Samsonite Black Label by Alexander McQueen
picture via Ny Mag

There are some people who are home bodies and some people who can not sit still. I definitely fall into the latter category, I can not keep myself in one place for an extended amount of time. From New York to Ohio to Florida to vacations around the world, I am always on the move. Granted some of my trips leave me with a broken arm, but I can’t stop. This month I am off to Spain and Italy and then in May off to California. Personally, I never cared much for nicer luggage. Give me a bag that works and a bag that i can spot on the belt and I am satisfied. But the Samsonite Black Label by Alexander McQueen is the most bold line created by a quirky and outrageous designer along with Samsonite, a brand that is well known for its durable travel gear. Don’t expect a plain black bag from this creation, check out a roll-on with a skeleton like body and sleek and edgy designs. For more information, check out Samsonsite Black Label.

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  • nism

    holy crap, those are HOT!

  • lil kim

    :idea: yes, he is brilliant! This collection is so lovely. :grin:

  • lmoon2550

    I can’t even begin to imagine what those gorgeous bags would look like after just one airline got hold of them!

    • Justin

      good thing they come with travel protection covers.

  • lipvixen

    Beautiful but not practical. Unless you have a private plane these will die on flight and will be beat up and dirty on the conveyor belt.

    Am loving the skeleton roller though.

  • Kendra

    These are great, except for the crazy rib cage one. (fb)

  • Naggy

    The best luggage collection ever; Alex McQueen, why did you have to go?!?! (ipad)

  • ms.jenn

    I own one a set of these and let me tell you they’ve stood the test of serious travel. Mine are in white and not a scuff on them yet. My only fear is now checking the large one and someone stealing it since McQ is now dead and its gone up in value :(

    • Mash

      Dear Ms. Jenn,
      Would you have any idea where I can find the skeleton roll-on in white now?