Givenchy Wrinkled Leather Nightingale

No logo, no fuss, just pure handbag. The Givenchy Nightingale has been a hit with Ashley Olsen, a hit with fashionistas worldwide, and now a complete hit with me. Not the typical take to work bag, but the perfect everyday bag, the Givenchy Wrinkled Leather Nightingale is the ideal handbag for the girl who makes fashionable look easy. The wrinkled brown leather gives off a textured appearance and the gold hardware adds a touch of sophistication. I love the option of the detachable shoulder strap. Dimensions are 15″ x 12″ x 6″. Sticking to the basics makes this handbag ultimately desirable. Buy via Barneys for $1,495.

Devi Kroell Crystal Box Clutch

Sleek and sophisticated, yet radiating a party of its own. Did you not get an invite? The slight modern feel with the playful crystal embellishment has the Devi Kroell Crystal Box Clutch on the top of my list for a handbag that is the life of the party. The black wooden frame gives off a Matrix like vibe, with clean edges and a material that is fashionable in its own right. The multi-colored crystal embellishment sucks you in. While it is in your face, the combination equals out perfectly to make a party clutch of the season. Gold hardware adds a nice touch, being found on the jeweled clasp fastening on the top. Taupe satin lines the inside. For the twenty-somethings that are being told it is time to grow up, the thirty-somethings that are attempting to look grown up, and everyone else that does not want to grow up, this clutch is perfect. Buy via Net A Porter for approximately $2132.

Note: This clutch is only found on the United Kingdom listing of handbags for NAP. It will make its way to the rest of the world soon!

back to school fashion Not only are the ‘grown-ups’ dishing out more money on designer clothing, but now kids are too. And this means that the kids parents are willing to spend money on designer clothing and handbags for their children to take to school. While a Jansport backpack was norm when I was in school, girls are now carrying designer handbags such as Coach and Louis Vuitton. While jeans look laid back and casual, a pair of True Religion jeans can run around $250. Designer shades, clothing, and accessories are being sported by tweens and teens, which means an entire generation of youth believes this is the way to go. This story focuses on the Orange County, California area, but this designer explosion is happening nationwide.

For those of you with tweens and teens, what did you send your kids back to school wearing? It is utterly ridiculous that 15 year olds have jeans that cost $250, sunglasses that cost $300, and a handbag that costs $500?

Many teens polled were prone to vying for designer brands just as much as any fashionable grown-up. Girls listed Juicy Couture, Coach, Chanel and L.A.M.B as favorite brands, in addition to traditional surf brands like Roxy and Volcom. Girls also said they favored Pink by Victoria’s Secret as a more affordable alternative to Juicy Couture, with the line’s comfortable, girly sweatpants and cutesy graphic tees. Seven for All Mankind and True Religion were popular denim brands.

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pauric-sweeney-patent-shoulder-bag1.jpg Upon first glance, does this color scheme work for you? A shocking purple patent leather is paired with tan colored leather trim. I first thought black leather would be better suited, but then I realized that color combination may appear very sullen and downtrodden. Pauric Sweeney is known for pairing shiny metallics with subdued leather to give a huge first impression. The question is, which way does your first impression go? Totally fab or ultimately drab? This purple patent leather handbag is the Pauric Sweeney Patent Shoulder Bag. The shoulder straps draw you in, with woven detailing. There is also a zipped compartment on the front of the bag for easy access. The inside is lined and also features a zipped compartment. So this fall, while everyone is decked out in gray, add a completely edgy accessory to make you stand out.

Buy through NAP for $1075.

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zac posen apple clutch

This handbag is long and slender, just like we would all like to be. I keep working on the slender part, but I have the long part down :wink: . The simplicity of the Zac Posen Apple Clutch is alluring, with a hexagon shaped ring accent that acts as the focal point. A touch of modern, the grained leather bag sports contoured seams on the front and back with patent leather trim. There is an outside magnetic flap pocket which opens to suede lining and an open pocket. The dimensions are 13″W X 5″H X 1″D. Buy through Saks for $795.

Christian Louboutin Pretty Woman Suede Boots Covering up can still be sexy with the Christian Louboutin Pretty Woman Suede Boots {$1295 via NAP}

MTV offered more than just a show to LC. Check out The Lauren Conrad Collection {via Fab Sugar}

Lindsay Lohan relapsed, again?? {via Celebrity Rumors}

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hermes workshop

For those of you who have or those of you who want, there is a great article about the artisans behind Hermes in Vanity Fair. With the price tag of a Birkin starting around $7,000 now, many people may wonder why the large price tag. The artisans meticulously work on each Birkin, spending between 18 to 25 hours creating it. The Paris workrooms produce only five Birkins per week, which then are supplied world wide. It now makes sense why the wait lists are so long. Yet luxury prices continue to go through the roof. People seem to have no issue spending over $1000 on a handbag, which two years ago seemed steep. A $2500 bag is the new $1000 bag. When will it end?

Almost two centuries ago, a royal coronation might be delayed until the arrival of its exquisitely stitched Hermès carriage fittings, just as today even the richest women must wait for an exquisitely stitched Hermès Birkin bag. With the family-run French company passing to a sixth generation, the author chronicles its rise to global pre-eminence, where a modern aesthetic meets the humble tools””awls, mallets, needles, knives, and stones””of unsurpassed tradition.

For 28 years, from 1978 to 2006, the most quotable voice in retail””pragmatic, poetic””came from Jean-Louis Dumas, the head of a company that in every other way speaks with its hands. It is an old company with a Protestant spine and a Parisian perfectionism, one of the oldest family-owned-and-controlled companies in France. Its name alone prompts sighs of desire among those in the know, and those in the know run the gamut from French housewife to fashionista to queen (both kinds), from social climber to Olympic equestrian to C.E.O. The name itself is a sigh, a flight, and its proper pronunciation must often be taught. “Air-mez”””as in the messenger god with winged sandals. Mischievous, witty, ingenious Hermès.

“We don’t have a policy of image, we have a policy of product.”

Read the entire article at Vanity Fair {link}

Celine Lirine Large Tote

While I am not at all sold on this handbag, it is a viable option for anyone looking to buy a tan leather bag. I will keep my seat at my desk and not get too excited over this bag, but it doesn’t make me cringe either. The Celine Lirine Large Tote is made with tan grained leather and gold hardware and sports the handy perk of a removable shoulder strap. There is also the option for the bag to be hand held, with double top handles. For me to even think about spending $1600 I need to be wowed. Even with the exorbitant handbag prices, the bag must be justifiable. I must dream of it and yearn for it. This bag does not have me doing either, but it may suit someone else’s fancy. Buy through Net A Porter for $1600 while I continue shopping.

louis vuitton monogram shearling

Feast your eyes fashionable girls and boys, for this is the last Scarlett ad you will see from me! Yes, my fall preview series has come to a sad conclusion and I have oh-so-thoughtfully saved the best, or maybe the worst, for last. This wonderful bag, which slightly resembles some furry beast or at the very least an Ugg boot, is the new Louis Vuitton Monogram Shearling. Right from the get-go this bag just holds no appeal to me with the shiny, slightly plastic looking, monogram material and the fur sticking out everywhere. Great bag for the abominable snowman to look fashionable in, but maybe not so much for the fashionable New York gal! To add insult to injury, the bags carry quite the hefty price tag for some plastic coated shearling wool with vernis handles! My verdict: a big thumbs down!

Waitlists are now open (possibly even empty), call 1-866-VUITTON for more details. Click below for more detailed shots:

Leiber Butterfly Celestrina Clutch

Neiman Marcus continues to celebrate their 100th birthday with a range of exclusive products that are sure to garner ample attention. Judith Leiber has designed special edition clutches for different years and events at Neiman Marcus and for this notable anniversary Leiber has brought the butterfly into the forefront. The Leiber Butterfly Celestrina Clutch is specially designed for Neiman Marcus’s centennial, spotlighting pink, lavender, lilac, and clear Austrian crystals. There is silver tone hardware throughout along with an optional chain shoulder strap. Showing that this piece is extravagant inside and out, there is 100% alligator lining and a double-sided mirror and matching coin purse. Many that own Leiber pieces see them as art pieces, which is what they are. While this clutch is a masterpiece, getting enough use for the price would be hard. Yet if you are a collector, I would jump on this opportunity. Pre-order through Saks for $5995.

Fendi Zucca Spy PochetteHas the Spy phenomenon been completely worn out? While not personally a fan of the Zucca jacquard print, the compact Spy has been brought to life in the Fendi Zucca Spy Pochette. The leather trim offsets the print along with polished gold metal hardware. The ostrich-printed leather shoulder strap and front flap detailing add dimension. An interior patch pocket finishes off the pochette. Dimensions are 10″x 5.25″x 1.5″. Buy via eLuxury for $610.

What are your thoughts? Fab or Drab?

Bottega Veneta Karung Fan Clutch

A captivating shape from the house of Bottega, the Bottega Veneta Karung Fan Clutch is designed with exotic pewter karung skin. Karung is type of snakeskin which appears similar to lizard because of its tight scales. This fan-shaped clutch ultimately reminds me of a calzone. Yes, I am that person that thinks of food when I see a handbag. It is odd of me, but the shape actually has me salivating, which is also a good sign that it is time for a splurge day. A knot clasp fastening is found on the top along with meticulous intrecciato detailing around the sides. Open up to a mouth-full of bronze leather lining. A completely innovative design from BV that just happens to look like a tasty treat (note: I can’t help what foods my body thinks of when looking at objects).

Seriously, love it! Via Net A Porter for $1980.