Oh my goodness! Remember when beanie babies were all the rage – and I mean ALL the rage? Well, I don’t actually remember the last time I saw one. So, you can imagine my surprise and astonishment to see these Prada Beanie Babies. Now, these beanie babies are actually key chains, so they are a bit smaller than your traditional beanie baby. And can I tell you, I cannot believe I am writing about beanie babies right now. It makes me giggle. It looks like these little guys will range between $123 and $200. I’m not so sure I’d want one attached to my keys, but hey, to each their own. So, what do you think? Did Prada do something good here?

Via Blogue.us

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  • daisyjane

    Oh yuck, yuck, yuck!

  • Gi

    they are cute, if Prada peel off the prada triangle tag, and knock 2 zero’s of the price tag.

  • may

    I miss those beanie babies days…

    I find the panda design acceptable because of the bling, but what’s up with the monkey or the bear? It looks like they have been hit with a bout of chicken pox or some skin ailment… I would have love it a little more if they had just made them more realistic, it would have been less scary… Sometimes, less is more…

    Price-wise, I would not pay the price to get a “diseased-looking” beanie…

  • aminie

    omg, that is so distateful… let’s buy a teddy, put our logo on it, and cover it with sparkles…
    what does brands won’t do to sell??

    this has absolutely nothing to do with the luxury industry… I am so speechless!

  • brie2009

    how cute! I thought they were going to be more expensive like $300 – $500.

  • Amanda Rowe

    I couldn’t justify 100-200 dollars for them, but I do love them! When I saw the picture I couldn’t help but smile.

  • baby boo

    ok as sad as this is to say my DH bought me the pink one and although im using it at times i do find it ugly at other times cute.. its a no win siutation.. they arent that bad though if you get it as a pressie

  • Paix

    hideous. the panda is slightly acceptable

  • coco13

    No, Prada didn’t do a good thing; they sold out.

  • mave

    i am trying to get my hands on the pink one…

    its hideously cute

  • me

    They’re cute. But I wouldn’t spend that much for a beanie baby keychain.

  • Merve

    what are we 12 yrs old?

  • Izzie

    i liked their robots.

    these beanie babies r just.. too much!

  • Gina

    I saw them at the local shops about 3 – 4 weeks ago. I was terribly shocked to see these animals. I mean.. I can manufacture them myself! It’s like what a 5 year old kid would do, minus the cute-ness.

  • Katie

    Cute. I might be old, but this is cutee.

  • Hebden

    This is hardly new…Prada’s been making variations of these for years now.

  • kate

    i have the panda beanie babie. it’s so cute and i attach it to my handbag. actually i like to attach a doll or a scarf to my handbags in case that someone carries a same handbag as mine. :) i had some embarassing experiences.
    i read an article about this.

    Hangbag Accessories – Saving Grace

    i wish i could have the whole collection of beanie babies.

  • nicola

    I think they are cute. Does anyone now where I can get one? I live in Canada.

  • Naggy

    Why do the second two look like they have chickenpox? (ipad)