Chanel jewelry does not have to be be extremely expensive in order to be enjoyed. Thanks to DJO, our resident Chanel expert, we have exclusive shots of some exciting Chanel pieces for you to accessorize your wardrobe with in ’07. Enjoy!

Chanel Ring
Chanel Earrings
Chanel Earrings
Chanel Earrings
Chanel Bracelet
Chanel Bracelet

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  • jan

    love the 1370$ earrings
    and the 675$ bracelets

    • Marianne

      I’m in the fine jewelry business, I work for a Major Fasion house I think this is all a bunch of nonsense. MAC :oops:

      • valerie

        what is nonsense? the fact that the jewelry is expensive?

  • ginny


    yeah right

  • Kajsha

    You call this affordable!

  • michelle

    i agree with you guys, but at least it’s not like $500000+ lol

  • Aubrey

    I j’adore the fabulous cuff for $740! It looks as though it would cost way more. Are the baubles featured here available in boutiques worldwide yet?

  • Carena Chen


    Can I buy the chanel ring which cost $215?

  • serene

    WHAT!? affordable? maybe the 200,300 stuff BUT 1370!? it will cost me an arm a leg forty heads and god-knows-wat-else! hahaha but thanks anyway..this purseblog’s the cutest! :D

  • christy

    omg i love it

  • Mikaa

    AA thats not that affordable..

  • kelsey

    hay i love all of that jewlery i am in love with chanel i love you

  • kelsey. bam

    omg this website is off the hizzhouse jkjkj newho ya i love the jewlrey

  • kelsey. bam

    ya i agree with all of yall this jewlrey is still expensive but we still buy it

  • hatbox

    Aesthetically, they all look awful, especially the colors and proportions on the earrings. There’s stuff for $5 at H&M that looks better.

  • loserface yep thats me

    ahhhhhhhhhhh i hate this :evil: :mad: :twisted:

  • kelsey

    wo look at that weirdo above me like if you dont like it then log off this website :lol:

  • Erica

    If you think this is expensive then you really don’t know what Chanel is and should just go to Express…

  • Pato

    Yup it’s expensive and that’s why it’s chanel…duh ladies! If it were any cheaper everyone would be wearing it and you guys wouldn’t be interested. I too can’t afford it, but I like you all DEAL WITH IT!

  • Steffi

    Hey, yeah it’s expensive, but we all LOVE chanel anyways! :cool:

  • Marianne

    oooh to be in the arms of a man with my chanel

  • Sherelle

    i jus luv chanel im feelin da bangles :cool:

  • wouldn’t u like to know

    This Chanel jewelry looks like junk !! Completely TACKY . It’s probably fake anyways cause although it’s a lil expensive its really cheap for Chanel . I have eyeglasses that are $ 400.00 !!

    • Sofieshopaholic

      You know that you also could get cheap chanel like the thing they are doing on now.
      The Louis Vuitton scarf they are seling there now is so cheap!! And you are kinda stupid buying Chanel sunglasses for $ 400. My friend got the newest collection from Chanel know and she got them for about $ 200-300.. And this is a store for sunglasses ONLY AUTHENTIC!!!

  • Julita


  • Jennifer

    Hmmmm…plastic, base metal… costume jewelry… with price tags like this. I would prefer to spend my money on precious metals & gemstones.

    I have never understood it either. It goes to show that there are plenty of people out there with more money than sense.

    I do not call this affordable by any stretch of the imagination. I bought a used car for less than what some of this costs.


  • angela

    :mrgreen: well i think , the prices are affordable , seeing as im a daddys girl , my life revolves around chanel , i have everything of chanel! :grin:

  • angela

    :mrgreen: well i think , the prices are affordable , seeing as im a daddys girl , my life revolves around chanel , i have everything of chanel , so those who think it isnt affordable , are cheap!

  • angela

    well i think , the prices are affordable , seeing as im a daddys girl , my life revolves around chanel , i have everything of chanel , so those who think it isnt affordable , are cheap!

  • harley

    well i kinda wonder if this is real chanel because of the low prices but im not one to be a lil snoby bitch about it and call people cheap i just love chanel and no u dont have to be stuck up just because u or ur daddy can afford it!! atleast i can buy my own!!

  • Sofieshopaholic

    TO ANGELA!!!
    You are the worst snoby bitch I have ever heard, and you are saying it all over internett. Think about all the other girls that cant afford stuff like this. And here you come with you big mouth and your “big” money and say “hi I am a snoby bitch and get what ever I want, when my dad dies I will be the next Paris Hilton” YEAH RIGHT!!! I seriously dont belive that you have that much authentic!! And I dont belive that you are so god damn spoild either.
    My dad has money to, but I am not going around on pages saying “oohhh, my dad has alot of money and I am so spoiled”.
    How the H*** do you think that makes other feel. Huh??
    I work my ass of every singel day so I know who to handel life when I get older. I dont ask my dad for everything. I have to pay for most off it myself.
    And if you think that you are going to get everything you point your finger at YOU ARE W-R-O-N-G!!!
    Money dont grow on threes. Just think about how much your dad works. Or how much he worked to get so much “money”.

    Well than youll and up like a crumpy old lady with now man to count on. “And now youll probaly say I dont need a man by my side. Cause I got money and my Chanel”
    Well, again your wrong.

    I have been there I was daddys little girl once. But I wanted so much and the prices got so high and I got crumpy and mean and thougt that I was better then everybody, but I am not better the everybody. But I didn’t get that then. But know I do so just put a sock in it and stop saying that you are daddys little girl and you are getting everything you point your finger at. IT IS NOT WORTH IT!! Make your own money, WORK!!
    And youll see that eveything get so much better, maybe youll get new friends, better friends. And one day youll probaly meet a sweet boy to. :) Not a boy that thinks “hey she got alot of money then I am going to hook up with her”.

    I hope you understand what I mean. :wink:

  • Ed

    First of all–Chanel is fabulous. Period. Second, to all of you who are hating and fighting with eachother–go to myspace. Let’s keep this site what it’s supposed to be–Fashion-related.

  • i loveeee the necklace for 1370. i do have the money… im just debating if i want to spend all that on one thing… ITS GORGEOUS! Does anyone know of any place that has them that dont say chanel that might be a tad cheaper? email me please::

  • Everyman

    I like to get indignant about things that don’t matter to me at all because it makes me feel better about my boring, pointless existence.

  • Deana

    These All Look Tacky, There Expensive Still Tho :???:
    They look fake && you wuldn’t catch me wearing any of it.
    I’d rather pay more on it than walk around wearing fake chanel. Call me snobby, thats just how i see it.

  • Nickie

    Sorry but none of that is affordable for most people… nice try. :roll:

  • Coco Chanel

    I am Chanel and I am so excited for the site! As for all the caddy and rude fighting on this site… GET A LIFE!!! This is a high fashion site meant for reviws and comments based on opinions and I think that for the morons who trash this site by fighting on it you guys are dumb!!! Go to myspace and let this be the site intended. I am a hard working girl and I make my Chanel and for the daddy’s girls who get whatever they want CONGRATS TO YOU!!! I am happy for you. We all deserve Chanel once in a while!!!Let’s just be happy I got here o.k.

  • chanelgirl


    If you are so great, and smart, and work, and can “handel” everything, then use your spell checker!! You are what, 10? Are you so stupid that you are going to slam someone and then show your ignorance by mis-spelling every other word?? I may agree with you, but how can you slam someone and then use poor grammar and spelling?

    You are really an idiot.

  • Alexa

    This is to “CocoChanel”. Hmm. Yes I know this site is about fashion and such but why are you telling people to stop fighting and stuff when you are one big stupid liar. Why do people act like something your not. We are not ignorant and we know you are not her. I’m glad you admire Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel enough to try and imitate her but for those who truly know about her and her amazing work we know that sadly, the amazing designer who changed fashion for ever died in January back in the early 70’s and is no longer living.

  • Alexa

    To ::::::::: “Coco Chanel” Oh and just to let you know the real Chanel would have never said she makes her designs for the 1% of those daddy’s girls who are spoiled rich brats who have never worked a day in their life or wiped there own butts because they have everyone do everything for them. She created it for REAL women who work hard and want to be gorgeous and stylish. Ever read some of her quotes? So before you go around acting like something your not you might want to brush up on the facts about the person you are trying to imitate. Do you even know the story behind Chanel or any of her collections? Ha probably not, you probably only know it for the interlocking CC logo. Sorry to be rude I just can’t believe how stupid and ignorant your comment was “COCO”. :)

  • sherrie marland

    i would soooo get the ring it is so fabulous i heart it alot!!!!!!!!

  • Autumn

    Lay off Angela. She wants attention and you all gave it to her so the jokes on you. Same with the fake Coco. All these comments make meh smile reeeeeal big. Most of you need to understand life really doesn’t revolve around money or Chanel so don’t complain about it. Oh and could some of you learn some grammar? I may be one to talk because I get errors sometimes but honestly, I can hardly understand what some off you are saying…. :roll:

  • Colie

    ~*Love*~ chanel and most of this stuff. I am crazy about jewlery it might be just a tad too expensive but we’re talking about chanel. Plus I feel everyone just needs to put the claws up and stick to talking about jewlery.

  • bambi

    This stuff is cool but WAY over priced! :shock:

  • bambi

    :!: :!: I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT SHE JUST SAID THAT!!!! WHAT A B****!!!! IF I KNEW HER I WOULD SOOOO GO APE ON HER!! Cause some ppl cant just be rich, such as me! And i try to make money!!Does hse? Most likely not, her daddy buys everything for her!!! I mean for her to tell everyone that that if they cant afford to buy some braclets for $625 they are cheap?!That just makes me want to go puch her! :twisted: UGGGGG!

  • chavonne

    Hi Ladies,
    Im 25 year old female and I have to say I think we all love chanel. But alot of women can not afford this stuff. I think sometimes these designers trick consumers into buying super expensive stuff and its rather easy when you think about it: Almost anything looks wonderful and pretty if the PACKAGING is done right-Put the chanel logo on top of that and designers can sell things for whatever they want.
    I think whats important here is not about how much anyone has- I think jewelry shopping as well as clothes shopping is simply a matter of taste. Sweethearts, you can be super rich and walk into a chanel store and clean them out (Buy Everything) BUT …
    if you have no style, nothing will look good on you.
    I spend no more than two dollars a piece on my costume jewelry and if you saw it you would never guess it cost so little. The trick is to pay attention to detail (the setting of the stones, the texture of it and the vibrancy of the color).
    Nevertheless, Have FUN ! shopping ladies. :cool:

  • wow, hope my wife doesnt see this page, i’ll be broke

  • shadi

    I can just say that:I LOVE CHANEL

  • kfb

    the only people that say the ridiculous things about the price of chanel.. are the ones with no class….sorry ladies but it’s true

  • Sara

    Dear All Chanel lovers, i have the below chanel jewlery that i would liek to sell,if you are interested please contact me at

    Chanel Black & White Glassstone Pearl & Carousel Charm Belt
    Authentic Chanel Camellia Swarovski Crystal Necklace
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  • Sad55

    I bet highly possible it will go faster, with melting tundra being one co2 wild card item. ,

  • Naggy

    Okay, this is just thrift store stuff Chanel-style, hence the still ridiculous prices for what they are. (ipad)