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  • Smithy

    Sorry, it basically looks like *ussy hair and a clothespin. Heck, you could make this at home!!!

  • ottercat


  • Guest

    I feel bad for the foxes that were killed to make these. At least with coats, hats and scarves, they are keeping someone warm and will be used for more than a season before going out of style after a couple of years. I don’t see why these have to be made with real fur. I know Fendi is famous and has a long history as a furrier, but this egregious (and what I see as a somewhat narcissistic) use of real fur is really keeping me from spending any more money on their bags.

    • Guest

      Think It is another way for Fendi to use off cut animal fur to make something they can sell. Still crazy price and better save the money for something more practical.

    • ruru

      what’s crazy is that fendi did a whole faux/fake fur collection, karl said that he had invested in fake fur technology and now real fur wasnt as necessary but now they go back to using real fur, seems odd.

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  • zeitentgeistert

    these ‘toys’ are most likely made out of scrap material. left-overs – in other words – which makes the price even more ridiculous.