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  • Rachel

    I had no idea these stickers non removable! I’ve seen some Kelly bags with them and i thought for sure that meant they could come off easily. I guess not though. I think I’d rather add them to a leather jacket.

    • Katherine Callaghan

      I thought they were removable, too! The product description on Net-a-Porter says it’s permanent, and once I read that, I knew I had to write a post and make sure everyone knew that they aren’t removable!

    • Mya Wilkes

      Hmmnnn a jacket! Now that’s an idea.

  • ebun

    Woah, they’re non removable?! That’s way too much commitment! Especially for something that won’t be in vogue come 2016/17…

    Maybe a beach bag or luggage or cheaper brand (i.e <$250).

  • I have a furla bag that would be perfect for this! nothing over $200 though.

  • Halaway

    you’d have to be seriously rich to stick them on a premium designer bag! I agree with posts below. I’d stick it on a Coach or kate spade but not my Pradas!

  • sdhee

    That’s a lie. It’s removable. I had it in my bag and decided to remove it.

    Why wouldn’t it removable doesnt make sense

  • I was having a few commitment issues myself. Decided to stick them on my leather Smythson notebook instead.

  • dredre47

    I’d start with the letter stickers for my initials and maybe go from there! I wouldn’t even start with Kate Spade or Coach, something even cheaper haha.

  • FashionableLena

    I’ve heard of people using double sided tape to adhere it to the bag. Seems lik a lot money for a sticker even if it is leather.

  • Volappece

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  • Olivia J.

    Maybe I’ll put them on a wallet. Looks like it’s going to be 55 a piece for my initials Lol

  • SarahGGanley

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  • Aliza Zibkoff

    No one can claim they are COMPLETELY removable, key word being completely. Leather is a natural product where the texture can vary very much even on one skin. Therefore! it may be removable on one area of leather and stick more another area. In any case all that comes to mind from my leather classes was the teacher yelling at us to NEVER, EVER PUT STICKER ON LEATHER!!!

    • Jennifer Budrick

      Did you really take a leather class? I never knew they existed, wow! I have a question since you would definiately be the one to ask. I have a very expensive flat thin leather iphone case that I would love two words put on it… how would you best tackle that? It can’t be heated, i don’t think, because the leather is probably heated to the case already and it may ruin what’s there. Can you recommend any other way to get these words on there? Thank you in advance!

  • Y Ajayi

    Leave, love AH but stickers seem a bit faddy….

  • buffmom33

    Have the AH stickers in my initials but would not put on handbag I purchased to jazz up my LV agenda:)

  • Marlène

    I have some from previous seasons on SLG : I would never put them on a bag but I especially love my LV clés-pochette (key pouch) with the blue Oops. Everyone has this item, so I like that mine is just a little bit different

  • I got the thumbs up sticker and put it on a leather iPhone case but the case’s leather is so bad! It didn’t last a month before it got all dirty and ruined. I thought I lost $120 ($50 case and $70 sticker) but I peeled the sticker off and the glue still worked so I now put it on a new case (not leather this time). And it didn’t really damage the crappy leather from apple’s case. Maybe they say it’s permanent because the glue is really good and it won’t wear out, but I think you can peel it off if you get bored of it? Anyone else has tried it on a purse or other leather goods?

    Here’s the before and after, (sorry for the crappy “after” photo):