Alexander McQueen Flapper Messenger BagI resisted the whole long-strap thing for a while. It seems to be popular lately – a regular-sized bag with a much longer strap than it would have had a season or two ago. Messenger bags still give me horrible mental images of the horrible, boob-squishing thing I used to carry in high school, and perhaps I have a prejudice as a result. You know what’s helping me work through my mental block, though?

The Alexander McQueen Flapper Messenger Bag. In all fairness, in the pictures, it looks like the strap isn’t really long enough to be anything but a shoulder bag, and it also says it’s adjustable, meaning I could probably FORCE it to be a shoulder bag. And after seeing Megs’ pics of her beautiful Diane von Furstenberg Stephanie Slouchy Hobo, I’m starting to take long-strapped shoulder bags more seriously. They are truly casual in every way, and give a bit of hippie chic to a regular summer dress. The leather on this McQueen bag looks divine, and although grey is more of a fall color, this particular grey is light enough to be spring-appropriate. The lines are nice and clean, and I’ve never had a McQueen bag before…at the very least, he’s got me thinking very seriously about this trend.

$1,840 via

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  • Merve

    I really like how smooth and shiny the leather is. The grey is also sublime and i love the shape as well as well as the little thin straps. However would i part with 2k for this? Im not so sure. I think in these times a bag has to be pretty exceptional for me to pay up close to the 2 grand mark.

  • SKelly …

    ITA with Merve.

    If it had a couple of gold brinks in it, then I’d plunk down the dough. :-)

  • Shawna

    I just finished watching an older Johnny Depp movie (The ninth gate) and this bag reminds me of the one he uses to carry around old/rare books about the devil. I’ve never really liked the way bags with longer straps feel when they bounce off my hips or upper thighs. That said… do like the looks of the bag, I’m just not sure it would end up in my closet.

  • Anna

    I know that messenger bags are “in” right now – but I hate them for some reason. I don’t know why, it’s just an unreasonable hate.

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    WOWZA…what a GRREEAATT bag!! I am pleasantly surprised it’s NOT over the top since I never would have expected this from Alexander McQueen!!

  • Aria

    I absolutely adore this shade of grey!

  • pearl

    this is super cute! i’d love to wear this around the college campus.

  • seven7

    I think “max $250” like it. Love the shade of grey as well though.

  • coach4me

    I love the shape of it, the color… I too have a bias against the too-long strap but I might be able to come around… but not for $1800+.

  • mintpearl

    I love the grey color and the overall soft shape of the messenger. I do like the option of having longer straps on some bags, but have come to realize that carrying bags w/longer straps usually ends up giving me a sore shoulder.

  • dimon

    A good messenger bag is always in a slouchy, body contouring material, with the ability to hang at least even with your hip bone, preferably lower. If you’re a big-city, metro-riding girl you will probably not be able to do without a messenger bag just for the security issue. I think they are most practical in the cold months when gloved hands are in coat pockets or holding a childs hand in the city. Megs has a beautiful DVF messenger and it looks very hip on her!

  • ilikebigbags

    Gorgeous bag, gorgeous style, gorgeous color, but I do think the style of Mr. McQueen is overpriced hottopic to be honest. I love the style but it’s over the top price wise with the skulls and everything, I’ve seen it done cheaper and better. I really appreciate his taste for it, and kudos to anyone to get people to pay that amount of money.

    It is still cute.

  • I think McQueen’s brilliance really shines through best in runway shows – the skulls and whatnot in his accessories can, at times, read cheap, but there are few shows I’d rather watch than his. The clothes are beautiful – sculptural, innovative, a bit subversive. I don’t think the full McQueen aesthetic comes through in the accessories.

  • Ji

    I’ve been wanting a messenger bag. Its nice, but not great for me. I like how it looks sooooo smooth like marble, but I dont like the shape.

  • stella

    Oooo! I love these bags! They’re so perfect for work and school use. This one is beautiful though, looks very smooth, soft and smooshy. If the price wasn’t out of this world I’d take it already. lol! It’s beautiful though. Looks to be a comfortable looking bag to wear too. I love it.

  • Margaret

    I really love the color, but it almost reminds me of the Lucky Stash bag, which was several hundred cheaper (but alas, not a messenger).

  • Sarahsaurus

    Aesthetically, a lovely bag. The leather looks great too– but $2k? I couldn’t justify it.

  • hazel

    I love everything about this bag, the color (yay grey!), the relaxed shape, and the pretty leather!

  • Jeloi

    This reminds me of bag that were used in old western movies.

  • piratesbooty

    This bag is beautiful! I love the color and the leather looks amazing.

  • Cats

    See those buckles on that flap?
    Lost me right there.

  • Carolyn

    It is the year of McQueen. I love his work, and the collection for Target is cute, but this bag is lackluster. I want more.

  • Goldie9899

    I really like the color and soft looking leather on this bag! Not that crazy about the design, especially the shoulder strap. It would be much cuter as a clutch!

  • Tara

    Alexander McQueen bags are amazing. I have two and neither of them have skulls on them. They are both very classic and stylish bags. I receive complements every time I carry them. This bag is nice but I like the regular flapper better. I guess I am not the messenger type. I am only 5’2″ so it is hard for me to carry a bag with a long strap.

  • Julia

    This bag is cute! I’ve seen this style everywhere. Especially with the Lucky Brand bags for the cheaper price. I think everyone who owns one would have to carefully choose their outfit or it wouldn’t look right.

  • aznkat25

    I’m loving this bag, both the color and the shape! I swear it’s smiling at me… If I could afford a bag like this when I was in school I’d totally use it, hahaha :)

  • Kendra

    This is a nice messenger bag and the gray color will go with anything. Thumbs up. (fb)