Celine Lirine Large Tote

While I am not at all sold on this handbag, it is a viable option for anyone looking to buy a tan leather bag. I will keep my seat at my desk and not get too excited over this bag, but it doesn’t make me cringe either. The Celine Lirine Large Tote is made with tan grained leather and gold hardware and sports the handy perk of a removable shoulder strap. There is also the option for the bag to be hand held, with double top handles. For me to even think about spending $1600 I need to be wowed. Even with the exorbitant handbag prices, the bag must be justifiable. I must dream of it and yearn for it. This bag does not have me doing either, but it may suit someone else’s fancy. Buy through Net A Porter for $1600 while I continue shopping.

Sweet Summertime

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