Louis Vuitton Car CharmCharms are fun, they’re an easy way to give the boring ol’ bag a new touch, refresh it with some shiny bling, you know what I mean. Louis Vuitton is not far when it comes to lil cute bag charms, either. Always on top of the game… that’s LV for ya. The reason why I love this Louis Vuitton Car Charm so much is because it reminds of the first car my mom got after our family emigrated to Germany. It must have been around 1985/6, money was low and while my dad was pimping in a rusty Fiat, my mom drove me around in a baby-blue Citroen 2CV. The 2CV is the car that the charm is modelled after – one of the greatest and most popular french cars ever built. Though terribly unsafe (the doors weren’t any thicker than its 25 page user’s manual) and awfully slow (the 2CV’s popular nickname was Deux Chevaux – Two Horses, you get the picture), it had an unmatched charme and was loved by millions. Ours had a manually folding roof that leaked in the rain, and breaking into it could be done with a fork… which happened 8 times in the 3 years we had it. Good times. This 18 karat 2CV in solid gold and with two sapphires acting as headlights does cost about 10x as much as our 2CV was worth back then ($2,580), and I do think that you have to drive a little more than two horses in order to be willing to spend that amount on a freakin’ bag charm… it was still worth the mention, just because it brought back all the sweet memories. ­čśÇ

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