Avery Griffin Leather HolsterWe just got back from last night’s Dave Matthews Band concert in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, which was absolutely amazing! The outdoor venue was packed with people, and despite having gotten my new New Balance shoes ruined by a smokin’ bitch who just had to drop her glowing ash stub right on it and burn a dime-sized hole right through the top (nearly buring off my toes), we had a blast. I never considered myself a great Dave fan, but watching that gig probably will make me listen to their tunes for the next 4 months straight.

Time for a quick late night edition. I learned that lots of you ladies dig the metallic look, and this little accessory might just come in handy. The Avery Griffin Leather Holster is a very fashionable way to clip your cell, ipod, cash or plastic to your jeans or bag and keep ’em at your finger tips. The $55 baggie comes in a variety of metallic colors and is available through Ravinstyles.com.

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  • what the heck? $55? somebody must be out of their mind to buy something that looks so cheap at that price.

  • Michelle Griffin

    And another comment on the “AVERY GRIFFIN HOLSTER”
    With over 1000 sales last month, ELLE’s pick of the week, and hundreds of holsters flying out the doors of Nordstroms, RAVINSTYLE, and boutiques across the country, I guess a lot of women enjoy being “out of their minds”. I know I do.

  • billyjoe

    o be quiet…

  • Jessica

    For someone who always carries “their life” in their purse this AVERY GRIFFIN HOLSTER is def. a change for me. Its awesome, i dont care how much it cost, im a purse fanatic…it forces me to reduce the amount of shit i carry with me…come on think about it, all a girl really needs is her cell, plastic, key, and a little touch up make up…totally convinient i love it!!!

  • Michelle Griffin

    Glad you love the bags Jessica. PEOPLE magazine just featured them in last weeks (1/16/06) STYLE WATCH. I think people are starting to understand “less is more”!

  • Sonja

    Fashionable, not so sure if i like this pink little monster. I’m sure it will attract attention though, but so will other belts, belt clips and leather fashion accessories, such as these belts Agree with billyjoe that the price for this belt clip is somewhat high. :roll:

  • Peg

    Somebody tell me where I can purchase the Avery Griffin Holster.
    Please and thank you.

  • Naggy

    Very functional but very unfashionable. (ipad)

  • KY

    Hmm I don’t like it. (ipad)