Lennace Purse Hanger

You got yourself a really nice bag, a bag that you call your best friend and never want it to leave your side. But, being the responsible female that you are, you don’t want it to touch ground under any circumstances. Never. The dirty it may just pick up from the ground gives you the creeps. And the stains that happen on your precious suede are a bitch to clean up. Fear no more ladies, I got you covered!

Browsing our ad support today, I stumbled across the Lennace purse hangers. The pretty hangers are lightweight, but sturdy and can even hold up a briefcase. They come in a variety of colors and cost between $25 and $30 a pop. A stylicious thumbs up from the purse blog crew! Get ’em through the site’s online store.

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  • I need one of those, but I need a small one, because I carry small bags, being a teeny person. (4’11”) Know of a company that makes them in different sizes?

    • Sue

      The most compact, with terrific designs, and the best quality are the Hang ’em Highs from Italix Inc. They’re priced very reasonably as well!

  • Caroline

    Hi Ella, I bought one of these purse hangers. They are small and they can fit in any size handbag especially very tiny bags.
    The picture doesn’t do justice b/c it makes it seem very big when in reality it is acutally very small. It will fit in your purse and you will think it isn’t big but actually very much smaller than you thought.
    I recommend this very much if you need this. It works too and it is cute.
    I bought the blue one since I love the color blue. The gold or yellow one is cute too.

  • Andrea Saba Issa

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    Best regards.

  • note- adrian bassa from cochobolivbamwhatever, this is a place where you put comments, not advertising
    my comment- those are really useful! i so need one

  • Pam

    I have one–got it as a gift. It’s wonderful, I wouldn’t be without it now.

  • Jenny

    In response to the questions about smaller purse hangers, you can get them in all shapes and sizes at http://www.couturecaddy.com . They have the cutest one’s I’ve seen, and great prices as well.

  • bag pal

    check ebay for purse hook, jencaddy is good

  • lafi


  • Nicci

    I could really use one of these. But buts with all the hype? After all, it is just a purse holder. :roll:

    • Sue

      Hey Nicci – I know its such a simple thing, but they really are amazing. I totally love mine and everywhere I go people (especially waitresses) want it from me. I had to order some 3 times cuz all my friends keep taking mine. I got mine on ebay, The sellers name was bwalter2007 and it came really quick. If you search purse hanger on ebay there’s a bunch that’ll come up and they’re cheaper than any of the websites I’ve seen selling them.

  • Freddie
  • Jen

    I bought my purse hook from http://www.silverhooks.com and was very impressed!! :roll: Highly Recommend!!!

  • Colette

    I ordered mine at http://www.pursehook.net They were really reasonably priced and I got mine right away. I heard the one’s sold on ebay are really, really cheap and don’t work as good.

  • Margaret

    Most, if not all, of the purse hangers I found look really cheap. I finally found some beautiful purse hangers with semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals at http://www.hangaccessories.com. They look like a piece of jewelry that compliments my bag. I’ve given several as gifts and they’ve been a big hit!

  • Tina

    I just ordered one from http://www.zookhooks.com. They have some really unique purse hangers that I have not seen elsewhere. I bought one that has a compact mirror and can even hang from a bathroom stall door.

  • Jennifer

    I just found the cutest ones EVER at http://www.pursenallhangers.com. They are way better than all the other purse hangers that I’ve found online….and the prices are good too.

  • Candy

    I love my purse hanger from http://www.eyeappealaccessories.com. I works on all kinds of tables and holds small and large bags. It was only $14. Nice.

  • Sarah

    These hangers are absolutely brilliant! It makes me wonder why someone hasn’t thought of this before in England. I’m from the UK and have just come across Purse Angels. This company seem to have got it just right. Huge selection. Cheap and not so cheap and the site is so easy to navigate. You can find them at http://www.purseangels.co.uk. I think these hooks are really going to catch on here and they make a great conversation piece.

  • Davida

    I bought my purse hook at http://www.couturecaddy.com . They have a huge selection and great service. They also hae keychain hooks!

  • Davida

    Correction… bought my purse hook at http://www.Silverhooks.com . They have a huge selection and great service. They also have keychain hooks!

  • Shelly

    I saw the Eye Appeal Accessories in these reviews and ordered their purse hanger. It’s got a small mirror on it, so you can do a quick lipstick or “spinach in your teeth” check. Very handy. Ordered it and it shipped the same day. Like the others in this comment section, I was happy with http://eyeappealaccessories.com

  • Jamie

    I love my recent gift from http://www.myanjul.com . Its one of those small foldable ones that comes in the cutest little velvet bags… and they have clean and simple designs! They’re called Anjul Hooks and I hear they have some on ebay also :)

  • Bev

    Just Ordered my second one. Purchased a foldable Purse Hook and paid over 30.00 for it. I have to say I found another site


    and I am here to tell you they are better quality and under 20.00. Check them out you will love their service and they have FREE SHIPPING!!!

  • Shelly

    Bev, Thank you! ! I just got my package! ! I took you advise, went to http://www.addalinkofcharm.com/pursehangers and found the cutest purse hangers that I have been able to find! They have ones with little multi-colored hearts, shamrock, different flowers, and MY FAVORITE It was a photo of a Wine Bottle and glass on a table looking out over a field. I could not make up my mind so I purchased 4. This way I have two here for those unexpected gifts that you need and two for myself. Even in person I cannot make up my mind which ones I will use and which ones I am going to put aside for gifts! Thanks Again,

    • Cindy

      I have to say..I went to http://www.addalinkofcharm.com checked out all of their purse hooks. Oh My I too could not make up my mind! If anyone is looking for a very individualized purse hook to give as a gift take a look at their selection of foldable purse hangers!

  • Alex

    I got mine from http://www.hangaccessories.com too. Love their foldable purse hangers with the mirror (mine’s leopard print). I wish I’d learned of these sooner!

  • Debbie

    While visiting my son in the hospital the nurse stopped me before setting my purse on the floor in a corner of the room. Even though the floors are cleaned and disinfected, she advised strongly against it. Okay, now I am concerned. I travel frequently for business and try very hard to avoid airport restrooms, but sometimes I have waited too long and can’t avoid the inevitable. The stall (very appropriate name for those in airports) I get usually has a broken catch on the door and even a broken hook. My purse is so heavy, if I put the strap around my neck I would fall to the floor and there is definitely no way I could balance myself without touching something. Our mothers did train us well, didn’t they? So I take out my “Keep It Up”™ and proceed to put the part that usually sits on the table top into the seat cover dispenser (which is usually empty) so my purse can hang and I don’t have to put it on the floor. Remember it is heavy, so if you are ever in an airport ladies restroom that has a dispenser on the floor, you will know my purse was probably the one that did it! A small blessing under the circumstances, luckily it wasn’t me on the floor. Later I took one of my granddaughters to the restroom. She was still wearing pull ups in the process of potty training and I proceeded to “Keep It Up”™ before lining the toilet seat with strips of paper. She asked what I was doing and I explained to her about the germs and how important it is too avoid them. When she sat down to ‘do her thing’ I checked the diaper and told her how proud I was that it was clean, re-taped it and helped her pull it back up. We walked out into the restaurant after washing our hands. All of a sudden she stopped and I turned to her beaming little face as she shouted “Nana, you didn’t ‘Keep It Up’ very good” and there on the floor in the middle of Appleby’s was her diaper. I know my face was a beautiful shade of red as I scooped her up with the diaper and went back into the restroom for re-diapering. Debsdesignsonline.com has several foldable designs on the site

  • Brin Lata

    Just noticed a great free shipping code for your entire purse hook purchase at http://www.silverhooks.com -code is “pursevideo” Also great video:

  • Brin Lata
  • Brin Lata

    Amazing selection:: purse hook

  • Naggy

    Jurassic Park comes to mind with that tree sap-looking piece. (ipad)

  • KY

    I want one! I hate to leave my bag on the ground. (ipad)

  • Nancy

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