Like many little girls, I always looked forward to trips to my grandmother’s house. In addition to great food and unconditional love, I would almost always get to play with my grandmother’s jewelry, clothes, shoes and bags. While I seemed to find a new treasure with each visit, there was one item that I always made sure to get my hands on – an old and very delicate coin purse.

As I carried the dainty coin purse around the house, I would adorably ask my family for some money in order to fill the little pouch. Luckily for me, my grandfather would always cave in. While I’ve not personally carried a coin purse since those days, this Kate Spade Garance Dore Georgie Coin Bag makes me think I should change that.

Granted, this is a coin bag, and at 8″H x 11 1/2″W x 1″D it is much larger than the coin purse I played with as a kid. There is still something rather nostalgic about it, though. For me, the playful and whimsical design is something that resonates. Kate Spade teamed up with French fashion blogger Garance Doré to incorporate her signature illustrations with the brand’s classic design. This bag would be perfect if I was just running a couple of errands and only needed the necessities. There are definitely those times when a large bag simply gets in the way, and it is nice to have an alternate option or two in your closet. And with a price like this, you really can’t go wrong. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $98.

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  • mlle p

    super cute but i so wish they could have put the Kate Spade patch on the inside or somewhere not blocking the illustration so much.

    • ilovesatchels

      great suggestion :)

  • Alisa

    I’d buy it if the women weren’t smoking. That ruins it for me!

    • Elegant Tomatoe

      It would be an adorable clutch without the smoking.

  • Drspock7

    I just looked it up and the dimensions are 8×11. that’s huge for a coin purse. Cute but should be advertised differently

  • kemilia

    I liked it (well, except for the bow, maybe) and then I noticed the smoking–nope for me. And placing the label right over some of the graphics–that’s poor design.

  • justme

    Why does the blue skirted figure have to be smoking? not cool.

  • Gossip Girl

    You can totally see the french influence of Garance Dore.

    Absolutely beautiful design, love it!

  • Candice Hughes

    The purse is cute but I would like to change the pictures. May I?

  • Kendall

    I think I’d rather have a Lanvin illustration.