pauric-sweeney-patent-shoulder-bag1.jpg Upon first glance, does this color scheme work for you? A shocking purple patent leather is paired with tan colored leather trim. I first thought black leather would be better suited, but then I realized that color combination may appear very sullen and downtrodden. Pauric Sweeney is known for pairing shiny metallics with subdued leather to give a huge first impression. The question is, which way does your first impression go? Totally fab or ultimately drab? This purple patent leather handbag is the Pauric Sweeney Patent Shoulder Bag. The shoulder straps draw you in, with woven detailing. There is also a zipped compartment on the front of the bag for easy access. The inside is lined and also features a zipped compartment. So this fall, while everyone is decked out in gray, add a completely edgy accessory to make you stand out.

Buy through NAP for $1075.

See the entire bag below!

Pauric Sweeney Patent Shoulder Bag

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  • cherry pie

    i think the brown over powers the nice patent purple colour.

  • coachwife6

    I keep seeing two eyes and a mouth on a jack-o-lantern. Sorry. I can see where they were going but they just didn’t finish it off.

    • I thought that too right when I saw it!!!

  • purseloco

    I love it!

  • Tanya

    Ugh, heinous. And now that I’ve read the comments, all I can see is a tacky jack-o-lantern, too.

  • Gigi

    Not wild about the bag itself but I LOVE the color combination!

  • wgs

    mucho drab

  • Michelle

    I would never buy this because it’s a bit too flashy for my taste, but I LOVE the shape and style of the bag!

  • Sandra

    ITA with Gigi.

  • Yarrow

    It is different and that is why I love it. The colors contrast each other beautifully IMO.

    I did laugh with the jack o lantern comment though. I can see what you were meaning. But it is the fall season…Halloween, so it could be seen as a classy subtle way of sporting the season. lol just a thought.