, but it truly is the best when at first glance a bag just really catches your eye. The dark green python leather couldn’t be accented more perfectly than it is with the gold-tone hardware. (To me, in these images, the tote looks black, but it is said to be dark green, so I’ll take their word.) I think the tote would be carried best in hand or resting mid-arm, but I guess the two handles could even fit on your shoulder if you really wanted it to. At the same time, don’t do that, you need to show off this gorgeous bag! The flap over the top and gold clasp really add to the beauty of the bag. Open up the tote and you will find a small zipped pocket and fabulous brown suede lining. More than anything, this bag screams elegance, grace and sophistication, but not in a stuffy way. Who wouldn’t love receiving this as a gift? I guess the only drawback is the price; buy through Net-a-Porter for $5,380.