Assouline Chanel Luxe Edition Assouline was the first luxury brand that used its publications as medium by creating luxury illustrated books dedicated to fashion, photography, art and design. The Assouline Chanel Luxe Edition has been produced exclusively for Assouline and features the signature black quilted Chanel leather on the slipcase with three volumes on the inside. Also, the silver metal Chanel logo is found on the outside. The three books focus on Gabrielle Chanel’s revolutionary style which has affected the fashion world that we know today immensely. The focus of each volume is integral parts of the Chanel brand, including Chanel, Fine Jewelry, and Perfume. This piece is not just a coffee table piece, it is a luxurious mixture of fashion and books which will be a conversation starter and a collectors piece. The Chanel Edition is a luxury edition which can ultimately be seen in the black quilted leather outside, red leather inside, and high price tag. This is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift, birthday gift, holiday gift, etc. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $550.

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  • Jahpson

    this goes to show how purse minded I am. I really thought that was a clutch…

    and that price. If that was the price of their new clutches the waitlist would carry on to the year 2043!!

  • mai lee

    own it…i ordered it a while ago. love it.

    mai lee

  • Katie

    I have those books, but not the case. Got the books for Christmas from my mom (a librarian). Hmm… Really love the case!!! How beautiful!

  • lalalisa

    you dont have those books lier !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh take that crap somewhere else

  • raspberry

    I guess when you own a whole collection of chanel bags you might as well get the books as well.

  • bayman

    How can I buy these now?

  • Naggy

    I think this case would be great for someone who was a die-hard fan of a trilogy or so on DVD and can use the case for that. (ipad)