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For those of you who have or those of you who want, there is a great article about the artisans behind Hermes in Vanity Fair. With the price tag of a Birkin starting around $7,000 now, many people may wonder why the large price tag. The artisans meticulously work on each Birkin, spending between 18 to 25 hours creating it. The Paris workrooms produce only five Birkins per week, which then are supplied world wide. It now makes sense why the wait lists are so long. Yet luxury prices continue to go through the roof. People seem to have no issue spending over $1000 on a handbag, which two years ago seemed steep. A $2500 bag is the new $1000 bag. When will it end?

Almost two centuries ago, a royal coronation might be delayed until the arrival of its exquisitely stitched Hermès carriage fittings, just as today even the richest women must wait for an exquisitely stitched Hermès Birkin bag. With the family-run French company passing to a sixth generation, the author chronicles its rise to global pre-eminence, where a modern aesthetic meets the humble tools””awls, mallets, needles, knives, and stones””of unsurpassed tradition.

For 28 years, from 1978 to 2006, the most quotable voice in retail””pragmatic, poetic””came from Jean-Louis Dumas, the head of a company that in every other way speaks with its hands. It is an old company with a Protestant spine and a Parisian perfectionism, one of the oldest family-owned-and-controlled companies in France. Its name alone prompts sighs of desire among those in the know, and those in the know run the gamut from French housewife to fashionista to queen (both kinds), from social climber to Olympic equestrian to C.E.O. The name itself is a sigh, a flight, and its proper pronunciation must often be taught. “Air-mez”””as in the messenger god with winged sandals. Mischievous, witty, ingenious Hermès.

“We don’t have a policy of image, we have a policy of product.”

Read the entire article at Vanity Fair {link}

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  • william

    Hermes definitely offers the best craftsmanship but their designs are much less innovative; it was put perfectly already, “We don’t have a policy of image, we have a policy of product.” Not saying I do not love Hermes.

    • Bagged

      William, I agree with you on image and innovation, which is a big reason why I don’t believe they spend that much time making one bag. Marketing. Them being the best at what they do is relative. Their cheaper bags are much prettier and wearable than the highly sought after Birkin and Kelly bags.

  • Markku

    People wonder why they have to pay more for purses now. I don’t know if you have noticed but it concerns only when you pay in US dollars.

    It is the inflation that you have there in the US. Too bad that the inflation accelerates next year.