Valentine’s Day has always been one of those days I’ve loved. While I’ve not always had a significant other on Valentine’s Day, it is nice to sit back and remember how much love I have in my life. I have a great family, amazing friends and am constantly surrounded by love. So whether you have a Valentine this year or not, try and remember how loved you are and how many people you love!

With all of this being said, I still have a list of things I’d be more than happy to receive on Valentine’s Day. Nothing too extravagant but nonetheless lovely.

1. Two Dozen Long Stem Red Roses: I know red roses on Valentine’s Day sound rather cliche, but that doesn’t bother me at all. I love roses. I love how they look, how they smell and how they open up each day a bit more. I tend to believe that flowers can cheer up any room and I would love to come home this Valentine’s Day to gorgeous red roses. Buy through for $139.

2. A homemade dinner: I wouldn’t necessarily turn down a night out on Valentine’s Day, but I absolutely love spending Valentine’s Day at home. It is so great to have your man cook you dinner or even cook dinner together. If I could choose the meal, I’d totally be up for Chicken Marsala or Lasagna this Valentine’s Day. Of course, a nice side salad and some wine would be the best way to round out the meal.

3. Marc Jacobs Kate Lock Hobo: I’ve been thinking about this bag for quite some time now. No, it doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day, but I like that this is the kind of bag that I can carry all year long. Megs, covered this bag a little while back (click here for her review) and I’ve been drooling over it from that point forward. Sure, a little pricey for a Valentine’s Day gift, but you never know, right! Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $950.

4. J. Crew Deco Necklace: Since the Marc Jacobs bag might be too much, I’ve also found a great necklace from J. Crew that would be fabulous. I love this necklace because it is fun and flirty yet elegant and sophisticated. It would be a great option for dressing up or dressing down an outfit. Buy through J. Crew for $128.

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  • I thought you were just asking for that guy, he isn’t too shabby ;)

    • Jane

      That is what I thought

  • cge

    Is that your husband?! Well, you seem all set then!!

  • mayoom.

    Marc Jacobs Kate Lock Hobo … this is in my wish list since forever!

  • Danieli

    I am going to say I love the Necklace, nice, but not too much, flowers are pretty…for a bit, Bag is too expensive for Vday…..homecooked meal sounds good too….I am planning on giving my husband a lovely card, a nice dinner at home, and the best thing ever, the whole night without going on the computer! Happy Vday to all~

  • John Ellen

    A great collection of love sms and love text messages contributed for lovely people.

  • Kendra

    I’d take, those, too


  • Adrienne Zedella

    i’ll take a bag like that for valentine’s day (fb)

  • Nicole

    I’d NEVER turn down a Kate bag for V-Day!!! That said, I’m hoping for a certain necklace this February, instead!


  • Naggy

    I love roses and wish more of them would grow in the wild! (ipad)

  • creighbaby

    All I wanted for v-day was a lovely note from my husband. And I got what I wanted. Divine day. (ipad)